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Monday, October 28, 2013

Half Serving of Rice In Restaurants: Preventing Rice Wastage?

Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has filed Senate Bill 1863, or the "Anti-Rice Wastage Act of 2013," seeking to impose fines on establishments that refuse to serve half-cup rice orders.
The goal is to lessen rice wastage, the grain being the Filipino's staple food, Marcos noted in a statement Sunday.
“This measure will considerably reduce rice wastage on these establishments by letting... customers... order just the right amount of rice that they can consume," the senator said.
Citing numbers from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Marcos said each Filipino wastes three teaspoons of rice every day, equivalent to some P23 million or P8.28 billion a year.
Under the Senate bill, establishments refusing to serve half-cup rice orders will be slapped with a fine of P20,000 for the first offense, P50,000 for the second offense and P100,000 for the third offense.


How many elite politicians attend parties every week, every month etc.?

How much food is wasted in those events and how much food is being used to satisfy our tongue without considering the body of the poor that is not being supported to survive optimally because of lack of money?

I will first question why  we as the elite have parties that involve a lot of food to feed our stomachs even if this is not needed by our body. We use food to have fun and party. We feed our desire to splurge, party and serve many tasty meals during parties and events while the poor does not have anything to eat.

We have the money to buy food and money to pay people to cook many different 'tasty food' dishes because we have maids in our employ.

We use food to please our elite guests - so we can get support for our next election run, without even considering the nutrition our body needs.

We forgot what eating all about - we eat food to support the body to survive.

This brings us to our next question:

Do we ever question, where the poor is getting money to buy food to support their body to survive optimally?

The elite in the Philippines dine in restaurants when the poor cannot even eat 3x a day.

Do we really care or we just want to impose our elite ideas on the laws of the land so we can be popular - without considering the pressing problems of poverty and malnutrition because we have plenty of food on our Own table that we can afford the luxury of not eating a full cup of rice - for health and fitness purposes?

Is this a way for us to divert people's attention from providing a solution to Poverty?

While the elite wastes food, the poor needs money to be able to buy food to support their body to survive.

Why is there a problem?

This equates to one thing - SELF-INTEREST.

What about standing for that which will benefit all?

Why don't we give the poor a Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death so we all can live a dignified life?

Putting my shoes in all the senators' shoes, what i will do is investigate how we can give the poor a Living Income Guaranteed  - so they can buy the food to support their body to get the nutrition it needs to survive optimally and sponsor a bill that will make this a reality.

We should not forget the fact that food is given by nature to all of us equally - not just to a few.


An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

 Ang Equal Health Right na nagbibigay ng lahat na kailangan para makabuo tayo ng malakas na katawang pisikal , para maitaguyod ang lakas at kalusugan nito pati na ang linaw ng isip, balanseng emosyon at matatag na katawang pisikal.


Voting, Bribes and Poverty in The Philippines

As i was growing up i was witness to the rampart vote buying during elections in the Philippines.

As i look at the news now, it is still the same vote buying going on.

A sack of rice? 

A pre-paid phone card?


De Villa added that although non-monetary forms of bribery were observed such as the candy, food, and load, some politicians, particularly in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), stuck to tradition and distributed actual cash.


The voting scene in the Philippines:

This is one of the very few ways poor Filipinos can have a little bit of money coming their way - accept bribes from the elite .

Is there any another way other than that which supports self-dishonesty and corruption?

We have to look at How the poor can have money coming their way every month through the Living Income Guaranteed, guaranteeing their survival from birth to death.

They need money to buy the basic needs they need to survive. Let's give them that because we really care.

How will receiving 30,000 pesos every month affect the lives of the poor?

Putting my shoes in the shoes of politicians, i will make sure i will not bribe the people to vote for me, but take as my platform, to when elected in office, sponsor a bill that is truly needed to assist all to have life of dignity and because the poor is the majority, i can be assured to be elected in office.

Equal Life Foundation Bill of Rights

1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.

1. Ang Equal Economic Right na nagtatalaga na ang lahat ng pampinansiyal na pangangailangan ng lahat ay ma-a-access at magagamit upang matiyak na ang pangunahing pangangailangan ng lahat upang magkaruon ng malusog na katawan at kuntentong buhay ay pwedeng ma-realize at pwedeng masaksihan ang kaganapan nito sa mundo.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Media'

Facebook Page

The Word 'Media'

The Mind meaning of the word :
1. Sounding The Word Within my Mind:

ME as the mass communication industry D-oing things from the starting point of self- I-nterest as A-ll becomes compromised

I am correcting myself within my use of this word and redefining the word, as i have used this word within my own interpretation of the word 'media' within my mind, where i was directed by my feelings and emotions - so that i used it in a biased way disregarding the real meaning of the word - the real essence of the word -used to express who we are in this physical existence.

