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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Word Poverty The Mind & Eating Disorder

Poverty The Mind and Eating Disorder

  Our determination to succeed is driven by our fear of being poor.

 We can see what is going on around us everyday and we see people dying in other parts of the world for lack of the basic necessities to survive. 

We can stop looking at the news but we know this is happening. We know we cannot fool ourselves for long. 

We know this is something we need to address. We do not know how to address this as in our mind this seems to be a "big problem", so we try to blame others and instead of taking this on, we hope that one day someone will wave a magic wand and there will be some magic - that will make this end. 

We sit in front of our computer, we eat food with friends and family, we shop until we drop, we listen to the kind of music we like and we watch the kind of movies we watch. 

For a moment we think everything is better. 

But after a while, one day when we are alone we are faced with the same mind chatter. So we do the same things we do to make ourselves believe "everything is okay". The media creates a jingle similar to that, so we really think everything is better - that our lives changed.

We go on living our lives. We find more friends to eat with and more tasty foods to eat. We feel happy for a moment but we are getting fat.

We stop eating "butter" and stop eating rice.
We try eating the food we think is healthy. 

We succeed for a while but we reach a breaking point.

We eat and binge so these things we suppressed in our mind will go away and believe they will be solved, but the more we eat, the more we get fat, and the more we become sick.

We try to control this by changing our diet or becoming a "health guru". Our business is making money after we spent so much money to learn to do the business part of it. We feel happy for a moment.

We try to do yoga and meditation to suppress our memories of pain and failure. The mind keeps quiet for several hours and because this is a form of mind control, we have to do it again and again so we will feel the limited peace inside our mind.

When we stop the lifestyle modification, meditation, stress release techniques, breath control, exercise, diet etc. , the mind chatter and stress resumes and the DIS-EASE (discomfort) appears.

 We as individuals, perceived as having our own I DENT(DENT-ure) TI  (I-nformation T-echnology) TY and groups that we identify as separate from other groups are perceived separate from the WHOLE - that is life. 

How can we have lasting peace (piece) when we are a piece that is missing in the whole puzzle?


Me as AN ING-redient 

Join me
Let us bridge a haven on earth, where all of us will have the basic necessities to survive for real.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

The Path To HEAL-TH Embrace Team Life & Heal The DIS-EASE for Real

]We are not comfortable living in a world where there are people dying of hunger and other diseases. 

Poverty is rising everyday.

Instead of looking at where the DIS-EASE is coming from, when we have a heart problem, cancer etc., we go and find health in the doctor's office and/or the naturopath's office. 

When we do not have an expanded definition of health, we limit the amount of help we get from the health practitioner. The health practitioner himself/herself does not have an expanded definition of the word "health", so he/she gives us a limited version of how we can heal ourselves. 

Let us have an expanded definition of health. This will lead us all to the path of heal-th. 

We can gather ourselves together and look at how we can apply the expanded definition of health - as Team Life, to create a haven on earth so we can really care for the body, the mind and the environment.

Fb Live Video 

Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 6 Key to Survival & Cancer

We are busy trying to survive that we do not have time to express ourselves as beings. We only become aware of what is happening the moment we are DIS-EASE-D. 

Bacteria and viruses are part of this Life. They are also a part of the whole - that is Life, and they have a right to get our attention back to what is really happening in our body.

The video below is about disease as DIS-EASE where we are not at ease because the organism is not expressing optimally. 

Our struggle to survive is limiting our expression as beings.
 We are into survival mode most of the time. We do not have much time left to care for our body for real, so much so that we do not have much time to look at the definition of the words we speak and write and we fail to investigate who we really are within these. 

We let our limited concept of who we are as individuals, perceived separate from the whole to guide our actions, which are driven by self-interest - to survive.

Life is a movement of oneness and equality as Team Life.
Words guide our decision which becomes our behavior.

Look at the definition of words and align it to who we really are - as All Life,  to a point where our expanded definition leads to bridging a haven on earth. 

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Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 5 Limited Expression & Expansion

This me, the sweet potato and the butter communicating a point in my video below.
The video below is about what happens when we limit our expression in the way we prepare food, or prepare a salad, and the way we define ourselves and the expansion that happens in our expression when we expand the definition of words we speak and write.

Note: My relatives playing mahjong in the background

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Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 4 Eating & Key to Being Vegan

I experienced heart pains when i was in high school and my way of dealing with it was to accept someone else's  suggestion that led me to judge meat as bad. 

This was what happened when i did not 
look at the definition of words and this resulted in me trying to boost my worth through adopting first, the vegetarian diet for 29 years, then becoming cooked vegan, raw vegan etc. and being diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer at the middle of all these in 2008. 

Years after i was declared free of cancer (2009), I looked at my fears and my word definition of CANCER.  I realized i was trying to get CANned CERtificates to boost my worth through being in these diets rather than me as the one who CAN SEE (CE) the R-esponsibility to initiate the bridging of a haven on earth. Enjoy my video below.

Fb Live Video

Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 3 Heart Disease & Key to Vegetarianism

                              Why did i become vegetarian when i was diagnosed with angina? 

