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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Rap

The new year is coming up
do not look and see the past
but create the moment here and now
for the past 
is done  

Make the past and future
equally relevant
create tomorrow here and now
for the future of mankind

Let it be known
and realize you are creating 
the future here and now

Watch what you say 
when you speak
they are symbols 
as letters 
they become words
sentences become paragraphs
sounding off the truth

See ourselves
see the world
create the change in our words
align with your deeds
and your thoughts
you are ready to celebrate
happy new year to you all

The year is not new 
but change in you
makes the old new
so celebrate 
the change 
that will happen 
in the world too

Celebrate the change
not the luck
nor happiness 
nor money lo

Expose the self
enjoy your expression
embrace in unison
the alignment of the mind, body 
& being 
all working in unison 
for what is best for all

world change then will have to come
from giving everyone 
a living income
plus work they need
to get it done

so we can celebrate 
the new year that is to come
by change that matter
within and without 

we can see the dawn
self expression is the call
it cannot be suppressed
for change is a guarantee
when there is living income you see

see the liberation
i am in ce-lebration

romance is not a necessity
as long as you embrace 
the cells within your body
say hello to the organs

hello liver
hello heart
i am grateful you are here

celebrate the phenomenon
sing the song
even you are out of tune
or out of pitch 
even if the tone is high or low 

damn we do not have to 
obey the rules

express yourself
sing in unison
sound off and yell 
and express yourself
speak and sing
see the melody
that exist in silence 
of our oneness and equality

the ears cannot hear for it is busy
in the mind we exist
in an alternate reality
figuring out the right pitch
the right tone
the right note
for it is a musical pattern 
done for the popularity award baby

so one can earn money
in exchange for the singing personality

Happy New Year
Unt-rap the Trap


Monday, December 28, 2015

The Immigrant Zombie RAP : UNT-RAP-ZZIN


The Immigrant Zombie

Immigration to another country 
in desperation we flee
what happened to the land 
that the earth allotted to me?

I am supposed to survive 
in my country
with all the amenities
you enjoy in your country

The greed of some
who have taken more than
what is given
to all equally

Created a lack for others
they cannot enjoy
a life with dignity 

Do not be greedy
forgive yourself and see
that the consequence outflow 
is massive in degree

Unequal distribution
we do not have a solution
but to flee to another country
who has more 
in terms of jobs, health care
 and social security

We do not have much of this 
in our country

The multinational companies
build a business in my country
to extract energy from the sea
to earn more money you see

Then donates to the unfortunate
to make up for making money from the 
earth's resource 
we call the sea

They made sure the guilt will not be felt
they got the media to take pictures
 to make it look
as if its good
then provide food for the guests
pictures taken
the guilt disappears

Some leaders hide their face 
and take the money in secret
given by these businesses

It never reached the poor
the pocket is still empty
when they closed the door
and allegedly took the money

They took them to jail
and they call this the solution

I say No
repair it from the source
for tomorrow 
someone will do the same 
and the problem will 
be a vicious cycle

It will be inherited 
by the next generation
and the solution 
will not be known

Because the band-aid was on
no one can see the wound
they layered the band-aid  
now it turned into a cancer
that multiplies uncontrollably
in the country's body

They try to put another leader
hoping to fix the cancer
another band-aid was provided
and now they say
he has balls

Unknowingly creating 
the same cancer as before
the whole body
as a whole 
gasps for breath 
like a living dead

A zombie
 alive but dead
when the body's life force
is absent

Walking here equally 
enjoying each others company
that is the life force of society
take them away and you will be 
an immigrant zombie

You migrate to another country
to ask for a job
so you can survive
the same company 
that took energy from your country's sea
will be giving you charity

help for the poor zombie
who now wears a smile 
because he's got lots of money
education plus a job
savings to give his family

making up for the loneliness
of being separated from the group 
who watched you grow
and stand on your own
lulling you to sleep when you were born

now everyone is happy
they celebrate and jump in glee
they call this the solution

but i ask myself
is this really?

