Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 8: My Cooking Class and Bland Food

Last July 23, I gave a cooking class. One attendee said she can only eat 1/4 c of vegetables per meal, 1/4 c of ground meat etc. as prescribed by her doctor for her post operative diet, so she asked me if I can help her prepare some dishes because she just finished a liquid diet. I will not mention her name nor her condition here but i would like to share the food we prepared which i was able to help her with. 

I would like to bring a memory of a past incident back here and look at the mind pattern I participated in when I saw hospital food after a minor operation:

>oh no, this food does not look good
>this food does not taste good
>I better ask my friend to get some tasty food outside and eat right after the operation
>now i have this tasty dish in front of me
>let me eat real food
>ooops, I feel like vomiting
>what happened?
>It mus be the food I ate
>The doctors are now saying I can't eat for 21 days
>they said i can only take ice for 21 days and they will put me on a drip
> that will be sad

In this mind pattern I am judging the food according to how it looks and how it tastes and believed that real food is tasty food - deviously controlling my body by taking tasty food based on what I desire rather than using food to nourish my body . Then, when faced with the consequence outflow, which is the vomiting- a reflex act where the body ejects the contents of the stomach through the mouth, I started blaming the doctors and allowed myself to feel sad about not being able to eat tasty food in the hospital , instead of taking self-responsibility having seen the consequence outflow - to forgive myself and correct myself in my living.

Recently, I ate a burger without salt, oil and spices. I also have eaten salad without dressing when I was investigating my food and blood sugar. It was bland but for the first time I have tasted beef as is and each vegetable in my salad. That was a really cool physical experience.

I realized that food preparation is not about exotic tastes but body nutrition that helps give the body energy - and with our mind fears released, the chatter that use up the body's energy is minimal, so nutrition that comes from our food goes mostly to the body.

So, let's look at how I assisted the student in my cooking class. Let's call her 'K'.

I laid down the vegetables and meat on the table and let her choose.Here's what she chose:

Low Oil Post Op (Gastric) Recipe by Keisha
Low Oil Post Op Recipe 
1 c water
1 ounce beef and pork,and chicken
2 slices broccoli
2 strips pepper
1 T cabbage
2 slices carrots
1 slice cauliflower
1 T basil
1 T green onions
2 drops sesame oil
pinch salt

Here's the procedure in pictures:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 7: Marketing and Promotions

Life Support
Living Principles:
 Links To Parts 1-6 of Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential
Here's The Mind Pattern of When I had To Promote A Product Before:
>I need to promote this product
>I need to make a poster that will attract people
>then they will buy my product/service
>then I will get paid money and earn from it

This is the definition of the word 'promote' from the Word Web:
A message issued in behalf of some product, cause, idea, person or institution

When we expand the definition of the word 'Marketing', we have to investigate what the message is and what is the starting point for doing it:

*Is it being done so that the human doing the promotion for example in the food industry or health industry etc. will have Abundance - to the point where animals and plants are discriminated and judged as either less than or more than another - or in other words, more than or less than Life  - when the fact is - we are all parts of the whole - that is Life? 

The message is about: Who I am here - standing for what is best for all

It is very important to look at the following in ones Message (specifically in the health and food industry):
1. The product/service tested to benefit oneself in ones living of how one changed (or commonsensically beneficial to aid one in ones practical living).
2. The product/service/ has to align to the usefulness of it in our life - assisting us in giving others the message of how we changed - and that it can be used by others also.to live and change.

If the message is judging other plants or other animals as less than or more than other life forms, this is not going to benefit all life - so this has to be rewritten and corrected.

Money had been given a value either less than or more than what it is. It is time to give money a value equal to  Life since money essentially comes from the earth - bills from plants, coins from metals found on earth and look at the social benefit of guaranteed survival for all because the world money system is also part of our responsibility.

Here's one of My  Education Marketing Piece as Public Relations Arm of Buds of Life:.

My Message was:
'Eat Kale. It is good for you. Do Not Eat Junk Food. They Will Get You Sick.' 
'Avoid eating meat, vegetables and fruits are good for you.'

We can get people to buy our product/service but we will eventually face consequence as we are judging parts of ourselves.

