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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Word Poverty The Mind & Eating Disorder

Poverty The Mind and Eating Disorder

  Our determination to succeed is driven by our fear of being poor.

 We can see what is going on around us everyday and we see people dying in other parts of the world for lack of the basic necessities to survive. 

We can stop looking at the news but we know this is happening. We know we cannot fool ourselves for long. 

We know this is something we need to address. We do not know how to address this as in our mind this seems to be a "big problem", so we try to blame others and instead of taking this on, we hope that one day someone will wave a magic wand and there will be some magic - that will make this end. 

We sit in front of our computer, we eat food with friends and family, we shop until we drop, we listen to the kind of music we like and we watch the kind of movies we watch. 

For a moment we think everything is better. 

But after a while, one day when we are alone we are faced with the same mind chatter. So we do the same things we do to make ourselves believe "everything is okay". The media creates a jingle similar to that, so we really think everything is better - that our lives changed.

We go on living our lives. We find more friends to eat with and more tasty foods to eat. We feel happy for a moment but we are getting fat.

We stop eating "butter" and stop eating rice.
We try eating the food we think is healthy. 

We succeed for a while but we reach a breaking point.

We eat and binge so these things we suppressed in our mind will go away and believe they will be solved, but the more we eat, the more we get fat, and the more we become sick.

We try to control this by changing our diet or becoming a "health guru". Our business is making money after we spent so much money to learn to do the business part of it. We feel happy for a moment.

We try to do yoga and meditation to suppress our memories of pain and failure. The mind keeps quiet for several hours and because this is a form of mind control, we have to do it again and again so we will feel the limited peace inside our mind.

When we stop the lifestyle modification, meditation, stress release techniques, breath control, exercise, diet etc. , the mind chatter and stress resumes and the DIS-EASE (discomfort) appears.

 We as individuals, perceived as having our own I DENT(DENT-ure) TI  (I-nformation T-echnology) TY and groups that we identify as separate from other groups are perceived separate from the WHOLE - that is life. 

How can we have lasting peace (piece) when we are a piece that is missing in the whole puzzle?


Me as AN ING-redient 

Join me
Let us bridge a haven on earth, where all of us will have the basic necessities to survive for real.

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