2. Sounding the Word as equal to my expression:
ME as the mass communication industry D -oing what i do from the starting point of I  as -A-ll


Dictionary meaning, as commonly used:

(the media) the mass communication industry, esp. newspaper, television and radio; journalists and other related professionals collectively
- Word Web

This is a limited definition so i am going to redefine this by adding some perspective on the function of the media in this world:

The mass communication industry - the newspaper, television and radio, journalists and other related professionals collectively working for what is best for all.

How can we use the media for what is best for all?

The media uses words to communicate what is happening around us through written and spoken words.

Money is being made from inflating reality or interpreting reality when we write or speak about what we observe and money is being made from this.

We can see that the media capitalizes on conflict and friction between groups - comparing one to another and determining who wins and who loses.

In the entertainment industry, the media gives us an inflated view of ourselves within what is beautiful and ugly which forms the basis of our beliefs which we live based on what is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong according to how it is presented on tv and in the movies rather than the fact that we al came from the dust of the earth - pointing to the oneness and equality of Life..

The driving force in the media is money and profit -inflating reality in favor of its owners within self-interest rather than using the media to write about and speak about what is really going on in our environment- exposing the ills/evils in society and finding a solution that will be best for all.

One of the role media can play is assisting in creating a world where all can live a dignified life - including giving the poor a Basic/Living Income so we can create a balance in the ecosystem of money and restore economic balance in society.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your Likes Equals Money for Facebook

The number of likes in Facebook pages equates to money and profit. 

How does this work? 

If you want to advertise, look at the above breakdown. and you will see that this is how much you pay per day and you will get this amount of exposure to how many people who shares the same likes you have - which will give your page the number of 'likes' it needs for you to turn this into sales. 


In advertising the real picture is photo-shopped to make it more aligned with the mind, the mind becomes controlled by these images, goes into association and a relationship of comparison and then judges reality according to these pictures. This mechanism creates desires which produce the same kind of supply and demand where the human who is controlled by these images and propaganda will do whatever they can to buy a product that is being inflated in its image.

What does this mean? 

The media impulses our desires, because to them it is a source of money and profit.

Who wins? The elite.

Who loses? The poor.

The poor do not have money to subscribe to an internet connection to open an account in Facebook to connect to their family specially in the remote places where there's no internet connection.

We have to look at why this money inequality is happening in this world system and say something about it so many will wake up to the truth.

Why does the rich get more than what they need and the poor less than what they need to survive?

Money is in the hands of corporations, the elite. This has to be shared with the poor, the uneducated, the elderly etc.

We use raw materials produced by the earth which we generate using machines 

We are getting electrical energy from the earth.

The earth gave us its resources equally, not just the elite. 

I suggest to have an even playing field where all wins through giving all a life of dignity where all have a Basic or Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death.


All Equal Rights of Life are founded upon the principle that all Living Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life, such assurances to be fulfilled by having the necessities of life such as proper nourishment, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge and education, training for fulfilling capacities to support and sustain their lives and their families, to be integrated within their social, economic, familial, community, cultural, national and global relationships so that all may, equal as one, stand together to make manifest this basis of Equal Life for All as the most fundamental Equal Right. 

 Ang Lahat na Equal Right sa Buhay ay nagmula sa prinsipyo na lahat ng Buhay na Nilalang ay mayruong karapatan na hindi pwedeng ilipat kaninuman, sa sariling determinasyon at sa pangunahing katiyakan sa pagkakaruon ng minimum na kalidad ng buhay, at itong katiyakan na ito ay tutuparin sa pagkakaruon  ng mga pangangailangan sa buhay katulad ng sapat na pagkain, damit, bahay, at karapatang kumuha ng kaalaman at edukasyon, ang pagsasanay para magkaruon ng kakayahan sa pagsuporta at pagsustena ng kanilang buhay at ng buhay ng kanilang pamilya para maisama sa loob ng panlipunan, pang-ekonomiya, pang-pamilya, pang-komunidad, pang-kultura, pambansa at pang-mundong  relasyon para ang lahat ay maaaring, pantay-pantay at magkaisang, magkasamang tumatayo para gumawa at maipakita ang batayan ng Pantay-pantay na Buhay para sa Lahat bilang pinaka pangunahing Equal Right

Saturday, October 19, 2013

We Create The Media Within Our Mind? Writing, Advertising Part 3

Do we really create this world?

