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Saturday, May 28, 2016

7 Days 'Alone Without Group Support' Investigation: Day 1 Lessons

Day 1

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One day, i looked at my phone chats and I saw that the Viber groups I belonged, removed me from the groups. These groups have members who i have exchanged support with for 9 years. Yet, I found them removing me from the groups. 

This happened to me before as a member of this same group when i was just starting my self process. 

I looked at how i felt. 

The first time it happened, I did not know why I was removed.  So i was fearful and I was looking at what i did wrong. 

When we do not know why we were removed from a group, there is a problem. It is either we are unaware we said something to violate a rule within the group or others have a misunderstanding of what we said or what someone else did. In both case scenarios, this will tell us there's a problem within group communications/structure/policies. 

Then the thoughts of blame and justification would kick in and we either cut ourselves from communicating with the members of the group or ask for pity and plead to be taken back. This is not the 'best for all' way of running a group in this physical existence because this is still the old system of inequality. In heaven, they have different rules. It's based on what 'The One' says, not 'what is best for all' that can be cross-referenced by all the members in this physical existence. 

I developed my website, Bridging Heaven on Earth' to create a potential for a practical life lived by all on earth. It is very much needed in individual lives and in group life.

I became a member again of that same group and we supported each other again.

The first was a misunderstanding. 
This second time, it's something different...


 I actually directed this playout of events to come to the worse case scenario - humiliated, scorned, banned, etc. 'The One' did not know this though. But 'The One' was told of this in the beginnning chat. 

This is what i was questioning. How much of my physical process can you see

This is the proof that a big part of my physical process is not being seen. How could someone other than me have so much power that that person can see all of that yet assisting oneself to finish ones process cannot be done?

 If we use a simple equation here, it would fail the test: 1+1=2.   
It will be something like this, 2 + 2 = 10.

What kind of support can be offered when the person offering the support have not finished ones process? 

I can be entertained by whatever will be given me. Yes. but I choose not to. At the moment i am questioning it. I am questioning even the members, is this loyalty or fuzzy logic? 

 What I would like to be exposed but it is being kept hidden is the answer to these questions: What is your mind like? Your physical birthing like? 

Expose yourself equally.

These facts has to be open to all. 

Let this be the new credential. 

Show your physical birthing process and show us the proof. 

Isn't this what our mentor taught us?

 I directed this playout. Though, i did not know this is going to happen this way - the details.

What happened? Why?

I questioned The One - The Heirarchy.

I normally do not do that. I suppress myself and not voice out what i think in a group setting. I keep things to myself because of fear of being 'ejected' from the group or that others will be offended and fear that a disagreement will ensue. So, if i hear something someone said that does not make sense, specially by The One - The Heirarchy, I just smile, keep quiet and nod. This is how i developed the SUPPRESSION PERSONALITY which started from when i was young.

So, this is part of my correction - which was not seen/considered.

When we get removed from the group, what we fear normally is the projected discomfort that comes from being alone and not having all the member's support who we grew with as a 'family'. 

What was missed was that after 9 years of 'self process', people walked the earth and corrected themselves in this physical existence and because they walked it themselves, you might be privy to some but not the complete scenario of what was walked. That is different. We have to use commonsense on earth.

So this whole incident was to me a playout. 

I also became aware of the learning experience that we all had within this scenario. I questioned why I was looking at the names of the people who removed me, which groups i was not removed and who were members of this group.  I was able to also look at what is happening within me in terms of reactions, emotions and feelings. 

When confronted with being removed from the group we grew up with for 9 years, we react in shock or blame, and ask ourselves 'why, what have i done?' or suppress ourself and make ourselves superior to others by saying, 'uh huh, i expected that, they can't handle the truth', or 'she is possessed'. 'it's righteousness'. The fact is that - that person you are offering advice to - knows her process best. If they do not ask for support, do not give it. I am saying this in the particular context it was said here not in a general context. Look at the need to help or assist others as a desire within lack of that which you need in your life - like finishing ones process to be able to assist others effectively. Then, redefine the words help/support.  

This is not the 'best for all' answer. 

For us to create Heaven on Earth, we have to look at how we can create a group - composed of members, that communicate well to each other and lay down what constitutes 'behavior that is not best for all'. Because of the multidimensional aspect of our existence, we need to have provisions for questioning The One - The Heirarchy. If we teach one to 'Question everything', so allow space for people to do that in a safe environment. Our doing has to align to what we teach. Otherwise, we will compromise our process. 

We can also make use of commonsense based on physical living.

Since the group is operating on different dimensions of existence, we have to look at creating a group with a structure that will create a 'best for all' point in all the dimensions we are working with.

Then, we will not compromise our words when we say 'Support all, we all have the keys' and then turn around and agree to a decision that goes against what was said - where us, as the members, are not even aware that this is happening in front of our eyes nor The One' - being unaware of the fact that what was said was contradictory to one another.

 Why don't we expand this point and look at how can we develop a group/team system that is grounded on 'what is best for all' in the physical that all can cross-reference?

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