Here's My Message 'Now':

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project
Physical Support

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential Part 6: Marketing My E-book

Marketing is something that did not interest me in the past. It seemed I was being punished when I try to market something because I believed that anything that deals with money is a form of oppression. In my life I question the need to sacrifice my self-expression in favor of earning money. I believed  I was compromising my free-expression when I mix money and self-expression.

So, if we put what I was thinking about Marketing into a mind pattern, it will look like this:

>why do I need to earn money in this world to survive?
>there is something wrong in the way this world is set up
>I should just be able to express myself in whatever I want to do
>and money will come from everywhere
>i was wrong
>I need to learn how to make an e-book
>then I have to also learn to market
>this is ridiculous
>how am I going to do all that
>I don't have a clue where to start
>besides, who will buy an e-book about how one lived ones life?
>normally e-books are well-written prose that conform to a certain writing standard
>I don't know how to write
>I am guessing my way through all these
>everything is spontaneous
>I am not used to this
>I am used to having a pattern for doing things
>so I can just copy information passed on to me
>this was not taught to me
>besides there's no money to pay for all these expenses
>I thought it will be like 1-2 hundred dollars and it's done
>this looks like we're going to be spending forever
>plus i do not know how to do this
>no one is going to buy this
>but I have to do this because this is what I can see is real
>I did not get the content of this e-book in a library
>I did not research about it
>this is about what i ate daily and my recipes
>I better pull myself up and continue even if I cannot see light at the end of the tunnel
>because no one is going to do this but me

Now that I finished making my E-book, I find marketing a challenge. I believed that money was about greed, corruption and lies, so I don't want to have anything to do with it. In a way, I had a love and hate relationship with money.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to give money a value that is less than what it is - a value equal to life - instead of realizing money (as bills) come from plants and coins come from metals from the earth - so I commit myself to develop an equal and one relationship with money - where what I exchange for money is my story of how I changed.

I have this idea that marketing is a function that we can do without as beings. I can see a world where I will be paid to express myself fully - where money is supporting my self-expression. That is my idea of living. Since this is an ideal based on a belief about self-expression having more value than money, I am forgiving myself for having this ideal in my mind based on a subjective interpretation of reality where I have aversion for that which I attached to the opposite to what I like. So, instead, I am releasing the subjective interpretation and see that I am birthed here and since money is also here in this life, we are walking this life as equals.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have an idea that self-expression has more value than money where I compare the values I have within my mind rather than see everything that is here having real equal values realizing that everything in this life is birthed here so, just like i am birthed here expressing as who i am, money too has a value equal to life - all, having a value equal to life.

Marketing being promotion and distribution of documents (or e-books being documents) about how I changed my living, I can align my marketing functions to the product I am marketing - my e-book, which essentially shows how I changed from judging animals and plants to embracing all food items as sources of nutrition that is here to assist the body's functioning and in my e-book to come, show how i release mind layers and in the process take self-responsibility in 'my within' - as the mind - forgiving my judgmental thoughts about different food items - vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous etc. and live, prepare food and eat practically by choosing food according to what is visibly beneficial to the body using tests for now as i develop an equal and one relationship with the body - testing my blood sugar, weight etc. as a reference point but also allowing for physical need for nutrition that is not being shown by the instruments/monitors.

Let's go back to my e-book.

I am right now as I write this blog, in the process of marketing my E-book. This e-book is a testament of how I assisted my body lose weight from 155 lbs to 137.3 lbs. (at the time I am writing this). Last October, I weigh 155 lbs and it was difficult to move then. My skin was getting itchy rashes etc.,  I started logging my food and weight to be aware of what I am doing to my body so I can see he problem and provide a solution. It's in a way questioning the way I feed my body. It worked. I lost 9.3 lbs from Oct. 15, 2013 to Nov. 16, 2013.

Now that the E-book is finished, I have to do marketing. I had this idea that when i finished the E-book everything will be easy going and that I will just receive money from everyone buying my e-book. I did not realize that it is like manufacturing a product. After manufacturing the product, the next thing to do is to sell the product.

I believed that self-expression does not include worrying about money. I was wrong.

Let's back track a bit.

When I was doing the E-book, I believed that, because it was a log of my food and weight and some recipes I made, it will be very simple and that editing will take just 2 or 3 days. It took about 2-3 months of going back and forth to the people who are producing it when it was finally pronounced DONE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project my past experiences in the future so I do not see what is here because I am somewhere within my mind either thinking about failure of success rather than be here as breath, forgive the projections, both positive and negative and express as who i am within making an e-book - interact with the paper, expand and redefine words, interact with the computer and other people involved where I grow and expand as I learn how to make an e-book and share it with other individuals through marketing.

