Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, April 20, 2019


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that my choice of food to eat has social impact

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the food preparation business is about pleasing the taste buds of the client in exchange for profit  within an idea - so it is to change my starting point when doing business and in the way I see and use food seeing them as physical entities, here supporting all

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that in business, there is money being exchanged so it is to use money as what it really is - as part of the whole, realizing that goods being exchanged are also parts of the whole - that is life, and that the business's profit will be used for survival of the individuals concerned - with the rest of the profit directed towards what is best for all

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to put the body in danger when doing the raw vegan business where I worked until my back hurts.  

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to 
fear the responsibilities involved in opening and maintaining a business 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the laws governing this world  is based on self-interest and not from realizing 'I can be in it but not of it'

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that a system is in place for how people do business with each other as business entities and that system is based on self-interest

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the systems in place in this world governing businesses are based on mind systems that keep the world the way it is and not based on a journey to life

I commit myself to be in the system but not of the system

I commit myself to to redefine the way i see healthy eating & change the the way I market in the health & wellness business world

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that removing milk and honey in my diet will impact the body as per how or where it will get nutrients when they are needed from these sources. 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if i have heart operation, i will suffer and die,  projecting it into the future & me reacting in fear - not realizing that this is a belief that I am reacting to in my mind when the heart is a physical organ that can be nourished, so when & as i see myself having this belief & reacting in fear, I stop - I breathe. I realize I am here physically so i live as who i am

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that i I am here - in the physical universe so I cannot evolve from a sentient vegetarian to a cooked vegan to a raw vegan  in my mind, as this is fuzzy logic 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that eating is not about food being used to please me. It is about seeing food as part of the whole - that is life.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself  to not realize that videos are tools we can use - to showcase our journey in how we express ourselves to our utmost potential, so i commit to use it as such

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that happiness is about expressing to our utmost potential - where all benefits

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to  not realize that diseases are here to get our attention - so I commit to use them to pin point areas that need attention  

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I can make raw & vegan dishes that align to our body design

I commit myself to create dishes that align to my body design

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

VEGAN My Business Story

Did I give Cooking Classes When I was Vegan?

My vegan story included giving cooking classes both for cooked vegans, raw vegans and non-vegans. I separated the classes otherwise there will be diet war in the kitchen knowing that there were different people attending following different diet paths. The ones who were not following a restrictive diet were the ones open to see new ways of food preparation and taste possibilities.  They were the ones who also engaged in some interesting conversations with me.

I was living then in Dallas, Texas. I created some raw food for a client and i ate the left over of whatever i created with my husband. I worked so much to create the recipes i wanted to create which was mostly about pleasing the taste buds of my client. I need to test the taste of the vegan food i created myself to make sure this will pass the criteria of my client, so I questioned my business logic.

Another aspect of creating food for my client was about getting raw ingredients which i mostly get from Wholefoods. This became so expensive for me that i just broke even. 

The amount of time used for shopping the food items I used to prepare, the amount of money spent (as capital) plus the amount of energy used to prepare raw vegan food for our client was something that does not add up to profit. The food delivery also needed manual labor, so me and my husband did the job. I knew this was not profitable. So I stopped when i felt some back pain while preparing food in the kitchen. 

I will not put my body in danger while doing business. That i know.

The laws governing business registration was something i also looked at. I needed to have the capital to be able to restart the business which i did not have that time. One of the requirements was that I had to be a member of an association which costed more than $200 a year.  This needs to be renewed annually. This was just one of the many things we needed to finance. The situation was not conducive to continuing the business , so i told my husband my decision to stop the business. He agreed.

When i moved to Los Angeles, there were requests from other people who tasted the food i used to create - for me to create some vegan food for them but that did not prove profitable. I noticed that other raw vegan restaurants in Los Angeles and in Dallas also closed down. 

The business models that exist needs to be redefined.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

VEGAN My Story

What did i eat when I was cooked vegan?

I asked the organic store to deliver a box of organic fruits and vegetables every week so that I can prepare organic meals and eat only vegetables and fruits. The only food items i removed from my diet (as sentient vegetarian for 29 years) was milk and honey. 

There is this silent fear lurking in my mind (everyone's mind) of having a heart operation. One weekend, i was invited to a vegan event where they showed us a film of a doctor operating on a patient. In that film, the arteries were clogged with solidified fat. I did not think fat can really be solid inside the artery like that - so that magnified my fear of disease. I reasoned that for me to get to a point where i will not have the same condition, I need to get my health to another level and being a cooked vegan could lead me to that level of health. So, after that day, i decided to be vegan. I had the idea that i will have better chances of not getting heart disease by being vegan. 

Me being a cooked vegan lasted for just a short time. I was in Australia then and when I was invited by my mom to the US for a vacation, I had a chance to see people who are raw vegan. 