Who else is creating all that is here but all of us who are here?

Who we are in 'our within' - as the mind is mirrored in 'our without' - as this world system

I am taking self-responsibility to stop this creation in 'my within' - as the mind
recognizing the interconnectedness of life and is correcting myself in this blog and in my living application.

What is Self-forgiveness?

Here's my self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the design of fear of survival - as words -as energy - as writing - as sound - as social media - as media - as competition

fear that i have been unable to pick one topic blog about 
desiring to pick one that will get the most likes
believing that if the blog will have more likes then it will be a good blog
equating that to popularity 
equating that to marketing 
equating that to money
within fear of survival

instead of realizing that blogging is about
looking at how i see myself and the patterns that drive me
rewriting myself and correcting myself
Realizing it is Not about getting hundreds, thousands or millions of likes or views

Through this, i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
doubt who i am 
creating a friction and conflict within my mind world and the physical world
believing that the illusion i created within my mind is real
within the belief that
if my blog has more likes it is a good blog
where within this i am livng a belief 
which comes from what i read or heard in the media
within what is good or bad etc.

so, trying to evolve myself through writing words
believing there will be 'more' of me when more people like what i write or speak

creating an alternate reality in my mind
where i can always win
so i can transcend losing
within fear of survival
in this unequal world system of money

instead of realizing writing is a tool to self-discovery

Within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
Think of a picture of DMZ's blog having millions of views
not realizing that in thinking this thought
i am taking me in my mind world 
where i think thoughts
to evolve myself as someone who always win
the evil me hiding in my secret mind 
where i have a casino where i judge
compare, get jealous and eventually win
within competition

not realizing that when i have this picture in my mind i am using energy
and that energy has to come from somewhere
and that somewhere cannot be anywhere outside the human body
the mind feeding off the energy of the body
to produce thoughts, feelings and emotions
Energy being resourced from the body, the powerhouse
just like a computer with a socket plugged on the wall
electricity flowing through it

Within this, i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
have a backchat or internal conversation within my mind
believing that i can have more views than DMZ
where within that i am resisting to release self from this mind-relationship
keeping it intact rather than releasing self from this

Realizing that when i participate in my mind
there is a consequential outflow
so it is to release myself from this mind relationship
and developing an equal and one relationship with the body
stopping mind participation and correcting myself within my actions
realizing that i can be here without competing with others
within my mind 
to always win 
as i am the breath within this body 
and that i am someone that can stand for what is best for all

Within this, i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
have a reaction of relief
that i have 1 less competitor when the news about DMZ came
believing that when others lose i have a chance of winning
and that when others win i have a chance of losing
fearing survival in a world of inequality
where competition is the name of the game
instead of realizing it is the alternate version of me
i am competing within my mind

so it is to wake myself up and bring myself back here
and redefine my stand from self-interest to what is best for all

Within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
manipulate my eyes to open wide
when competing with others
believing that i have to be aware or i will lose
as the evil me only wanting me to win within my mind
while others lose
instead of being aware of who i am - equal to all
as we all came from the dust of the earth 

Within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
through mind participation
create the consequence in 'my without'
- as the media, advertising industry, public relations industry, social media etc.
where the amount of likes matter
for one to sell something for money and profit
brainwashing the people to buy my product within self-interest
while the poor has No Living Income to guarantee their survival
in this world

Through this, I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
within this belief - blame the physical
for creating people who are popular
within jealousy 
instead of seeing and realizing
i created this within my mind
the evil me
feeding off the energy from the flesh
to produce thoughts, feelings and emotions
abusing the body
so it is me 
who is taking self-responsibility to stop 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to have the excuse
that i have to survive as the personality that always compete
to win -within writing - fearing survival
instead of realizing that
i can stop reacting in fear of survival
and assist in creating a world where survival is guaranteed

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
justify the excuse that i have to survive as the competition personality
within writing
believing that when i win and others lose i will be whole
instead of realizing this is balance in polarity
and that wholeness does not need separation from the source


I commit myself to when and as i see myself creating fear and justifying it through my behavior - i stop - i breathe. I realized this is me competing to win within fear of losing and desire to win through the number of likes and i have to stop.