Here are some photos of the 'editing-in-progress'. The problem we had then was that the pictures appeared so different from our original manuscript - some were small and some were big, In the original manuscript, the pictures were in a table, all neatly placed. When they told me that they cannot put the table in and had to remove it and saw the work in progress, I saw the pictures both big and small were all over the place. I believed at that point that we cannot publish the e-book in Amazon, but I realized there are other ways of doing it, We researched how to fix it (as per the normal way of doing a recipe e-book). For 2 weeks or so, we did not know what to do. The thing is, we already signed a contract with these people and cannot back out or waive the payment. But somehow, after 2 weeks or so, they managed to do something about the pictures.




 Here's the finished E-book:

My Livng E -book

Buy, Review, Pin It at Pinterest to Support


21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project
Physical Support

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 6th Grader Attending My Cooking Class: The School System and Food

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project

It was a Thai themed cooking class yesterday (July 11, 2014) in a clubhouse here in Dallas. I started this cooking class 2 Fridays ago.  My other cooking class had been going on for about a year now but i did not have any  mom and child team attending

There's a mom and child team that attended my class yesterday and I saw myself as a teacher (cooking class teacher), a health coach, a mom and as a child in them..I will write about that in my other blogs.

After investigation, I found out the mom attended because her daughter wanted to attend to learn how to cook. She was taking notes and was eager to volunteer when I asked who wanted to prepare food first.

I asked her what she's learning in school regarding what to eat in terms of desserts and she said that she's being told to eat fruits. I then asked what she's learning in school regarding drinks and she said she is being told to drink water.

This is the change in the way we teach our students what to eat, from candies and sodas to fruits, which is not really 'good or bad' but rather information thrown to our kids by us - the teachers (parents at home and in school). The school, together with the government sponsors such program - reinforced by the media. We sit watching tv at home listening to advertisements talking about how good this program is with our kids.

I would question the amount of fruits eaten by kids and the starting point for eating fruits. If I eat sweets to entertain myself because I am bored and I want to feel good, and I eat fruits for the same reason, this is the same fear pattern - but the fear pattern is not being stopped.

Example Mind Patterns:

> I am bored 
> I like to entertain myself with food
>I like to have soda
> My teacher said I have to eat fruits
> because it is healthier
> let me eat fruits

> I am bored
> I like to entertain myself with food
> I like to have soda
> let me enjoy this

This is changing the kind of entertainment we are giving our kids. This is NOT assisting them like we assist ourselves - by logging our food daily, being aware of how the body experience them and changing ourselves to act as an example to our kids. We have to change the starting point of the  mind pattern and the behavior pattern to align to what is mutually beneficial to all.

This kind of information that i hear and read from the media is where i based my beliefs about fruits and what drove me from vegetarianism to fruitarianism,

Fruits are food. They are here to provide nutrition for our body. We have to have information on the nutrition that is in each fruit we eat, and test if it agrees with our body.

Physical Support

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 5 Redesigning The Cake

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project

I have known the cake to be a source of pleasure since I was a child. We had birthday cakes, graduation cakes etc.We have native cakes like purple yam cake, rice cakes etc. Recently, after my sugar investigation, I realized that cake is food and food is here to nourish the body - it is NOT here to satisfy mt craving for pleasure when I am bored or sad. 

I realized that the body has to agree with what I eat. When the mind directs my behavior, it leads to consequence outflow - disease. An example of this would be - diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stress etc because the mind works with 'good and bad, right or wrong, and positive or negative' . Acting out thought patterns based on my psychological craving for pleasure which is fueled by my fear of boredom will be directing me to eat, rather than be in physical reality behaving sensibly when eating and physically enjoying the food - its taste, smell etc.

Rather than put so much sugar in the cake, what is sensible for me is to add food items and the amount of meat etc. that i know assist my body. I can cross-reference by looking at my weight, my blood sugar etc.

The Next Day Reading After I ate 1 slice of this meat cake
Fasting Blood Glucose Reading

I can see that it is not spiking my blood sugar level where it disturbs homeostasis in the body - creating chaos within my body. I play with the taste that will get the cake to the stomach to be processed so the nutrition can be distibuted to the cells realizing meat has its own nutrition:
Pork: B6, B12, C, D, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc etc.

