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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Disease As DIS-EASE Part 6 Key to Survival & Cancer

We are busy trying to survive that we do not have time to express ourselves as beings. We only become aware of what is happening the moment we are DIS-EASE-D. 

Bacteria and viruses are part of this Life. They are also a part of the whole - that is Life, and they have a right to get our attention back to what is really happening in our body.

The video below is about disease as DIS-EASE where we are not at ease because the organism is not expressing optimally. 

Our struggle to survive is limiting our expression as beings.
 We are into survival mode most of the time. We do not have much time left to care for our body for real, so much so that we do not have much time to look at the definition of the words we speak and write and we fail to investigate who we really are within these. 

We let our limited concept of who we are as individuals, perceived separate from the whole to guide our actions, which are driven by self-interest - to survive.

Life is a movement of oneness and equality as Team Life.
Words guide our decision which becomes our behavior.

Look at the definition of words and align it to who we really are - as All Life,  to a point where our expanded definition leads to bridging a haven on earth. 

Fb Live Video

Expanding The Word "Salad"

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