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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential 4 Redesigning The Nori Roll: Rice and Carbs

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My first Nori Cooking Class happened the week before this one. I prepared a rice nori and cauliflower nori in the first cooking class.

The Cauliflower filled Nori and Carrot Rolls

Cauliflower filling

The Rice Nori Filling

Note: Instead of a combination of rice, sugar ,salt and vinegar, I put soy sauce (Braggs for no salt) and sesame oil.

In the second cooking class i made rice nori roll with 3 T rice and a salad nori roll
Start of the Rice Nori Roll

Salad Nori Roll

Everyone wanted to do a rice nori, so i assisted everyone to do the rice nori. 

Fasting blood glucose reading the next day: 97

Note:I ate the whole rice nori and the whole salad nori

I found out rice and carbohydrates are not the problem.

It's a matter of redesigning the nori. Here's what I did:

1. I put 3 T rice inside the nori roll in class instead of 4T or 5T. I put some smoked beef, carrots, avocado, cucumber, red pepper strips etc. inside the nori  too.
2. I ate the salad nori with meat. My body is testing (fasting blood glucose taken the next day) okay with the following
(I have a reference point when I prepare my food)
a. different kinds of veggies, 1 oz each,
b. about 7.5 oz to 1 lb. of meat a day
c. very little fruits, about 1/4 cup (changes happen)

Note: We have different DNA make ups so this only applies to me. You can contact me if you need support

Normally, nori rolls are made with rice and seafood like fish just like they are being made in Japan, but the nori roll is food, so we can change what's in it and add food that nourish the body which is a combination of meat, rice and veggies. The sugar and salt that is usually added to the rice is not necessary because there's a dip made of soy sauce or Braggs liquid aminos (no salt) for the nori. A little bit of soy sauce makes sense. The normal way of food preparation is coming from a starting point of 'pleasure'. I am going to redesign FOOD according to what I found out is assisting my body. This is a process, so stay tuned.

Note: You as the reader, can vary the filling in the nori roll according to your body's preference,

The salad nori I made

Leon and his nori roll

Note: I saw Leon doing his nori roll for the first time


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