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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 7: Marketing and Promotions

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Here's The Mind Pattern of When I had To Promote A Product Before:
>I need to promote this product
>I need to make a poster that will attract people
>then they will buy my product/service
>then I will get paid money and earn from it

This is the definition of the word 'promote' from the Word Web:
A message issued in behalf of some product, cause, idea, person or institution

When we expand the definition of the word 'Marketing', we have to investigate what the message is and what is the starting point for doing it:

*Is it being done so that the human doing the promotion for example in the food industry or health industry etc. will have Abundance - to the point where animals and plants are discriminated and judged as either less than or more than another - or in other words, more than or less than Life  - when the fact is - we are all parts of the whole - that is Life? 

The message is about: Who I am here - standing for what is best for all

It is very important to look at the following in ones Message (specifically in the health and food industry):
1. The product/service tested to benefit oneself in ones living of how one changed (or commonsensically beneficial to aid one in ones practical living).
2. The product/service/ has to align to the usefulness of it in our life - assisting us in giving others the message of how we changed - and that it can be used by others also.to live and change.

If the message is judging other plants or other animals as less than or more than other life forms, this is not going to benefit all life - so this has to be rewritten and corrected.

Money had been given a value either less than or more than what it is. It is time to give money a value equal to  Life since money essentially comes from the earth - bills from plants, coins from metals found on earth and look at the social benefit of guaranteed survival for all because the world money system is also part of our responsibility.

Here's one of My  Education Marketing Piece as Public Relations Arm of Buds of Life:.

My Message was:
'Eat Kale. It is good for you. Do Not Eat Junk Food. They Will Get You Sick.' 
'Avoid eating meat, vegetables and fruits are good for you.'

We can get people to buy our product/service but we will eventually face consequence as we are judging parts of ourselves.

Here's My Message 'Now':

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