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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Heaven on Earth Rap with Kitchen Sounds: Original Creation: Song and lyrics

The Heaven on Earth Rap 1

The Mind Pattern of The Mind of God

The Mind Pattern of The Mind of God


In a 'The One' form of group, here's the logic:

I am The One
> I did not finish my self-process yet (excuse)
> but I have gifts (justification)
> no one can question me (god personality)
>i have built a relationship with the members of the group (justification)
>if they do, i will expose their mind (mind threat)
> therefore, they cannot expose me as they do not have gifts like me  (god personality, comparison, gifts personality)
> I stay as 'The Only One' (savior personality)

The fact that 'The One' is the only source of Dimensional information & assistance, this makes 'The One' The Only One. This makes information coming from that source invincible or cannot be questioned nor cross-referenced.


This is a situation where you become 'The Only One' = the meaning of equality is lost.

This has to be corrected.Our process as a group standing for equality will be questionable as the way we conduct business as a group is not aligned to what we say.


Here's the Possible Corrections/Solutions:

1. Not something i would recommend:

I am The One > I did not finish my self-process yet > I have to be cross -referenced by those who have the same gifts that I have (dangerous scenario though as some of these gifts are mixed with mind stuff so members who are not aware of this will compute them as the same).

2. Another scenario that is based from sound logic or commonsense:

I am the One = I did not finish my self-process yet = I have to be cross-referenced by someone who finished their physical-process (and cross-referenced by someone who also finished their self-process)


Monday, May 30, 2016

7 Days Without Group Support Investigation: Day 4 Dimensions

The 4th day focuses on my relationship with my beliefs about the dimensions. 
There was a slight withdrawal symptom of needing dimensional support which i usually get when i was part of this 'elite group' i was a part of who had so many interviews about life. 

I was mesmerized by this. 
The amount of information coming out to support me in my process was humongous. 

Let me explain, the humongous part is how i see information that i do not have that others have - to fill the lack, as a filler - so the judgment - that it is humongous. 

What i failed to see was i judged it as humongous because I felt a humongous lack of information about the dimensions - where did i come from? etc. which is what belief is there for - to fill in the lack of information about ourselves, this world and the details of the history of ourselves - and this is what the information about the dimensions came from - NOT from my own seeing. 

What really happened here, is that i perceived myself lacking these information so i have seen them as superior to me, although i justified that as - me just enjoying it in a pure way, without beliefs, ideas or justifications - but what i did not see is that, this still constitute my belief system. 

I am experiencing the withdrawal-like symptom that comes only when we are deprived of something we usually have. It was even mentioned in some interviews that this is for now 'a belief'. 

What i thought I will have to do (which is where my fuzzy logic kicked in was - to wait until i make it (those information given me) my own, or understand it one day when i finish my self-process.

Wouldn't that be a projection of an idea in the future?
Wouldn't that be hoping?
Wouldn't that be animating a belief in the physical?

Yes it would be.

Where did my commonsense go - the 1+ 1 = 2 commonsense?

This is one of the many things my mentor taught me, let's call him B - and one of the many things that works in my life. 

When sound logic is gone, and it is substituted by fuzzy logic, everything becomes comfortable, enjoyable, and entertaining. 

Who would question anyone or anything? No one.

I choose to, though. 

This is what i do in my self-process, this is what i will do in a group setting - not for the sole purpose of creating a disturbance but when a string of occurrences (not 1 but more) do not follow sound logic or commonsense (which eventually cause a disturbance in the group programming that helps everyone).

Clearly, unaware of being unaware has been a stumbling block in the path.

What Stands Out?

One thing i enjoy is that,  yesterday, i wrote the lyrics of the Heaven On Earth Song which is my CREATION. 
Check it out at this link:

Bridging Heaven On Earth

When Standing as Heaven Or Dimensions, What Is The Key?

Standing as 'Heaven' or the 'Dimensions', 
I can see that finishing self-process 
will entail Bridging Heaven on Earth.

For heaven to be bridged on earth, we need to
sort out some things in the physical like, our group structure etc.

The physical existence involves people from all paths - not one group over another. This is where the problem lies. 

There is a solution. 

