Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Real Key of A as Art, Apple, Farmer, Chef

'an apple is an apple
Do not change it
to make it pretty and tasty
food art
is about money

the more the store 
want pretty apples
the more we trample on the farmer
who grow our apple
let’s work with the farmers
because they are the growers
tending to the soil and giving water to the apple'
'we do not like genetic engineering 
but we engineer food in the home kitchen

what are we doin?

we cannot see the problem
we hear too much music 
that gives us lyrics that is made for money you see

we become groggy
so we cannot see what is in reality'


Saturday, November 28, 2015

The REAL Key of E as E-arth, Dirt, Shhhhhh...

The Key of E as E-ARTH, DIRT and SHHHHiT

'Music is the sound of the E 
E-xistence you see
that is made to appear as the key of C 
and the key of E
that gives musicians the Mon-E-y'
'The food you and me eat
is not what they seem to be
per se

you see you see
you did not see that 
the chefs like me 
alter the dirt and make it look pretty and tasty'
'You see you see
the real value of you and me 
is the real Key of E
the life in you and me 
its value is LIFE 
you see'

Releasing The Sounds: Shhhhhhhh

The Sound of The Shhhhhh

I made this Beat from within my toilet.

It is my way of freeing the sounds that are labeled as 'Not appropriate'

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Real Key of C Is The Key to C Reality and The Living Income Guarantee

Let Us Enjoy
Sing With Me As I UNTRAP The TRAP
In Existence

Let Us Be The Voice For All

I combined the beat I just did with my lyrics.

The Real Key Is To see Reality and The Living Income Guarantee

The Sounds Expressing: The Coins, Cutting Board, The Human, The Knife, The Mallet, The Glass Dish, Spatula, Water, and The Cup

Making my Second Music Beat for My Next UNT-RAP-ZZIN

Untrap the Sounds In Existence

Let The Living and Non-Living Things Express Themselves Within Sound!
Let us be the voice for all that is here.


I am so ENNNJJJOOOOYYYIIINGGG Myself, I want to Share it with you all.
This is my first quest to learn MUSIC and this is my first/second LIFE BEAT.
It happened in the Kitchen.


Unwrap the trap of Music and Sound.
Release the Generic Sounds in Existence

Let us  NOT manipulate the sounds in existence so we can make money of it to the point of stopping other beings in existence ('Non-living things' and other beings) to sound off who they are and what they are through SOUND.


Ole Ole!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Expanding Music UNT-RAP-ZZIN 'Releasing Sounds In The Kitchen'

UNT-RAP The Sounds In Existence
Set Them Free
Let us not differentiate one sound from another
Let us not judge one sound as better than another
Let us Freely Hear the Expression of Different Sounds In The Kitchen - On Earth!

EXPANDING Music: UNT-RAP-ZZIN 'Opti The Car & Everyday A Thanksgiving Day'

Redefining Music

Cruisin in the Streets of Dalas
Impromptu UNT-RAP-ZZin
Grateful for Opti the Car
Music for me here is the sound of the car door (me tapping it) and the Human sounding off a message that is 'best for all'

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Expanding Music UNT-RAP-ZZIN 'It is Just A Chemical Reaction'

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This is music that is not part of the normal classification of music.
This is what i call UNT-RAP Music.
This is my Expanded Expression of Myself with how I see WORDS & MUSIC.
They are spontaneous and they do not need a pattern.
Enjoyment is for me just that - a spontaneus physical expression
(Everything That Is Not Traditional Music)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

SUGAR, The T-ERROR of 'I" as S-elf T-errorism and Paris

The terrorist attack in Paris recently made everyone ask, 'Who did it'? 

It must be the Terrorist

Let us help our allies fight the culprit

So, we are really pointing our fingers on someone else other than ourselves

We do this in our personal lives as well as in politics

We create social consequence in whatever we do in our personal life.

Nothing will change if we do not change

That is a fact of life

For this world to change, it is essential that we change the way we see things. 

Change is not from negative to a positive judgment

It is not from war to peace as we have defined these words inside our mind in a limited way, as in:

Peace = no terror attack
War = terror attacks

(just an example)

Change is about decisions based from 'self-interest' to 'what is best for all'.


It is the T-error to take responsibility for all that pushes us to point our finger on another
creating social T-error  which springs back and create other T-error-ist attacks creating a social       Dis-Ease.

Let's look at Sugar

We pointed our finger on sugar and blamed it as the culprit

But what about if I tell you that this morning I tested taking 1 T of sprite and my blood sugar went down?

So, will we still blame sugar?

The fact is that when I took 1 T sprite the blood sugar reading went down. It is not the substance per se but the amount of it we take.

Who should we blame then?

We are the ones deciding on how much sugar we should take

So it is  the amount of sugar we take that matter

It is the portion of soda we take that matter

It is us that will have to take responsibility on how much sugar we take.

It is about looking at the portion of sugar we take
and the definitions of the words we say, like 'sugar'

Happiness = tasty desserts with sugar
Sadness = tasteless desserts without sugar

Sugar = Poison
No Sugar = No Taste

We then fear having food with a lot of sugar and  having food without sugar.

Either way, we create our own fear.

Sugar is a compound present in vegetables and fruits we take and other food items that promises a 'sweet  happy experience'

We choose to eat big portions of food that contains sugar advertised in the media.

It is not sugar that is to blame

It is us accepting and allowing ourselves to eat big portions of sugar rich food to entertain our tastebuds without considering the amount of it we take that we saw in our investigation (my personal journal)

So let us not blame the terrorists

Let us not blame the French people

Let us not blame sugar.