I went to a raw vegan restaurant and ate their version of ice cream and brownie. The ice cream was made from raw cashews and agave nectar plus irish moss. The brownies were  made from walnuts, dates and cacao powder. That was really tasty. So, i decided to be raw vegan. I reasoned that I will be able to eat the same foods I eat and taste tasty meals except milk & honey so I can do this diet.

I watched the youtube videos of raw vegans daily. I saw them as healthy and happy individuals based from my mind perception of what a happy and healthy individual looks like. This is an inaccurate assessment though as this is subjective from person to person.

What is real happiness?
Real happiness is about expressing to our utmost potential and enjoying ones expression - as who one really is, as part of the whole - that is life - where all benefits. 

What is health?
Real health is not about absence of disease within fear of disease, where we are imposing on the body rather than working with the body - realizing that we are the breath in the body. 

It includes working with the disease to learn more about ones body and mind - to expand ones expression, which can open doors  for oneself and for those walking their own health journey which includes the physical, mental and social aspects - where all benefits.

What did I eat when i was raw vegan?
I ate raw dehydrated crackers with fresh vegetables & fruits dressed with a raw dressing, kelp noodles with raw vegetables dressed with fresh fruit juices and agave nectar. I dehydrated the crackers myself and prepared the raw vegan meals.

I learned recipes mostly from watching youtube videos of raw vegans. I found the raw vegan dishes I made and ate, tasty and easy to prepare. 

I made my own menu of raw vegan dishes that I made available to a handful of people who ordered them and even gave raw vegan cooking classes.

To be continued...

Monday, April 8, 2019


The Word

VE-getable G-(AN)un

A person who eats vegetables and does not eat animal meat or meat products like milk, eggs etc., as per ones body design and/or physical need



Sentient Vegetarian SF


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the guru is a person who is a part of the whole - that is life, equal to who I am, who is also a part of the whole -that is life.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself  to not realize that what the guru said about what what we should eat is his philosophy and not me walking with my body as an equal and seeing what is commonsensical in terms of what i should eat based on my body design and what the body physically needs

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that for 29 years I had been imposing on my body - in terms of what to eat based on a belief and is therefore responsible for the consequence that resulted from that

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to give up on myself in favor of what the guru says - as i saw him as superior and me as inferior 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that my the way i eat is the way my mother eats and that it is my responsibility to teach myself what to eat based on my body design considering my relationship with food, the microbes in my gut etc.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge the guru as superior and judge myself as inferior -  relingishing all responsibility to the guru, rather than giving myself that which I  am able to give to myself - having walked back and seen the problem, correcting this for myself and others 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that food items are physically here as plants and animals assisting us as equals - as equally aware beings

When and as I see myself judging people, food items etc., I stop - i breathe. I realize they are here as my equals sharing this one life with me 

I commit myself to change the way i see food and my way of eating to give to myself that which i took away from myself - that it will benefit all life



Sentient Vegetarian My Story

What was I eating  in a sentient vegetarian diet (for 29 years)?

I was eating vegetables except onions, garlic and mushrooms. This I did based on the guru's philosophy below:

Positive Energy Foods 
Beneficial to both the body and mind
fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, milk products, nuts, herbs & mild spices

Neutral Energy Foods
Beneficial to the body but may or may not be beneficial to the mind
coffee, tea, chocolate, carbonated drinks & strong spices

Negative Energy Foods
Makes the mind dull and drowsy
meat, fish, eggs, onions, mushrooms, garlic & rotten or spoiled foods

I believed that the guru knows what is good for my body - which was not really based on commonsense. I can get to know my body & its relationship to the food i eat, but i gave up on myself during that time. I did not know that there will be a consequence for this & that I will come back to this one day and correct this mistake (this is the reason for making this blog).

At that time, I saw the guru as an incarnated god on earth, who knows more than me. I did not see him as an equal based on who we really are, being parts of the whole - that is life. Since i saw him as superior than me, i made it my goal to follow what he was saying without questioning his words - where surrendering my commonsense was seen as 'right' even if it was me putting myself down (making myself inferior to him) - which was really not best for me to do. This is in essence abusing myself.

I believed what he said when he said that - if we eat vegetables, fruits, milk products etc. and perform practices which he wanted us to do, the cells of the human body will be able to perceive and experience the oneness in everything which will emanate as an effulgence from the cells creating this aura around our physical body (the body of spiritual aspirants) which was believed to be - how the body of highly evolved people look like.

This was not really based on commonsense since each of us -as all bodies have equal value, as we are parts of the whole - that is life. The uniqueness based on the effulgence of the body based on eating food items that he was endorsing (not tested) contradict the principle of oneness and equality. This is not based on commonsense.

