Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 8: My Cooking Class and Bland Food

Last July 23, I gave a cooking class. One attendee said she can only eat 1/4 c of vegetables per meal, 1/4 c of ground meat etc. as prescribed by her doctor for her post operative diet, so she asked me if I can help her prepare some dishes because she just finished a liquid diet. I will not mention her name nor her condition here but i would like to share the food we prepared which i was able to help her with. 

I would like to bring a memory of a past incident back here and look at the mind pattern I participated in when I saw hospital food after a minor operation:

>oh no, this food does not look good
>this food does not taste good
>I better ask my friend to get some tasty food outside and eat right after the operation
>now i have this tasty dish in front of me
>let me eat real food
>ooops, I feel like vomiting
>what happened?
>It mus be the food I ate
>The doctors are now saying I can't eat for 21 days
>they said i can only take ice for 21 days and they will put me on a drip
> that will be sad

In this mind pattern I am judging the food according to how it looks and how it tastes and believed that real food is tasty food - deviously controlling my body by taking tasty food based on what I desire rather than using food to nourish my body . Then, when faced with the consequence outflow, which is the vomiting- a reflex act where the body ejects the contents of the stomach through the mouth, I started blaming the doctors and allowed myself to feel sad about not being able to eat tasty food in the hospital , instead of taking self-responsibility having seen the consequence outflow - to forgive myself and correct myself in my living.

Recently, I ate a burger without salt, oil and spices. I also have eaten salad without dressing when I was investigating my food and blood sugar. It was bland but for the first time I have tasted beef as is and each vegetable in my salad. That was a really cool physical experience.

I realized that food preparation is not about exotic tastes but body nutrition that helps give the body energy - and with our mind fears released, the chatter that use up the body's energy is minimal, so nutrition that comes from our food goes mostly to the body.

So, let's look at how I assisted the student in my cooking class. Let's call her 'K'.

I laid down the vegetables and meat on the table and let her choose.Here's what she chose:

Low Oil Post Op (Gastric) Recipe by Keisha
Low Oil Post Op Recipe 
1 c water
1 ounce beef and pork,and chicken
2 slices broccoli
2 strips pepper
1 T cabbage
2 slices carrots
1 slice cauliflower
1 T basil
1 T green onions
2 drops sesame oil
pinch salt

Here's the procedure in pictures:

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