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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Living My Utmost Potential: The Word Tarot Card I Created: Reading Word Symbols Are Fun!

My Word Tarot Card Deck

I used to read the tarot card. I read some books, bought a deck and started reading for myself. Then, i began reading for others. It did not go far. I only read to at least 2 then I stopped. That was 1998.

I revisited the tarot card recently when I heard someone saying he visited a psychic. While talking to him about it i was able to bring the past experience I had with Tarot reading here.

The point where I had to read the past and the future did not make sense to me now. I started reading it and something did not make sense. 

Why will I read about the past and then project into the future when everything is being created in this moment? This moment will be the past and I am creating the future at this moment.

So i started to look at words I have worked with and I started writing them on  square cards. I bought the cards from a store near us. 

I started reading it in combination with the Osho Tarot cards. I gave my friend a reading and another girl plus my partner. It was okay. My partner approved. But what i really wanted to do was do a word tarot reading. I did not know how to do it though at that time which was a month ago.

Recently, my partner talked to me about Periscope. After looking at it for a week, i saw the possibility of sharing my process to audiences around the world live. I started broadcasting live and sharing what I found out about life. I then started sharing the food I am cooking etc.

Yesterday, i started doing Group Word Tarot readings. I enjoyed myself doing it. It was difficult in the beginning to make sense of 4 words from the deck that I pulled out that did not make a coherent sentence from the perspective of grammatical rules but since I worked with these words in my daily living, I knew them like I knew my name.

I wanted to share my word tarot reading journey with everyone, so when you are free come to my word tarot reading at http://periscope.tv/JuneRoca

I am sure you can also create your own word tarot card. 

I am still designing my new word tarot card but I will share it with you when It is done.

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