There was also a belief that those who wanted to succeed in meditation and yoga will get great benefits from eating vegetables, fruits, grains, milk etc. & avoiding meat, fish, eggs etc. Eating vegetables, fruits, grains etc. was believed to be important to those who wish to perform yoga postures daily.

Food is physical. Meditation is based on sense withdrawal from the physical to a space in the mind creating an alternate reality while yoga postures stretch the limbs. This was my belief and i realized now that this is not based on commonsense. 

In 2007, I stopped doing yoga and meditation and stopped having a guru. This said, i stopped following the sentient vegetarian way of eating on that same year. This helped me in releasing the beliefs and in giving back to myself that which i took away from myself -paving the way to open the door to my utmost potential.




Se-nse T-ea Ye-ast N-ature T-able


able to perceive and sense things 



VEGETA-ble RE-sponse A-nkle

A person who eats vegetables & does not eat animal meat as per ones body design and/or physical need


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Business SF

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that how i see businessmen and women are based on my beliefs as what i see in the media, presented and interpreted by me as someone having a better chance of surviving - living in the comfort of ones home as how i pictured it to be - wearing designer clothing as how i believed this would look like, having billions of dollars to spend in whatever they need to feel comfortable in living life, having popular lawyers, accountants as employees and having lots of corporations with a large employee base doing community outreach and popular in the media where i see them as leaders reacting to these by comparing them to how much money i have, the kind of home i have, what clothes i wear, my position in the company and who i have to support me - realizing that within these beliefs are information passed on to me by the media which i accepted as part of my belief system without me looking at the truth of what is being presented as per the existential value of what i am perceiving - understanding that it is for me to stop accepting these lies as part of my belief system and to instead establish a stable platform for creating an organization based on what i have seen as something that i can rely on based on what worked for me in my personal walking of the healthy eating journey i am in - where i utilize food logs, customized recipes etc. - realizing that this will be part of my source of profit - profiting from services and products that I used that i found useful for me as i walk this process - being proof that i walked and investigated this in my living and that it is a moment by moment process of looking at the problem and providing solutions

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the responsibilities of a business owner are 
responsibilities I now have as an individual working with a company who has a different function in an organization that sells services to others so it is a matter of seeing that the feet equals the ear in terms of its composition and value where i can give a service to others as their equal  - and that understanding the value of service done this way can be an awareness point to practically implement projects in my own business, where the change in perception and understanding will be based in my own walking and expansion of this point

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that being an employee has equal value to being a business owner as it is me as the employee and it is me as the owner and my understanding of myself, my personal growth etc.and how i interact with others as my equals will be what will eventually give the company profit (proof it) whether it is my own or belonging to another organization i work for to financially support my projects

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that change in the way i see food or how i see diets being aligned to the body design plus the way i prepare food  - will be the basis of my business platform and it is me living this that i will get profit from, realizing that i need to create this, drawing insights from my walking of my diet change realizing that this is based from my understanding that we - animals, plants & humans have equal existential value with specific body designs.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that It is my responsibility to support the body when it needs support using food items available where i am where money to buy these food items need to be available realizing that the bodily structure needs support and when the body is sick, where i cannot work to earn money - assistance from other sources are available, to assist the body to survive - understanding that it is my responsibility to make this available in an unequal social system until we transform this system, as the living system that will assist all to survive realizing that the tools needed to assist the body when it needs assistance need to be available

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that It is my responsibility to use the tools that work for me in every moment where I see that i am reacting to anything that is coming from my environment or reactions within myself to stop the energy being misused to instead of assisting the functioning of the body - is being used to fuel mind games used to compete and win over others realizing that we have the same existential value so we do not need to compete and fight to win

I commit myself to create an organization that will open doors in the field of healthy eating where diets align to ones body design according to my capability

I commit myself to open doors in expressing to our utmost potential 

I commit myself to support myself and the people in this process of self change and world change - who are using the tools that i use that work for me according to my capability 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Business & My Story


What happens when one takes responsibility for ones survival & decide to bridge a haven on earth for all - as living ones words?

The challenge is almost insurmountable, but not completely.

In this blog, I am talking about what happened to me in my journey - specifically attempting to establish a business, after it seemed like 'I lost everything'.

How did I see businessmen and women doing business?

I saw businessmen as people busy making money - busy minds in a hurry to make lots of money for the survival of the individual and ones family. I saw businessmen & women dressed in suits going in and out of the office and meeting other people for the purpose of selling other people products and/or services & working extended hours to make profit for oneself to survive in a world where business is about competition and winning.

I resisted making a business, learning about it, doing the problem solving plus the fact that I did not have 'capital' to start with.