Beef: B1 Thiamin, B2 Riboflavin, B3 Niacin, B6, B9 Folate, B12, Choline, D, E, K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium etc.

Here's how i redesigned the cake,
 I put some meat on top of the cake for protein. 
This will still 'evolve', so stay tuned.

I saw that when I eat meat with other food stuff in the' right' portion (which I tested), it helps in stabilizing my blood glucose. What is also affecting the blood sugar is the mind - stress can spike the blood sugar.

The batter was made of almond flour and eggs. I topped it with uncooked ground pork seasoned with a pinch of salt and onions. I baked it in the oven, then piped some mayonnaise and tabasco sauce on top (optional). I had some cherries at that time so I put 4 cherries on top. 

Our body needs nutrition yet what is happening is that we are eating for the sake of satisfying our desire for 'sweets' - for 'pleasure' or to entertain our taste buds with different taste sensations which we connected to our past experience of the food item we are eating in the present.

. Let's not choose what to eat because of fear (fear of boredom, fear of getting fat, fear of dis-ease and death).

Let's prepare our food to align to what food really is - a substance that nourish the body.
Let's align eating to what will assist the body to function optimally and not based on our ideas of what tasty food is in our mind.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 4 Redesigning The Nori Roll: Rice and Carbs

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project

My first Nori Cooking Class happened the week before this one. I prepared a rice nori and cauliflower nori in the first cooking class.

The Cauliflower filled Nori and Carrot Rolls

Cauliflower filling

The Rice Nori Filling

Note: Instead of a combination of rice, sugar ,salt and vinegar, I put soy sauce (Braggs for no salt) and sesame oil.

In the second cooking class i made rice nori roll with 3 T rice and a salad nori roll
Start of the Rice Nori Roll

Salad Nori Roll

Everyone wanted to do a rice nori, so i assisted everyone to do the rice nori. 

Fasting blood glucose reading the next day: 97

Note:I ate the whole rice nori and the whole salad nori

I found out rice and carbohydrates are not the problem.

It's a matter of redesigning the nori. Here's what I did:

1. I put 3 T rice inside the nori roll in class instead of 4T or 5T. I put some smoked beef, carrots, avocado, cucumber, red pepper strips etc. inside the nori  too.
2. I ate the salad nori with meat. My body is testing (fasting blood glucose taken the next day) okay with the following
(I have a reference point when I prepare my food)
a. different kinds of veggies, 1 oz each,
b. about 7.5 oz to 1 lb. of meat a day
c. very little fruits, about 1/4 cup (changes happen)

Note: We have different DNA make ups so this only applies to me. You can contact me if you need support

Normally, nori rolls are made with rice and seafood like fish just like they are being made in Japan, but the nori roll is food, so we can change what's in it and add food that nourish the body which is a combination of meat, rice and veggies. The sugar and salt that is usually added to the rice is not necessary because there's a dip made of soy sauce or Braggs liquid aminos (no salt) for the nori. A little bit of soy sauce makes sense. The normal way of food preparation is coming from a starting point of 'pleasure'. I am going to redesign FOOD according to what I found out is assisting my body. This is a process, so stay tuned.

Note: You as the reader, can vary the filling in the nori roll according to your body's preference,

The salad nori I made

Leon and his nori roll

Note: I saw Leon doing his nori roll for the first time


Physical Support

Monday, July 7, 2014

Writing My Living Life Review Part 2 Why Wait After You 'Die'?

June 18, 2014

10:00 Woke up
10:08 Video Three Dirty Secrets of Happiness and health
10:23 Business Work SYN
10:50 Computer EBK
11:00 Bathroom ER, GHT
11:10 Metrics AR
11:15 Food  Yogurt and burger
3:29 Business IZE
4:10 Basil Tea
4:15 Posting Blogs PS
4:30 Fb THER
6:34 Water plus Ice
6:35 Computer
8:33 Stretching
8:46 Video  IN ED
11:21 Store I GER
12:11 Food W GER
12:37 Business SYN
12:45: Video
12:51 Business SYN ER
1:08 ITY