what about the cancer 
that is the consequence 
outflow of not taking responsibility
to give your country
a living income guarantee
plus an incentive to work for more 
when needed by the people
so they will not migrate for money
to live in dignity
in their own country

wearing nice clothes 
and shoes
eating food that is delicious
they walk with grace 
smile brimming on their face
money in their pockets
they've got certificates

but deep within
they are dying
like a zombie that is smiling
only they cannot see
 they are the immigrant zombie

they ask help from the zombie hierarchy
to survive in another zombie country
where the living dead 
celebrates its joys
with money aplenty

the zombie hierarchy in another country
employs the immigrant zombie
and gives them money for they too 
needs an employee
they take advantage of each other you see

then they say
you got your education 
you look able so come and work for me
that way we will enjoy 
each other's company

for I have helped you and you have helped me
we are brothers and sisters 
who care
don't you see?

But i disagree
this is self-diminishment you see

I say no, thank you
I will take my life back
I do not want to be the living dead
how can we enjoy each other 
when I am an immigrant zombie
in your country
and you are in a zombie hierarchy

we do not even know
that this is a consequence outflow
and not the solution that we say so

to be content and call this happiness
isn't rightfully so
this is self-diminishment
in disguise you see

we have to hit rock bottom
to bring life to the zombie 
and see the illusion
have an intimate moment
with yourself
then when you are ready  
to be reborn
and see that the solution 
is standing for what is best for all

rejoice and celebrate
for you have seen the real solution
Living income guaranteed
for dignified life to be restored
do not pretend to help
when you cannot give ones equal share
that amount of money you give 
is alms for the poor 
do not call it help
for it isn't so
it is out of pity 
because of the superiority
and inferiority in society
this HEL-l in Peoples lives
we should turn
to be the HEL-ipad  
a P-latform where we see each other 
as equals

we are a part of this one life 
zombies we are not

we are the breath in this body
in awareness we should move our body 

do not forget that walking as equals
 is the solution that we seek

do not give it up

do not diminish yourself

pull yourself up
take your life back
do not be the living dead
you are here as part of this one life
be the helipad - the platform where we equally stand 


Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Am Not an Immigrant Nor A Refugee

The migrant is a refugee
we too were forced to leave our country
not because of war, religion or politics
like a refugee

we do it to earn money
to survive
in another country
where food and money is a plenty

in our country
corruption is a guarantee
theft is part of society

and becoming a beauty queens 
becomes the veil
that covers up

help me temporarily to 
sort out the crime and inequality

But give us tools that work
like a Living income guarantee
plus a guarantee to work if i need more
freedom of expression to the fore

give me something temporarily
that heals the cause 
so I can heal myself as a whole
not a bandaid that will 
cover up the hole in the wall

Do not interpret the smile 
but look through my thoughts

Do not give me a refuge
a home away from home
for i am not a refugee

I am a human
just like everybody

I am not here to beg for pity or money
for you not to feel guilty
for creating the guns
and the war 
that gives you more money

give me back my home
that was taken forcibly

We are citizens of the earth

divide the land equally
create a home for everybody 
where we are given the body
or where we choose to live in dignity

free of chaos and poverty
because of inequality
free from guns and abuse
We do not want charity
all we want is dignity

to live as your equal 
for the earth is our home

take your share
but leave others 
what is rightfully theirs 

I am not a refugee

It was you who took my home
and now you want to help me
pretending to give me back my dignity
by giving me work 
in exchange for money

I do not need your pity
all i need is dignity as a human
that lives on earth
where all are given land equally

the land where we grow food
and fetch water 
to quench our thirst 
when we sweat our brow

It is for all
we are the collective owners
so it is rightfully mine
as much as it is yours too

distribute rightfully so

let common sense
based on 
oneness and equality
be the law

the primary principle 
of what is best for all
lived so it will be so

self-interest will not carry us through

what is here as the breath
is the law
breathing each others breath
speaks equally so 

ease the pain 
of you and me
forced to migrate
looking for a dignified life 
to ensue

we might smile
in front of you
as an ideal refugee 
or a successful migrant 
who earns lots of money
but that smile means
NO, thank you
I am claiming what is rightfully so

I am not an immigrant refugee
who works for money
to give me dignity

I am a citizen of the earth

The earth is my refuge
I deserve an equal share
for what it has given all 

by June Roca

Friday, December 25, 2015

X-mas Rap For X-Pansion



Lots of food
and gifts for the brood
what is Christmas
for the poor?