I commit myself to redefine the words media and competition - and be clear within myself before i say or write these words.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Miley Cyrus: Money, Twerking, Tongue and The Hairdo: What Is an Artist?

She has hit the headlines almost every day since her raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August. 
And it seems there is no such thing as bad press for Miley Cyrus as the controversial pop star has gone straight in at number one on both the singles and album charts in the UK.
The 20-year-old is the first artist this year to do the Official Charts number one double - topping the singles chart with Wrecking Ball, and the albums chart with her new album Bangerz.

It comes not long after twerking - the dance move she showed off with the help of singer Robin Thicke during their much-talked-about act - was among a slew of new terms included in an update of the Oxford dictionary. 


What is the meaning of the word 'Twerking'?

'dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance'

Topping the singles chart and the album's chart not long after 'twerking'?

How did she top the charts?

Through media exposure and with the help of people who also like seeing performers like her, sing and dance in a sexually provocative manner - those people who saw her performance and bought her singles that created this phenomena to happen.

This happened because we accepted and allowed it to happen.

We had fun listening to the music and watching her 'twerk', but we did not see what went on behind the scenes that created the 'Miley Cyrus brand' and the consequence outflow of this.

I will put my shoes into Miley Cyrus' shoes and look.

This is what i see is going on which i would want to direct:

">I fear living in this world system where everyone compete to win to survive
>I fear being alone - i have to attract others in my world
>i have to survive and earn money 
>i can sing, and i have a toned physique, so i can capitalize on that
>let me work with these and see if i can attract enough attention and earn money
>finished recorded a new song
>wanted to popularize my song so it will earn me money
>will perform on stage and make a video so people will know about it
>will have to do something that will make people watch my performance and listen to my song
>will have to do something that will create a name for myself
>will 'twerk' because people like watching women dancing and singing in a sexually provocative manner, this will get their attention
>will put out my tongue to get people's attention because i know they associated something with the tongue like 'seduction' etc.
>I will make my hairdo look like a child's hairdo so i will look like i do not look 'sleazy'
>my brand created, i will create a name for myself and i will get money flowing in
>topped the singles chart and the albums chart
>i win"

Within my so -called 'success or winning', i will look at my life and look within myself and ask myself some questions:

'I know i 'won' but i know that there are poor people who does not eat 3x a day in many parts of the world.' There are homeless in the streets of LA, New York etc.

The poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the uneducated has no LIVING INCOME to survive on.

I am 'winning', and they are 'losing'.

I am coming from the starting point of self-interest.  

This is me creating a brand or a name for myself using my hips to 'twerk', my tongue and my hair to attract attention - all because of money. This is abuse of my body as i feed off of my body's energy to produce thoughts, feelings and emotions and using it within self-interest. 

Let me expand 'Twerking' by saying 
it is a dance to music involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance that is an expression of oneself.

As an artist, there must be a way i can participate in this world where I can help create a world that truly honors life through my expression.

Let me forgive myself and correct myself.

Let me start looking at my life and start writing for a start where i can look at what my thoughts are, my desires, my fears because i can see that this desire to be popular can be fueled by the fear of being alone - within fear of survival.

What is an artist?

Let me expand this by saying
An artist is a skilled performer that stands for what is best for all or what will benefit all.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Creation of The Miley Cyrus Brand: Fit Physique and Money: Branding

'because you're worth it'

What Is Living Income Guaranteed?

Miley Cyrus Series

'When we work out we don't just do a couple of moves,' says pilates instructor Mari Winsor.
'It's at least a half an hour of working out.
'You have to learn how to not just tighten up your tummy but actually pull your tummy in to your lower back as much as you can. Just doing 40 crunches a day isn't gonna do it for you,' she says.
The Los Angeles-based fitness guru revealed Miley has recently installed a studio in her own home so she can sculpt her body every day, and is especially pleased with the result Mari's workout regime has had on her lithe limbs.
She told People magazine: 'I gave her those legs. She's always going to have those long gorgeous legs. We just toned and firmed in all the right places.
'She wants to be healthy, she wants to have good abs. It always makes her feel better and clearer when she works out.'
Greg Small, spokesperson for Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), says you need to do more than sit-ups to achieve a fit physique.

 What's with having a fit physique, Money?

Imagine earning money for being fit, where you'd be working out for 30 minutes daily or weekly.