When I was living with my husband, I had financial support for paying rent, food expenses, website bills etc. Creating a business was enjoyable for me. I had a businessman client who ordered 'raw foods' from me weekly. I had lots of time to investigate the 'healthy eating' world. I held 'healthy eating' cooking classes - raw vegan food, cooked vegan food, vegetarian food, paleo etc. and created a website, an e-book etc., all through trial and error.

That all went away and soon after we separated - the reason cited being my 'speeding faster in my journey' but for me it was about the stress of survival.

Soon I was introduced to the world of work. I became an employee of a non-profit organization, an employee of a dentist and a caregiver. I also did Health Coaching.

What wowed me before was seeing the rich having their own private chefs creating delicious meals for them or see them traveling & vacationing in very expensive resorts, eating in famous restaurants that serve expensive food, run by chefs who are famous. This was featured in the media. The media represented what I defined as 'reality' at the time - but this is not how i see reality as what I see in the world now as i write this blog. What I see now is the need for us to change the way we see food and the way this will happen is for me to change the way I see food.

The pictures of rich people having massage in spas wowed me in the past. The massage part was me saying yes to having money for massage as a businesswoman but I resist the 'long working hours' involved. I did not want that part.  

I had an option to be a monk - someone who survived on donations and conduct business on the side as part of a religious group but I see that now as denial of what is here. I realized that is not the way for me to change myself and contribute to world change effectively.

In creating a business, I need to take responsibility for all functions related to making a business work and make it earn money based on the change in how I see food and that means changing everything that I ever thought real. In other words, I am going to admit that everything I did before was wrong so I need to redesign new recipes.

What will happen to my old recipes?
They will be there as a reminder of the process I walked to get to this point - redesigning sentient vegetarian recipes, redesigning cooked vegan recipes, redesigning raw vegan recipes, redesigning paleo recipes etc.,

This is doable but requires a lot of patience. This plus the fact that i will simultaneously change the way I advertise, market, sell etc. is the biggest challenge in front of me. The part that I wrestled with the most is the part where I am here as the correction point - and without a group to lean on, I can commit mistakes and lose all the money I have (not have). But these are just considerations. The fact being - I am here as the breath, able to assist myself.  

So, I reminded myself that and reminded myself to stand as a part of the whole - releasing the judgments, in the way I think through self-forgiveness plus sing my word software. 

These tools assisted me all the way.

To face the current business scene is a challenge. About 75% of me says no. But this is a path I can take to change myself in the way I see food. This is the path to supporting myself to survive. This is the path to redefining business and this is the path to contribute to world change. I did not know what it means to direct the whole business world towards Bridging a Haven on Earth. That is something new to me.

But that is where I can open doors to my optimum potential, change myself within my beliefs in 'healthy eating' and potentially change the way the world see 'healthy eating'.

So that is what i walked since 2007 to the present.

Through the tools that i now use, i am able to face the BUSINESS arena.  We are looking specifically at the 'healthy eating' business world. 

It is being used for enriching the individual and amassing billions of dollars for the individual only - with no regard for what is best, where all will benefit.

What is being seen as giving back to the community is giving a 'small part of what we have' - as alms to the poor that we will benefit from through tax ride offs, rather than giving to all equally. 

I told myself I am facing the challenge. My knees became weak for working 2 jobs from 9am until 10 pm at night to support myself when I was separated from my husband. The non-profit that I worked for is paying us - the employees, according to how much profit they have weekly - which is basically what we put in, in terms of doing what they tell us to do as per what is best for the organization - but not best for everyone. I realized that the body needs to be supported when it needs support so this is not a sustainable way of earning income. There has to be an extra source of living income that is always there so we can support the body whenever it needs support.

Another thing that happened was, one, my being a member of the group i was leaning to for support ended and two, I had to stop working 2 jobs in the non-profit I used to work for, which was supporting my survival.

I looked at the equation again

no group 
no husband
no money
no health

= I will not survive
=I will not change myself
=I will not express to my optimum potential

 I realized this equation is flawed

I realized my value does not change by being a member of  a group, by not having money, by not having a partner that works to support me, by not having health.

I am here as breath

So I stand as that and live as your equal.




The word we are looking at is 

B Blood
U Umbilical cord
S Skeleton
I Individual
N Nest
E Earth
S Skin
S Sound

Be Nest


an activity of making money to assist one to survive by producing or buying and selling products (as goods and services) for profit - where the goods, the services, the tools used, the people providing services etc. are seen as equal in value - aligning who one is and what one does to what is best to support ones body & mind (seen as having equal value) considering changes in the structure, environmental circumstances etc.,  assisting the individual to survive & express to ones utmost potential - which includes funding projects that align to BHOE, Bridging a Haven on Earth - where all benefits.


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