No food nor gifts
we have to endeavor
to be the Christ
that gives to all

We have to give 
what we want to receive
and become the Santa
of this world

Giving gifts
that last
for the succeeding generations
guaranteed survival
for one and all

Living income guaranteed
plus potential
to work for more

So the world can see
we are standing
for what is best for all

Cling Clang
Cling Clang
Bells of Joy

Self-expression to the fore
creating heaven on earth
for sure

When I say 
I mean 
XXX - pansion

Pan determinism
to our utmost

We have a potential
as human
standing for 
what is best for all
knowing essentially
this is what is best for you and me

ho ho ho

The real gift
is the gift
that is received by all

When I say X-mas
I mean  XXX - passion

Pan-determinism to our utmost
We have a potential
as human


by June Roca

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Living My Utmost Potential: The Word Tarot Card I Created: Reading Word Symbols Are Fun!

My Word Tarot Card Deck

I used to read the tarot card. I read some books, bought a deck and started reading for myself. Then, i began reading for others. It did not go far. I only read to at least 2 then I stopped. That was 1998.

I revisited the tarot card recently when I heard someone saying he visited a psychic. While talking to him about it i was able to bring the past experience I had with Tarot reading here.

The point where I had to read the past and the future did not make sense to me now. I started reading it and something did not make sense. 

Why will I read about the past and then project into the future when everything is being created in this moment? This moment will be the past and I am creating the future at this moment.

So i started to look at words I have worked with and I started writing them on  square cards. I bought the cards from a store near us. 

I started reading it in combination with the Osho Tarot cards. I gave my friend a reading and another girl plus my partner. It was okay. My partner approved. But what i really wanted to do was do a word tarot reading. I did not know how to do it though at that time which was a month ago.

Recently, my partner talked to me about Periscope. After looking at it for a week, i saw the possibility of sharing my process to audiences around the world live. I started broadcasting live and sharing what I found out about life. I then started sharing the food I am cooking etc.

Yesterday, i started doing Group Word Tarot readings. I enjoyed myself doing it. It was difficult in the beginning to make sense of 4 words from the deck that I pulled out that did not make a coherent sentence from the perspective of grammatical rules but since I worked with these words in my daily living, I knew them like I knew my name.

I wanted to share my word tarot reading journey with everyone, so when you are free come to my word tarot reading at http://periscope.tv/JuneRoca

I am sure you can also create your own word tarot card. 

I am still designing my new word tarot card but I will share it with you when It is done.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Food: What is The REAL Problem?

This is a cake i tested in my kitchen that is low in sugar.

I planned to eat this with meat so I made it less sweet. It ended up having a taste I am not familiar with. The coconut flour I used also contributed to that. 

I was trying to make a cake that included meat. I was going to do that so i can make a cake that has more nutrition in it. Pork and beef has vitamin B12.

I put coconut flour plus eggs in this cake. I forgot what other ingredients I put in this cake.

I ended up not liking the taste of this cake because it has less sugar so it was bland and the texture was not what i expected.  I used another kind of flour - coconut flour, instead of wheat flour. I also wanted to make it gluten-free.

I ended up putting it in the refrigerator for a while and then threw most part of it away.

The reason I am sharing this cake is to point out how much food is wasted in the kitchen in the name of'right taste', 'right texture' and the 'right presentation'. I made this a year ago or so.

Waste starts in the kitchen.

 When we cook for a familiar or exotic taste thinking about what food should taste like or look like or smell like, we waste a lot of food stuff because it should be made according to some 'food rules' which we call culinary do's and don'ts.

A recipe has to be made this way or that way otherwise you did not do it the right way.

I am questioning recipe creation, and our need to eat for taste.


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