So I welcome those working with the 'Dimensions'
to the 'End Path' - the 'Path of Resolution'

The Bridging Heaven on Earth Song Lyrics Here
Points Out The Obvious:

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bridging Heaven on Earth Song Lyrics

Heaven is not about a place
Out there somewhere to go
Nor is it about getting information
that will give me the access
to the unknown

for in life it is not about belief, ideas 
information or magic given by another 
that matter
it is me here as the substance of matter
birthing what is best for all

The answer is not going to heaven
for we will all dream about the future
forgetting the moment that is here

Let it be  here on earth
Enjoyed by many
Build with our hands
And sweat as we go

There are a lot of things to do
Stand up and move
Let's make it happen
so that we will know

it is not something we dream
it is something we birth
in the physical

Let us use commonsense
and build this place
ready for the best life possible

Let us not diminish
Our ability to perform
The task that is best for all

Commonsense dictates
Food is needed by all
so give everyone the money
to get the food the body needs

A home where we can sleep
and a warm blanket on our bed
Let us gift ourselves the gift of Life

Let's add to that
clean water to bath and cook
electricity to see clearly when at night
we need to fix some food

clothes to keep our body warm when its cold
and sleeveless clothes for summer too

we need money
notes or digital currency will do

The most important thing 
Is we are all able to
Get the basic necessities
That ensures a dignified life 
For all in this world

For at the end of the day
We know that
We can birth life on earth

Stand up and say,  'helooooo!'
Let's  bridge heaven on earth
And sing the song

For we are here
As life is here

We all need 
To create and express
Who we really are
And embrace life
One and equal as all

Bridging Heaven On Earth

7 Days Without Group Support Investigation: Day 3 No Likes For SF

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The third day of not having group support is about looking at my blogs. I looked at all my blogs after the incident. What i found out was very interesting.

The same blogs where i write about Self-forgiveness that my friends of 9 years used to like, is now unliked. They stopped liking it. This is fuzzy logic.  For this exercise, I would put this equation here. This is the equation where number 1 is equated with 2 values that are different for loyalty's sake. Then i will question my definition of loyalty.

1 = 1
1 = 0

Within these values we compute this way:

1(1 value) + 1(0 value) = 1

When you do something within fuzzy logic (by the way, this is the same fuzzy logic that we used to denounce as a group). we are clearly face to face with the mind. 

I used to do this before. I do not look at the commonsense of what i was doing. I am driven by what the group said we should do. I do not question the commonsense of it. I just do something and decide from the basis of, 'this is my group, i have to be loyal to it no matter what, and i am going to do things they do even without commonsense'. This is the same as saying, 'I am loyal to the members of this group and i am standing by this no matter what 'The One' and the members decide. I am loyal to the group' and whatever i do that is not based on commonsense is justified.

This is possession.

I suggest that we do away with the group's automatic ratings. This incident i mentioned proves how automaticity can bleed through our decisions where commonsense is 'not common anymore'. Let's relook at rating in a new unit of time and start doing it from the starting point of commonsense.

What do i feel now that i do not have a group supporting me?

My standing remains the same. I question myself and all - as myself. 

It feels as if I am alone but I am clearly the same me as the body with trillions of cells. I have different experiences within and without a group - yes, which is not really true/real because my body did not change. I still have the same trillions of cells i used to have. 

The Next Phase = The New Credential

The New Credential:

Show Us The Proof Of Your Practical Birthing Process 

No more entertainment. 
Show us the proof. 
Let's get to the basics.
Let's use sound logic and commonsense.

Let's use this equation below to show our physical process that amounts to what is best for all,

by Bernard P.

Let's Bridge Heaven On Earth!

For Now, Best for all = all of us having money to get the basic necessities to survive. 

Let's forget we belong to 1 group that is separate from all other groups. We are the collective group. 

Our body is a group of trillions of cells functioning.

Briging Heaven On Earth


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Redefining Eating Intro

Practical Life On Earth And Bridging Heaven On Earth

Where i grew up,  when we visited the house of a relative or friend, they normally serve us something - biscuits, noodles, fruit salad, soda, rice cakes etc. - whatever they have in their kitchen.

I liked food that's native to where I was born and food that tastes good - with exotic flavor combinations. When  eating these kinds of foods with  my friends and relatives, plus an abundance of laughter and stories about others, I felt happy.

