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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Disease As DIS-EASE Part 1 The Sweet Potato & Butter Salad?

Normally, we look at a salad and we associate it with 
sweet potato with mayonnaise or other kinds of dressing. This time, i will be talking about
the sweet potato with butter. I call it a "salad" since it consists of a mixture of ingredients with a dressing (butter). I do not normally prepare a salad this way. 

My limited definition  of a salad stopped me from calling it a salad in the past. I also judged carbohydrates and fats as bad at that time because of my inability to expand the meaning of words where i saw "butter" as something that will make me fat rather than seeing what it is and that we separated the milk fat from the milk so that we can entertain our tongue with the taste of "butter" rather than giving it to the body when the body needs it so it can get what it needs from the butter - which the human mind cannot understand because of the limited definitions it's working from.  

This time, we are expanding the meaning of a salad and looking at DIS-EASE in the middle of a family gathering where there are so many things and mind view points going on in the family setting while my relatives are playing mahjong. This is me capturing what is really going on in real life and this is where my journey will take you - real walking of my process in the midst of a family gathering. 

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Expanding The Word "Salad"

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