Let us look at how we created T-ERROR in our lives and stop
So that world T-ERROR ISM will stop.

It is an ERROR to hurt HUMANS that is part of this one life in the name of T-ERROR -ism, be it the 'culprit or the victim'





Sunday, November 1, 2015

Feminine and Masculine: My Dad and Mom's Story

Mom Meeting Dad 

My mom's story about how she ended up marrying my Dad is interesting.

So, let's start,

'When she was 18, while having a school vacation in the country where my grandmother lived, she was invited to go to an island nearby. She was invited to attend a fiesta/feast for 1 week.

They rode a small boat and there were big waves in the sea. So, they went to a small island to avoid the big waves.

When they arrived, they went to town. That same night, my mom attended a basketball game where my dad was also present.

My mom said my dad was looking at her.

The next day she met my dad in the fiesta/feast again when she went there.

On the 3rd day they met again.

After 5 days, my father sent all of them an invitation to have food with him where he worked. 

She and the rest of the group went to where my dad  was. He made makeshift huts and invited them all to stay for a day.

He was the engineer that managed the mine in that town so he made sure they were fed and had roof over their head.

According to my mom, food was abundant for everyone to enjoy. These included different kinds of fruits available in the island. There were also baskets of eggs and chicken.

When they were about to go home, my father, hired a small boat and went with my mom and the group in my mom’s town.

My father stayed in my mom’s town and stayed in one dormitory that belonged to my mom’s aunt.

He sent my grandmother gifts, like food stuff daily

My grandmother cannot say 'no' to that. She was a single mother surviving as a dressmaker.

He introduced himself to my grandmother and visited my mom every night. He stayed in my mom’s home town for a month

He was 19 years older than my mom at that time.

He introduced himself to my grandmother and visited my mom every night. He stayed in my mom’s home town for a month.

He asked my grandmother if he can marry my mom.My grandmother accepted and she asked my mom to marry him.

My mom said my dad asked my grandmother but my grandmother did not ask my mom to marry my dad.  My grandmother decided for her in her behalf.

They got married and then my father made a house in town for them to live . It was the house I grew up in with one brother and one sister.'

That was the story my mom gave me.

When I was growing up I heard stories like this over and over again which gave me the impression that love means there is a man like my dad waiting to save me. I believed it was real and I believed that a 'fairy tale' like my mom and dad’s story happened.

Talking about Fairy Tales, I associated their story with the story of Cinderella.

That made me really believe that fairy tales do happen in real life. 

I did not see that I associated the words 'father', 'mother', 'men' , women, 'fairy tale', 'love' and 'real' together in  a word matrix - in my mind.

This is why it is difficult for me to see relationships as what it is. Imagine defining the word 'relationship' within the word, 'fairy tale'. I was searching for the Prince to have a 'good relationship'. 

Let's play with phonetics for a moment,

It is like 'to be able to 'RELAT-e' to someone, I need to wait for my ideal man before I can board as the 'I' 'ON' a 'SHIP' to be complete.'

I am expanding the meaning of the word 'RELATIONSHIP' to mean 'RELAT-e' to 'I' as the ''O-ther' 'as 0-N-e' as 'S-elf 'as my other 'HIP'. 

This means I see the other person i am with in a relationship as a mirror of me and as an equal walking this life with me. 

His misgivings are the same misgivings i have within me, so I can use that as a reference point of what i need to work on. 

The plus points that I see in him are what I should give to myself.

I then stop defining myself within lack constantly trying to complete myself by having a man  in a relationship. 

I learn to see him as my mirror and being that, I do not run away from him the moment we have a problem. 

As you can see, words can be used to expand ones understanding oneself and in the process, expand ourselves to our utmost potential.

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The Pumpkin



FOOD Iis a substance that provides nutrition for the body.

I will expand it further and say - Food is a substance that nourish the body . It comes from the earth. It is here to support the body's survival.

The pumpkin gives us nutrition yet we do not use it for nutrition. 

We use it to make our tastebuds happy. 

We are so unhappy, we need to use the produce of the earth to be happy rather than be grateful to them for providing our body with nutrition. Isn't that something?

That is self-interest. That is not something we do for what is mutually beneficial for humans, plants and the earth.

We are not interested in nutrition. 

We are interested in entertainment.

Even if we are interested in nutrition, it is because of a hidden agenda. 

We want to be slim and healthy so we can have more admiration from others and if we are endorsing a 'health product', we can attract more money.

During Halloween, we use the pumpkin to celebrate our tastebuds. 

We even encourage kids to get sweets for sweets sake. 

Sweet tasting food are here for us to swallow the food so our body gets nutrition. 

This is not to be abused because the kids will become adults and they will start having sweet cravings from memories of having associated sweets with Halloween and other events with family and friends.

Me as an adult who loved chocolates when I was young.

Then they will blame the chocolates for being overweight. 

When I gained weight, I assisted myself and lost 9.3 lbs. which is now an E-book
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That is not the cacao plant's fault. 

This is a matter of looking at our vocabulary and looking at what food is. 

We also associated pumpkins with folklore and Cinderella. It's meaning has been twisted.

Click Here for the video about health and words


Is the pumpkin here for that purpose?

What about the poor who can make use of the pumpkin we carve to survive?

The pumpkin is being traded in futures trading. We also make money from the pumpkin through buying and selling like stocks trading.

So it all boils down to money. 

There are many ways we can solve our money problem but this is the one I suggest: http://livingincome.me

We also have to look at our words and clear our definitions of emotional and feeling associations from memories - which are pictures that are labeled with words. My website is a cool place to start.

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