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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 6th Grader Attending My Cooking Class: The School System and Food

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It was a Thai themed cooking class yesterday (July 11, 2014) in a clubhouse here in Dallas. I started this cooking class 2 Fridays ago.  My other cooking class had been going on for about a year now but i did not have any  mom and child team attending

There's a mom and child team that attended my class yesterday and I saw myself as a teacher (cooking class teacher), a health coach, a mom and as a child in them..I will write about that in my other blogs.

After investigation, I found out the mom attended because her daughter wanted to attend to learn how to cook. She was taking notes and was eager to volunteer when I asked who wanted to prepare food first.

I asked her what she's learning in school regarding what to eat in terms of desserts and she said that she's being told to eat fruits. I then asked what she's learning in school regarding drinks and she said she is being told to drink water.

This is the change in the way we teach our students what to eat, from candies and sodas to fruits, which is not really 'good or bad' but rather information thrown to our kids by us - the teachers (parents at home and in school). The school, together with the government sponsors such program - reinforced by the media. We sit watching tv at home listening to advertisements talking about how good this program is with our kids.

I would question the amount of fruits eaten by kids and the starting point for eating fruits. If I eat sweets to entertain myself because I am bored and I want to feel good, and I eat fruits for the same reason, this is the same fear pattern - but the fear pattern is not being stopped.

Example Mind Patterns:

> I am bored 
> I like to entertain myself with food
>I like to have soda
> My teacher said I have to eat fruits
> because it is healthier
> let me eat fruits

> I am bored
> I like to entertain myself with food
> I like to have soda
> let me enjoy this

This is changing the kind of entertainment we are giving our kids. This is NOT assisting them like we assist ourselves - by logging our food daily, being aware of how the body experience them and changing ourselves to act as an example to our kids. We have to change the starting point of the  mind pattern and the behavior pattern to align to what is mutually beneficial to all.

This kind of information that i hear and read from the media is where i based my beliefs about fruits and what drove me from vegetarianism to fruitarianism,

Fruits are food. They are here to provide nutrition for our body. We have to have information on the nutrition that is in each fruit we eat, and test if it agrees with our body.

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