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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Animal Meat, Vegetable Meat: Health Care and Social Impact


Animal meat and vegetable meat are the 2 kinds of meat we consume as food to nourish the body. Both of them has nutrition.

Why do we prefer vegetable meat over animal meat or vice versa?

Our preference is based on taste which is a matter of deciding which food I can swallow/eat or not, that will give the body nutrition that it needs to function optimally.

One cannot be better than the other in terms of nutrition. Both have nutrition that assist the body that humans can use depending on what his/her body needs and our body has DNA unique to each individual. Our choice should be based on what nutrition our body requires to function optimally and not based on our beliefs.

There are many ways we justify our preference for vegetable meat, but here's the 3 that stands out:
1. Statistics
It supports our belief.
2. Scientific Data
They are mostly financed by corporations selling products that will benefit financially from it.
3. Personal experiences
They are belief-based.

What do we believe?

We believe that animal meat will give us heart disease. We fear being sick so we avoid animal meat which we believe makes us sick. This cannot be true to all individuals because each of us has a unique DNA makeup.

We also fear that we will not have proper care if we get sick. So, this social problem of not having Health care for all available when one needs it has to be addressed.

Our body needs nutrition, so food that has the nutrition our body requires, be it animal, plant, fruit or nut meat has to be available. We have to transform our food choice from being belief -based to being nutrition based.

Here is an example of nutrition coming from plants and animals sources:


 Nutrition: Pork

Nutrition: Beef

Nutrition: Turkey

Nutrition: Spinach

Nutrition: Apple

Nutrition: Pecans

To buy food that our body needs to get the nutrition that it requires, we need money, so this has to be available when we need it for the above mentioned reasons. I suggest we consider an eco-system of money that aligns to the eco-system of the earth - equally giving to all - where everyone receives equal amount of money every month to get the basic necessities to survive optimally.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lessons I Learned From My Daughter's Visit: Food, Laws and Waste

It was a sunny day in Asheville, North Carolina. I was visiting my daughter who came to the US from the Philippines for work training. Leon and I were eating at a restaurant. I noticed the waitress cleaning the table next to us. I saw the half-eaten pieces of food on the table that is being thrown away. 

This was not the first time I noticed this. I saw food being wasted also at the grocery store near us in Dallas not to mention the food we waste in our own kitchen and the food being wasted in tv shows like the Food Network etc.

At the store in Dallas, I noticed they throw away bulk produce just because people have put them in bags and they left them laying around in the store because they decided not to buy them. I interviewed several people working in the store and they said that they throw those away because they were told to do that. These are big bags of macadamias, pistachios etc.

 I can see that this is what is happening here;
 the law prohibits returning the produce back to the container due to possible food contamination - so bulk food products in plastic containers laying around the store are being thrown away by employees to indicate they follow the company rules and regulations which the employer agreed to uphold.

We usually justify this by saying, 'the law is protecting the public from getting ill'. 

In the country where I grew up, we get cookies from a cookie jar inside the small countryside stores and if we got more than what we intended to, we return it to the cookie jar and that's all there is to it. Do we get sick more than the Americans? No.

I am not saying that is better than having food laws. I am just looking at the consequence outflow of having the kind of money system that we have - based on some having more and some having less.

I also want to look at our starting point in making laws. The people who make the laws are ordinary people like us who we voted and they, like us, fear being sick too. 

When we are sick we cannot work and earn money.

The laws and regulations that are being made by legislators are driven by fear. We make these laws based on fear.  

The bulk food items in the US store I mentioned above were not even handled by hand. We normally take bulk food items like walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamias etc. from the bulk containers using a big spoon. We then put them in plastic containers to bring home.

Most of the time, the reason we leave some of the food items in the store - the ones we initially thought of buying, is because we do not have enough money to pay for them. We can correct this by being aware of how much money we have when we enter the store and being aware of what we need to buy.

A health care system that will pay for our hospitalization when we get sick that is available to all from birth to death is not in place. We have to put this in. This is the reason why we fear being sick - because it costs money.

We can restructure our ecosystem of money so that we can make laws and regulations that will support what is mutually beneficial for all

We need a  living income that will give everyone the basic necessities we need plus in addition to that, it will not hurt to have additional income to spend to pay for things we enjoy doing.

Where are we going to get the money to implement this?

There are many ways to do this, but one option is, we can get some money from the corporations who get produce or raw materials from the earth - raw materials that the earth intended to give all of us equally. They can get money for the upkeep of the corporation but the rest of the profit should be given to all of us for whom the earth gave it to. 

We cannot accept and allow some children NOT to eat (from this country or another country) while some waste food and throw them away. We cannot just give a little bit to others. We are all here on earth. We all eat from the earth. We breathe the same air. We cannot just give them a little bit through charity. This is diminishing the life that is equal in all of us.

We have to give others equal shares. 
We are equal share-holders to what the earth gives us.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lessons I Learned from My Daughter's Visit; Migration, Relationships, Money Etc.

My daughter left North Carolina today for the Philippines. Her training is already finished.

My kids and I are living in 2 different countries.

I can see how the need to survive make us migrate to another country.

These are 3 main reasons why people migrate:

1. To get better work
2. To get better relationships
3. To get better education

All the above leads to more money for the individual planning to migrate.

Migration = money

This is true when one migrates from a third world country to another country which offer more opportunities or better chances for survival.

After we migrate, we work hard to earn money. But, during old age, our body is already frail and we experience more joint pain so it is difficult to enjoy ourselves.

People in third world countries look for relationships in other countries outside of their own for the same reason they look for work. In their eyes, this will guarantee survival especially if the man/woman they will have a relationship with has a steady income or stable business.

Education is being sought after also because this can give one a job that pays more money.

If we have money coming to our bank account every month even when we do not work, that will pay for our basic necessities to survive, and on top of that if we have some more money coming for working jobs we enjoy doing, that will change the way we do things.

How will our work choices change?
How will our relationship choices change?
How will our education choices change?

Can we choose to take on jobs we really love to do?
Can we choose to be in relationships that assist us to grow and express ourselves more?
Can we choose to educate ourselves about subjects that make us learn more about ourselves?

I am sure there will be lots of changes for the better if we have guaranteed survival for all - from birth 'till death in the form of a living income and we have means to get the basic necessities to survive.

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