This was the decision that was driven by fear of having a heart disease. This decision prevented me from looking at the definition of the word "health" and expanding its definition.

I missed this door that was opening right before me which brought me back to - today. 

I am now opening this door and expanding the definition of myself as who i am - as part of the whole, that is Life and bringing a message of how we can bridge a haven on earth to reclaim our real identity - for real.

                                             Fb Live Video

Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 2 Mind Starting Point

What is our starting point when we make a salad? 
Salad is food. 
We have to look at our definition of the word "food", the benefit it is going to give the body and whether the body accepts it or not. Enjoy the video.

Note: My relatives are playing mahjong in the background.


The Word "Salad"

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Disease As DIS-EASE Part 1 The Sweet Potato & Butter Salad?

Normally, we look at a salad and we associate it with 
sweet potato with mayonnaise or other kinds of dressing. This time, i will be talking about
the sweet potato with butter. I call it a "salad" since it consists of a mixture of ingredients with a dressing (butter). I do not normally prepare a salad this way. 

My limited definition  of a salad stopped me from calling it a salad in the past. I also judged carbohydrates and fats as bad at that time because of my inability to expand the meaning of words where i saw "butter" as something that will make me fat rather than seeing what it is and that we separated the milk fat from the milk so that we can entertain our tongue with the taste of "butter" rather than giving it to the body when the body needs it so it can get what it needs from the butter - which the human mind cannot understand because of the limited definitions it's working from.  

This time, we are expanding the meaning of a salad and looking at DIS-EASE in the middle of a family gathering where there are so many things and mind view points going on in the family setting while my relatives are playing mahjong. This is me capturing what is really going on in real life and this is where my journey will take you - real walking of my process in the midst of a family gathering. 

Fb Live Video

Expanding The Word "Salad"

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Expanding The Word "Salad": Salad Without Sweetener Nor Oil in the Dressing


Normally, salads have a dressings.

So, according to the google dictionary, 
A dressing is 
"a sauce typically one consisting of oil and vinegar
mixed together with herbs or other flavorings".

What if i remove the oil, will the identity of the salad change?

Expanding The Word "Salad"

Expanding The Word "Salad"

Putting the Salad Together Outdoors
Salad without Sweetener nor Oil in the Dressing

Eating the Salad with Pork Adobo and Rice
(The salad is without a sweetener nor oil in the dressing)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Expanding The Word "Salad"

The word "salad" as we know it...
Google says it is a
 "mixture of specified ingredients served with a dressing"

I am looking at the limits within the meaning we give this word and then i will expand it so we can expand our expression and discover the potential of preparing it with awareness as who we are in relation to the food items we are preparing plus the tools we use when we do a salad. 

I will also look at the context of where we are coming from when we use this word.

First the context...

The real context of the relationship of the ingredients to each other and to the one preparing the salad is not present.

In this context, the liquid ingredients etc. in the dressing within the salad were perceived separate from the solid components. 

The real identity of the ingredients - as plants and animals, were not mentioned. They are beings that are parts of the whole - that is Life. 

The one preparing the salad is me/you/us, as human beings

ME AN ING-redient

ME as AN ING-redient (part) of the whole - that is Life.

The context of how we use the word "salad" at present is coming from the context that we are individuals separate from the whole - that is life. 

This is not so. we come from the dust and we go back to the dust - "dust to dust"

Next, let us look at the limitation in the meaning we give the word "salad"...

When we use the word "salad" directed by a limited  definition where the identity of ingredients, the tools used, the environment where it is being prepared and the one preparing the salad are not being defined as what they really are - where they are perceived separate from each other and therefore separate from the whole, creating a fragmented whole, we use it out of context.

This mis-take has a huge consequence outflow in different areas of our lives since the meaning of words we use affect our decisions and our behavior in all areas of our life.

This mis-take can lead us to the problems that we are facing right now in the food industry:

1. We do not see the ingredients for what they really are. We devalue them.

This happens when we "dress" the products (or ingredients) to look more so their value will be more. The packaging of the food or salad with the idea that many will buy it if it looks according to what consumer survey says, becomes a dress-ing that hides what the salad really is - a mixture of ingredients that are parts of the whole that is life. 

Rather than buying based on commonsense - where we choose products or ingredients (all being parts of the whole - that is life) that will benefit the body according to what we tested based from our unbiased inquiry from what is available where we are and looking at the availability of finance as the means to get them, we buy or make a salad to follow the information we get from the media, creating a belief and manifesting these beliefs through our food preparation choices or eating choices - as if they are true.

2. Law makers create laws that is out of context (not seeing or treating ingredients as who/what they really are - as parts of the whole, that is life)

The laws governing the health food store i visited in Dallas which has grocery chains in the US and Europe throws food items that were left by shoppers in the trash can. 

The food items were inside unopened bags. 

When i asked inside the store, they said "they are just complying with the law". 

Rather than the law spearheading the expansion of the meaning of words to direct the actions of all - including the people working in businesses, we are using the law (within the limited meaning of words taught in schools) to limit the reach of where the food items can go - as per a limited parameter of what life is according to a limited perception of the law.

