Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Bridging A Haven on Earth Through Words: Redesigning Education An Education Revolution

                                         We are Creating A Haven On Earth
                              We are opening the door to birthing life on earth

We are in essence Redesigning Education

We are creating an Education Revolution

We are bridging this haven on earth through looking at the meaning we give words, redefining, re- engineering, spinning, redesigning them from "self-interest" to align to the primary principle of life  which is "what is best for all".

Living that expanded meaning, we can create a haven on earth.

I am dedicating this to all my friends who share this journey with me - of bridging a haven on earth:
Leon, Sunette, Adrian, Anna, Matti, Cameron, Avery, Katie, Bella, Daryl, Kim, Andrea, Gian, Eqafe etc.
To those who are starting in their journey, welcome to LiFE





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