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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Births, Families, Work, and Social Responsibility

It'smy son's birthday today. I would like to look at how I saw him when I gave birth to him.

He had an emergency condition when I gave birth to him which the doctors said were minor. He was operated on after I gave birth to him at the same hospital. I got out of the hospital earlier and when he was okay he was also released from the hospital.

He is an adult now. He has his own life and job. But we live far from each other. He is working in the Philippines while I am here in the US. I went back to the Philippines in 2002 to stay there for good but I did not see a lucrative business I can do there. Before my savings ran out, I decided to come back to the US.

I can see that families can have more flexibility to decide where to live or work if we are all being given equal amount of money from birth to death. We can also have option to work for more money if we like to do other things we set out to do for entertainment purposes.

Our lives will be different if we are being given money monthly for just coming to this world. 

Why not?
It is our birthright. 
We have forgotten that being born into this world means we have equal rights to the resources given by the earth. 

Being given guaranteed survival as part of everyone's social responsibility to guaranteeing the survival of all beings birthed in this world is indeed going to change our social eco-system of money.

How would life change? 
Let's imagine using commonsense for a moment,

The way kids will see their parents will change. Their survival will not depend on whether the parents will have money or not. That means they will have access to food, shelter and clothing because the society will provide for that. 

Parents will see their kids in a new way. They will see them as beings who have a right to live, a right to be educated and an equal right to resources given by the earth.

Our decision will also change about where we will work and what kind of work we will do. Work will be about doing that which one enjoy doing rather than something we have to do to survive.

People will not migrate to earn money to survive. Migration will be a self-directed decision rather than something one needs to do 'to survive'.  

Since everyone has the ability to get the basic necessities to survive, the work we will choose to do  will be those that is not very stressful for the body because it is not about working to survive where we take whatever job is available because we have to - so the body will also benefit.

To conclude, I would like to encourage everyone to look at how it is to 'get out of the box' (of self-imposed limitations) we created - where we imprisoned ourselves in. 

We have to look at 'where the door is' that leads to the outside of the box where we can create a world that truly honors life

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