June 19

7:01 am woke up
7:05 Physical support NG
7:11 Blog Living Life Review 1
9:19 Bathroom, Weight
9:31 -10:15 Business KKS
10:00 - 10:21 Business CSE
10:23 - 10:41 Business STA
11:00 Computer BIT
12:20 Video Recording
12:50 Bathroom
12:56 Business CSEEY
2:00 Video
2:35 Business YN

June 20

3:43 am Woke up
7:06 Fd Assignment
7:29 Slept
9:58 Woke up
10:00 Bathroom
10:21 - 10:27 BGR97
10:34 Posters for cooking class
10:55 Fd Wash and Dry
10:59 Blog
11:40 SH
12:23 to 12:41 Bathroom
5:57 Cooking Class Prep
6:30pm Cooking Class
8pm Home
1:20 - 1:27 Computer
1:28 AT

June 21

4:06 Computer
4:14 - 4:28 Physical Support
5:08 - 5:20 pm yogurt
6:00 pm Blog Practical Living sales
7:12 pm  Computer
7:30 pm URTET
7:38 pm Bathroom
7:50 pm Eat
8:10 Business
9:22 Home
10:35 Playtime
1:32 am next day Bedtime

June 22

1:34am Computer G
1:56 Business FR
2:23 Sleep
9:31am woke up
9:37 Computer B
9:58 Computer
10:30-11:02 Business RRYN
11:00 ChUS
11:19 RM
12:38 GT
1:00 Website
1:20 BGR
1:36 Store
2:15 Food
5-6pm Choco and Computer
6-11:38 Business RR
11:38 Bathroom
11:52 Shower
12:03 Business YN
1:10 - 2:08 Business RR ITY
6:19 Business YN
12:49 Video
3:22 am next day  Bedtime

June 23

1:32 pm
1:46 - 2:00 Store Buy Food
2:19  Eat
7:06 'Cheese from Grass-fed Beef'
7:14 Basil tea
Early next day Bedtime

June 24

11:56 Bathroom, Weight
1:30 Ate with Leon (B-day) at a restaurant - ordered grass-fed beef burger
2:00 Store
3:35 macadamia nuts
5:11 BGM
6:04 B-day at a Restaurant with friend
Carrot Cake
Diluted coffee
Sushi Platter-  First time
Tasted 1t White wine (sweet)
11:45 Made flyer for cooking class next day
12:35 next day Printing
1:35 am store
1:55 ate  yogurt and watched  Documentary
2:19 am Bedtime

June 25

7:59 woke up
9:30-10:15 Business PRER
11:00 Cooking class prep
1:33 ate
2:12 home
5:24 Store
6:30 cooking class
10:45 home
1255 word: validation

June 26

6:35 woke up
6:37 Business
11:30 chatted with a friend who wants to do an e-book
11:45 Bathroom
12:55- 1:24 pm store food
1:54 Clubhouse admin - talked about next weeks cooking class
2:30-4:39 Listened to Interviews, relaxed
8:15 food rice and shredded beef, veggie bacon, macadamia nuts
11:11 clean
12:30 am next day, bathroom
1:30 bed

June 27
7:03 woke up
11:05 prepared meat chips
rest of data unavailable

June 28

12:00 noon to1:00 pm Store, food
5:06 bathroom
5:10 computer
1:50 am next day bedtime
rest of data unavailable

June 29

6:42 Woke up
12:45 Business, E-book, plus Course
1:08 Food, Bookstore etc.
3:35 Computer, CCH
11:15pm store
12:30 am next day yogurt
1:42 am video
4:53 am bedtime

June 30

9:26 Woke up
9:30 Bathroom, L, SH
10:25 am Business plus New  E-book Cover
11:51 Bank
12:15 Bookstore
12:40 Store, bought food
1:55 home
2:10 Food prep



I made a salad nori roll in the cooking class I gave, made with 3 T rice with no sugar

Free Cheese for tasting at the store


Smoked pork ribs

Veggie Salad

B-day cake from the restaurant

Cooking Class Flyers

Cooking Class 

In and Out Nori Roll Class

Macadamia nuts

Blood Glucose Reading

Preparing Meat Chips 
Note: The recipe of this will be in the New Recipe Book Coming Out!
Will be available Here, https://juneroca.selz.com/

Bacon, rice and salad

Yogurt Kefir with Yacon Syrup

Pistachio nuts

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