The body of Miley Cyrus is just like anyone's body. It is not special because it is fit. It is seen as special because we have given it a value that make it  seem as if it is 'more than' other's, but i can assure you it isn't. Don't be deceived by the media. They are making profit from every news bit about Miley Cyrus because she is popular. This means there are a lot of people that's going to read your newspaper or watch your TV show if you feature Miley's abs.

What is a Brand?
According to the Word web, a Brand is:
A name given to a product or service

I will expand this by saying,

It is a name given to a product or service whose value is equal to life.

The Miley Cyrus brand is a brand that many people like. The way she presents herself is part of branding. 

What is Branding?
The Word web says,
Branding is  giving a product or service a particular image or brand identification

I will expand this and say,
Branding is giving a product or a service a particular image or brand identification that is equal to who one is - as life.

The media profit from this brand that is the totality of what Miley represent within our mind:

It is the brand of Miley's shoes and what we associated it with
It is the brand of Miley's clothes and what we associated it with
It is the brand of Miley's actions such as twerking and what we associate it with
It is Miley's abs workout and what we associated it with, like an idea of how to get fit, attractive etc.

But Miley as who Miley really is - is Not that.
She is the breath of life within that body.

When people watch her show or read the magazines or newspapers that feature her, the elite and the owners of the corporations that own the media gets money and profit from advertisers.

See those ads or pop-ups that come up when you read the pages of sites you visit? That is where the money is being made, and notice the brand named products being sold, like DKNY underwear, Bettsyville earings, Armani clothes, bags etc.

So, within this, the body is being used to get money and profit for a few, for the elite. This is how we abuse the body. Miley is just a name. it is her abs that people look at, the clothes, the shoes, the total presentation. We then assign a value to those, which makes them seem 'more than'  the value of other things or other people in this world.

No one is above another. We all come from dust and to dust we will return.

We are all birthed here. This is our point of equality.

The clothes come from plants, the raw materials used to make the exercise equipments come from the earth. The water and electricity used by Miley in her everyday life comes from the earth. yet it is Not being talked about here.

We remain blind to what is REAL, all because we see through our minds eyes of DESIRE- desiring flat abs to be Fit and 'Hell-THY' (healthy). We do not see what is going on in physical reality - we are creating 'HELL'.
While money is being made by the media, the poor remains poor. 

We have to look at the equation of Life and align our creation of ourselves to that which gives Life to all that is here. We have to decide from this starting point of what is best for all.

The corporations who make money out of natural resources like the water, oil etc. given by the earth to all of us equally, has to share their profits to the poor. This is a commonsensical thing to do. We can look at or investigate how we can create dividends enough to give a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed  to the poor, the uneducated, the unemployed, the elderly etc.. This creates a win-win situation because  there will be more money in the economy. People can buy products that the corporations produce and the corporations can increase the minimum wage of its employees. This will create a balanced ecosystem of money which is the first step to a solution in a failing economy. Charity is not a solution.

What is being given by Charity is not even enough for all the poor people on earth to survive in dignity and many organizations had been giving to the poor for many many years. The question we have to ask ourselves is, why is poverty still here? 

We are recreating it within our mind over and over again as as we desire fit abs to look like the stars who like to get fit and in this case abs like Miley's which we associate with 'looking good' and 'attractiveness'.

What we create in 'our within', we mirror in 'our without'

Our fear of being fat or pot bellied fuels our desire for a fit abs. This is the polarity equation we create within our mind.

The media is making profit from our desire by impulsing our fears through advertising messages.

Who else will create this world but all of us who are here?

Who else is creating the Miley brand but us, within our mind?
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Writing: Coca Cola, Jennifer Aniston, Poverty, Advertising and Money Part 2

Who decides what to write?

The writer decides.

We write about our perception of things and how we experience our environment. When we write, we use symbols or letters that become words that become sentences that become paragraphs.

What is a symbol?

According to the Word web:
A symbol is an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance

I will expand this definition by saying,

The symbols we use as words, is that which we choose to represent ourselves as who we are and the value we give ourselves, others, and this world - where the value is equal to Life which we express when we write, speak or perform actions.

When we inflate the value of what we perceive through our use of words because we will get money and profit, or when we deflate another word's value to make that word we want to inflate 'seem more', as we try to to boost the value of a product for money and profit, in advertising for example, we abuse words.
Here,  we are using words within self-interest. The consequence of this is that people who read this advertisement we wrote will believe that the reality presented in the ad is so real.  People will have an idea that coke is 'more than' what it really is, and will not investigate what's in it. It gets inflated within their mind through their interpretation of words and we accept it. 