If I was not offered food and there was no laughter and stories around the table where food is served, I felt the day was ordinary.

When we visited people who were poor and they did not offer us anything, not only do we make fun of the situation or pity those people but they themselves apologize for not having any food in their house and not serving us anything when we visit.

It is interesting to note that the town where i grew up in survives or gets its sole income from  people cooking food to sell in the market. It is a very small fishing village in the Philippines.

So in this blog, I will look at the word 'eating',  its dictionary meaning, phonetics and I will also forgive myself for causing stress within my body for the rise and fall of feelings and emotions around the subject of 'eating'. Then, I will redefine the word to live it.

Redefining The word 'Life': SF

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to work to earn money to survive and then lose it in paying credit card bills - where life becomes an exercise of survival rather than expressing who i am in creative ways here.

When and as I see myself working to earn money to survive and then losing it in paying credit card bills, I stop - I breathe. I realize that life is about the realization that all of us is here therefore we should give to each other what we want to give ourselves - walking practical application of a life of solutions for everyone - to bridge Heaven on Earth. I commit myself to support such life system and while i am functioning in the system, be aware of how to restructure my practical life - within money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself believing I do not understand life from the perspective of self-expression - within fear of not having money to do that.

When and as I see myself believing I do not understand life from the perspective of self-expression - within fear of not having money, I stop - I breathe. I realize that when i was a child, I taught myself to crawl, but then learned how to copy people's behavior, etc. around me, so I grew up as a copy cat never really expressing myself as who I am here. I commit myself to live and express as who i am here creatively expressing moment by moment in terms of art, music, dance etc. as the physical process unfolds.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that life is about creating a place in heaven where within that is me giving up on this physical universe - where life really is.

When and as I see myself believing that life is about creating a place in heaven, giving up on this physical universe, where life really is, I stop - I breathe. I realize that I resist living on a damaged planet and that is why i want to create a place for me in heaven based on a belief - not realizing,  Life is here. I commit myself to birth myself here and express as that as i remain.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that life is about movement  -discriminating on the inanimate things and judging them as less than life believing that if they do not move, they are not alive.

When and as I see myself believing that life is about movement and growth, where within that I judge the inanimate forms of life, i stop  I breathe. I realize that all has purpose and that even trees can communicate - as the tree communicated to me before - so I am opening myself to all possibilities.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that life is reacting to feelings and emotions in a positive or a negative way.

When and as I see myself believing that life is about me as a personality reacting to emotions and feelings in my mind, I stop - I breathe. I realize that who i really am is the physical. I commit myself to the unfoldment of this potential  here and express me as who i really am as the physical process unfolds.

'7 Days Alone Without Group Support Day 2: Asking To Be Removed

Customized Art for All (limit = 30 a day)

Today, I asked to be removed from viber groups where the admins chose NOT to remove me. I saw this as a way to really have a look at what is going on within me when i am not supported by a group plus what reactions that come when asking to be removed from the group i really enjoyed being a part of and also look at what would come up if I am in that group and receive a request like mine. 

Another thing that i noticed is that my friends of 9 years in this same group, who used to read my blogs and like them, stopped liking them. This reminded me of the same pattern i had with groups. If the group says this or that person is an enemy of the group, everyone of us immediately close our door to that person. I did that in the family setting before where the enemy of my mom and dad became my enemy. I even do this with men who approach me in Fb and say 'I Love You' to me. I delete them immediately. 

 To see this happen in this group where 9 years of physical walking did happen - which makes me question how we see things - or do we really? Are we reacting rather than looking without judgment? 

I am quantifying my process in this situation that opened up - which I can see affected everyone's process. This tells me decisions has to be clear of bias to be assisting plus not compromising ones commonsense no matter who one is looking at. Once this goes, bias can potentially kick in based on our associations.

What I can see in the moment is that we are stepping into creating Heaven On Earth. This is not about this or that group or this or that person. This is about embracing all groups and being able to be transparent to all groups about what it means for a group to realistically apply the 'best for all' point in a group setting that every group on earth can cross-reference to stand as an example.