3. Physical and mental stress in food preparation 
The educational standards set by authorities in the food industry is not based on commonsense. It is based on how to prepare food in a certain way, defining the limits (as right or wrong) in the way of preparing food to make the food look and taste better for financial gain - rather than using commonsense in food preparation while looking at the context and expanded meaning of what one is preparing plus the availability of finances to buy the food items the body needs.

4. Substance addiction
When we see the ingredients used in food preparation as either a super animal or plant  or an inferior animal or plant when it is an animal (being) or a plant (being) equal to the human (being) - as the one preparing them (also defined as either "sickly"or "super healthy", we tend to believe we are lacking something, so we become addicted to the ones we defined as a super animal or plant which we believed can give us a "good feeling", long life or a super human status. 

4. Confusion
A confused mental state arise from a biased perception of the undressed salad for example (labelled as "not delicious" but "healthy") or the dressed-up salad (labelled as "delicious" but "unhealthy") or dish based on information coming from biased sources - either labelled as inferior or superior driven by profit.

The media caters to both groups of people in either category - who are "for" or "against" a particular "leaning" set by the popularity polls, so competitions are encouraged.

In these food competitions, we accept and allow judges to declare a winner and a loser where the real identity of humans, plants and animals etc. are seen within bias. This is encouraged in tv networks and in groups for the sake of higher ratings.

5. Poverty
Our limited definition of words and in this context, the word "salad" creates a bias in our perception of the value we give ourselves - since we assign values to people and things including the salad (the ingredients of which are composed of plants and animals, that are parts of the whole that is life) according to our ability to purchase products and services, we tend to assign a higher value to the one who has the means to buy the food or the one who is able to prepare different kinds of salads to "please ones appetite",  eat at restaurants, entertain friends and family with "tasty" salads/food and the one who does not have the means to buy food, or has nothing to survive on becomes associated with the lower strata - assigned a lower value. 

The context of eating as humans that are parts of the whole - that is life, is lost. We all need to have means to get the food and eat food when the body needs food.

We do not have a clear starting point in preparing food and in this blog context, preparing a salad. This brings us back to the problems that we have coming back again and again to be corrected - the correction of which will lead us to HERE.

The humans who will be eating the salad are a part of the whole - that is Life and the plants and animals where our body gets nutrition from - are also parts of the whole that is life. We are essentially equal and one - "dust to dust".

The word "salad", when being used in food preparation, has to be prepared within  awareness that we are handling/preparing plants and animals that are parts of the whole - that is life.

The tools we use to make the salad like the stove, knife, bowls, plates, cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, cooking pots, shredders, blender, food processor etc. are parts of the whole - that is life.

The water and the air that we breath are parts of the whole - that is life.

The humans who are going to eat the salad are humans - who are parts of the whole - that is life.

We can expand the meaning of a salad for now by saying...

A salad is 
"a mixture of ingredients with or without a dressing, that we use to nourish the body of the one who is going to eat it - humans, animals etc. who are essentially parts of the whole - that is Life.

The purpose of making a salad is to give the body of humans, animals etc. what it needs to survive.

The addition or subtraction of other ingredients to it, will not alter the essential identity of the food items that are being used when preparing a salad.

A salad can be prepared with or without salt.

A salad can contain ingredients that are warm and/or cold.

A salad can be prepared with a dressing

A salad can be prepared without a dressing

A salad can be a mixture of gasses as in - the air salad

A salad can be a mixture of tablets and capsules - as a medicine salad

A salad can be made from meat formed into a meatball

A salad can be made from meat formed into a burger 

A salad can be liquid - as in the liquid vegetable salad

A dressing can be the liquid salad

A dressing may contain more or less liquid. 

The dressing may or may not contain oil. 

The dressing may or may not contain vinegar or juice of citrus.

The dressing may or may not contain a mixture of herbs.

A salad can be added to another salad - like a soup salad or a stew salad. 

The salad in essence consist of plants and/or animals.

The salad is food.

Food is a substance that nourish the body - as plants and animals etc. - that is a part of the whole, that is LIFE. 

The salad - as plants and/or animals sacrificing their lives for the body to function, is a part of the whole, that is LIFE.




The Medicine Salad


The Soup Salads


The Turkey Salad

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bridging A Haven on Earth Through Words: Redesigning Education An Education Revolution

                                         We are Creating A Haven On Earth
                              We are opening the door to birthing life on earth

We are in essence Redesigning Education

We are creating an Education Revolution

We are bridging this haven on earth through looking at the meaning we give words, redefining, re- engineering, spinning, redesigning them from "self-interest" to align to the primary principle of life  which is "what is best for all".

Living that expanded meaning, we can create a haven on earth.

I am dedicating this to all my friends who share this journey with me - of bridging a haven on earth:
Leon, Sunette, Adrian, Anna, Matti, Cameron, Avery, Katie, Bella, Daryl, Kim, Andrea, Gian, Eqafe etc.
To those who are starting in their journey, welcome to LiFE





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