This is how we get brainwashed to write for money and use writing within self-interest, abusing words, people, things, food etc.

Let's look at this ad:

Its the real thing Drink Coca Cola

Here, the words real thing is underlined and it's pointing to coke as the brand - as the real thing.
What is not mentioned here is the amount of refined sugar present in this drink plus the amount of water taken from the earth. Water comes from the earth and is a resource given to all equally by the earth.

What we do not know is that the net income of Coca Cola is in Billions and the words in this ad were used to get that money and profit.

When we do this, we lose sight of what reality is and we forget to stop abuse. Instead of using writing to end abuse we use writing to recreate abuse which leads to consumerism.

Instead of looking at creating dividends enough to pay a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed for the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the uneducated so they can have  a dignified life, we give it to some corporations only for them to profit.

What happens to the share of the poor from what was given to all of us equally by the earth like water etc.?

Let's look at another ad,

Here, we use the words:

'The weight is over'
'Finally smoother, softer, satiny style in half the time'
'You are the living proof'
to advertise hair care products.

Hair products  are given  'more' value in this ad due to the value we give to actresses like Jennifer, the value we give to 'smooth, softer, shiny hair' and the words used. What is not mentioned in the advertisement is how this product will affect the environment and what it means to really take care of our hair. 

We do not look at the profit the company made and the people who made the products. 

Are the workers being paid enough to live a dignified life equal to the amount of labor put in?

We believe that this world is picture perfect when we see the lifestyle of actresses and actors from Hollywood, the rich and the famous, We aspire to be rich forgetting the poor is suffering.

What is the true starting point when writing?

As we are all birthed here in this world, the value of everything that is here is equal to Life, so when we write, we align our expression to the primary principle of life, which is what is best for all. Our starting point then has to also align to that, so we write from the same starting point, which is 'what is best for all' or 'what will benefit all', not just what will benefit ourselves and the group we belong. 

The fact is that we only have one group and that group is Team Life.

In writing, we use words to express ourselves and our experience of ourselves as a physical being, interacting with other physical beings in this world and the physical environment.

What we write about shows a lot about who we have become. When we inflate reality, we know that this is fueled by a deflated self-image of inferiority which is brought about by our 'positive or negative experience' of ourselves when we interact with our environment. The world system of money being based from fear of survival, we see ourselves as inferior, We try to transcend this fear by inflating our view of ourselves and others.

Our 'without' - as this world system is a mirror of 'our within' as the mind.

This is a holographic universe.

We can see clearly who we have become when we write words as we take time to write, as we take time to choose words we use, as we look at ourselves and how we create this world.

The cool thing about writing is that we can correct ourselves when we write.

When we see ourselves interpreting reality, we can correct our writing and direct ourselves to write what we see is happening around us and expose the abuse of life. This way, we use writing to open our eyes and our reader's eyes to real events based on facts to stop abuse of life.

What happens when we interpret what we see?

As an example, if we see an apple in the supermarket and we are poor without any money to buy this fruit and we are so hungry, the apple becomes very important to have, yet when we have plenty of money to buy food and when we have so many apples stored in the fridge, we rarely pay attention to the apple in the supermarket.

So, we can see in this example that our interpretation of what we see is based from the availability of money in our pockets.Our experience of the apple changes when the amount of money in our pocket changes.

If we are poor and we are writing about the apple, we will tend to write about it this way:

'The apple i saw in the supermarket reminds me of America. I only saw apples in American movies movies which entertained me so much so i was excited to see apples in Philippine supermarkets. After so many years eating dried fish and rice, like any middle class family in the Philippines, finally we have apples on the dinner table during Christmas. With eyes wide in excitement i competed with my brother and sister to get the first bite of the red juicy delicious apple. Finally, after my dad got home from his job abroad, we got to taste an apple. It was worth every bite. You get reminded that Life is indeed worth living after having a bite of the apple.'

Within this piece of written material, we can see that the writer evolved the apple into something 'more than' a fruit that assists the body to get nutrition that it needs to survive to something 'more' where it defined Life within the experience of the apple that is based on the amount of  money one earns.

This is what i call 'inflated writing'.

The writer also 'deflated the value of dried rice and fish' in the written material to make the apple 'seem more', when in reality both the dried fish, the apple and the rice has equal value = Life.

Humans = Animals = Plants = Dust of the earth = Water = Words =Money = All = Value = LIFE

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