Our problem-solution method is practical so if we use this as guideline without bias, then we will arrive at a point that is 'best for all' - not in the dimensions only, but on earth as well - where all can cross-reference. This is the practical side of bridging Heaven on Earth. 

The 'questioning bias'  which questions some but not all - has to change as this leaves no room for correction for 'The One' as well as the members.

Also, If someone questions Heirarchy from a point of self-process - that person is not the enemy of the group. That person is the group's biggest ally. This person is putting himself/herself out there to assist oneself (I am working on my 'belief' point when this happened)  - as well as the members including 'The One'  - within ones self process - all at once, quantifying the process of everyone which includes oneself. 

What we tend to do is give solutions without considering the person's process that is being walked within an idea/belief that we know the totality of that person's physical process - usually from a point of not being able to help ourselves fully in finishing our individual process.

7 Days 'Alone Without Group Support' Investigation: Day 1 Lessons

Day 1

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One day, i looked at my phone chats and I saw that the Viber groups I belonged, removed me from the groups. These groups have members who i have exchanged support with for 9 years. Yet, I found them removing me from the groups. 

This happened to me before as a member of this same group when i was just starting my self process. 

I looked at how i felt. 

The first time it happened, I did not know why I was removed.  So i was fearful and I was looking at what i did wrong. 

When we do not know why we were removed from a group, there is a problem. It is either we are unaware we said something to violate a rule within the group or others have a misunderstanding of what we said or what someone else did. In both case scenarios, this will tell us there's a problem within group communications/structure/policies. 

Then the thoughts of blame and justification would kick in and we either cut ourselves from communicating with the members of the group or ask for pity and plead to be taken back. This is not the 'best for all' way of running a group in this physical existence because this is still the old system of inequality. In heaven, they have different rules. It's based on what 'The One' says, not 'what is best for all' that can be cross-referenced by all the members in this physical existence. 

I developed my website, Bridging Heaven on Earth' to create a potential for a practical life lived by all on earth. It is very much needed in individual lives and in group life.

I became a member again of that same group and we supported each other again.

The first was a misunderstanding. 
This second time, it's something different...


 I actually directed this playout of events to come to the worse case scenario - humiliated, scorned, banned, etc. 'The One' did not know this though. But 'The One' was told of this in the beginnning chat. 

This is what i was questioning. How much of my physical process can you see

This is the proof that a big part of my physical process is not being seen. How could someone other than me have so much power that that person can see all of that yet assisting oneself to finish ones process cannot be done?

 If we use a simple equation here, it would fail the test: 1+1=2.   
It will be something like this, 2 + 2 = 10.

What kind of support can be offered when the person offering the support have not finished ones process? 

I can be entertained by whatever will be given me. Yes. but I choose not to. At the moment i am questioning it. I am questioning even the members, is this loyalty or fuzzy logic? 

 What I would like to be exposed but it is being kept hidden is the answer to these questions: What is your mind like? Your physical birthing like? 

Expose yourself equally.

These facts has to be open to all. 

Let this be the new credential. 

Show your physical birthing process and show us the proof. 

Isn't this what our mentor taught us?

 I directed this playout. Though, i did not know this is going to happen this way - the details.

What happened? Why?

I questioned The One - The Heirarchy.

I normally do not do that. I suppress myself and not voice out what i think in a group setting. I keep things to myself because of fear of being 'ejected' from the group or that others will be offended and fear that a disagreement will ensue. So, if i hear something someone said that does not make sense, specially by The One - The Heirarchy, I just smile, keep quiet and nod. This is how i developed the SUPPRESSION PERSONALITY which started from when i was young.

So, this is part of my correction - which was not seen/considered.

When we get removed from the group, what we fear normally is the projected discomfort that comes from being alone and not having all the member's support who we grew with as a 'family'. 

What was missed was that after 9 years of 'self process', people walked the earth and corrected themselves in this physical existence and because they walked it themselves, you might be privy to some but not the complete scenario of what was walked. That is different. We have to use commonsense on earth.

So this whole incident was to me a playout. 

I also became aware of the learning experience that we all had within this scenario. I questioned why I was looking at the names of the people who removed me, which groups i was not removed and who were members of this group.  I was able to also look at what is happening within me in terms of reactions, emotions and feelings. 

When confronted with being removed from the group we grew up with for 9 years, we react in shock or blame, and ask ourselves 'why, what have i done?' or suppress ourself and make ourselves superior to others by saying, 'uh huh, i expected that, they can't handle the truth', or 'she is possessed'. 'it's righteousness'. The fact is that - that person you are offering advice to - knows her process best. If they do not ask for support, do not give it. I am saying this in the particular context it was said here not in a general context. Look at the need to help or assist others as a desire within lack of that which you need in your life - like finishing ones process to be able to assist others effectively. Then, redefine the words help/support.  

This is not the 'best for all' answer. 

For us to create Heaven on Earth, we have to look at how we can create a group - composed of members, that communicate well to each other and lay down what constitutes 'behavior that is not best for all'. Because of the multidimensional aspect of our existence, we need to have provisions for questioning The One - The Heirarchy. If we teach one to 'Question everything', so allow space for people to do that in a safe environment. Our doing has to align to what we teach. Otherwise, we will compromise our process. 

We can also make use of commonsense based on physical living.

Since the group is operating on different dimensions of existence, we have to look at creating a group with a structure that will create a 'best for all' point in all the dimensions we are working with.

Then, we will not compromise our words when we say 'Support all, we all have the keys' and then turn around and agree to a decision that goes against what was said - where us, as the members, are not even aware that this is happening in front of our eyes nor The One' - being unaware of the fact that what was said was contradictory to one another.

 Why don't we expand this point and look at how can we develop a group/team system that is grounded on 'what is best for all' in the physical that all can cross-reference?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Redefining Belief 4: SF

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the group is what I should protect because if i am a member of that group i am guaranteed of salvation/liberation/birthing - where within that, i am really saying i am inferior to the group.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to like to be alone believing that if the group is a group of minds connected by a common idea/belief, I have no part of being in that group - within judgment.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to feel i am lacking in something if i get out of the group i belong to - that i will die in isolation which is based on fear - but it is not really so- as i will still be me here as breath just as i was when i was part of the group.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear being alone and not supported by a group believing that because they are part of my support system, I will be at a loss when I get out of the group.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blindly believe in what the group believed believing that if i say 'no, I do not want to believe in what you believe, I will be ostracized from the group.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if i get out of the group, I will not have monetary support, popularity, benefits and identity.


is information that may not provide physical evidence of a solution but when redefined and applied in ones living can provide evidence of a solution that is best for all.


Redefining Belief 3: Phonetics

BE LIE F-eeds
1.Be the Lie that Feeds your soul
2. Be the lei that feeds the organims

1. Be the lie thief
2. Be the leaf - as the physical

1. Be the field of Lies
2. Be the field as the ground

Redefining Belief 2: Dictionary Meaning Plus Note



something believedan opinion or conviction:
a belief that the earth is flat.
confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof:
a statement unworthy of belief.
confidence; faith; trust:
a child's belief in his parents.
a religious tenet or tenets; religious creed or faith:
the Christian belief.

British Dictionary definitions for belief

a principle, proposition, idea, etc, accepted as true
opinion; conviction
religious faith
trust or confidence, as in a person or a person's abilities, probity, etc



Usually beliefs are based on fuzzy logic. We adopt beliefs when we do not have any facts about something.  We adopt fuzzy logic instead. By fuzzy, i mean it does not make sense or it is not based on commonsense.

If A said something B said  that threatens self-interest > It is to be discarded
If C said something B said that supports self-interest within group interest - in separation to the whole> it is to be accepted.

This is fuzzy logic because it does not consider what B said as what it is - without interpretation/bias.

If i will accept this, as a member of the group, i will participate in fuzzy logic. I will be possessed by this logic - within a belief - so I am unable to use commonsense - sacrificing this in favor of self-interest/benefit within group affiliations/attachments/personal relationship with other members.

A healthy relationship within a group is based on sound logic/commonsense - it is not about bias/entertainment.

This will stop us from finishing our process and will misalign our standing.

This will entail courage, but what good is it to have a group - when i will not finish my process - within a belief/fuzzy logic?

Commonsense and courage are ingredients in the path. Do not be blinded by group entertainment - within fuzzy logic.

Remember: when we 'die', we are al-one.

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