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Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Am Not an Immigrant Nor A Refugee

The migrant is a refugee
we too were forced to leave our country
not because of war, religion or politics
like a refugee

we do it to earn money
to survive
in another country
where food and money is a plenty

in our country
corruption is a guarantee
theft is part of society

and becoming a beauty queens 
becomes the veil
that covers up

help me temporarily to 
sort out the crime and inequality

But give us tools that work
like a Living income guarantee
plus a guarantee to work if i need more
freedom of expression to the fore

give me something temporarily
that heals the cause 
so I can heal myself as a whole
not a bandaid that will 
cover up the hole in the wall

Do not interpret the smile 
but look through my thoughts

Do not give me a refuge
a home away from home
for i am not a refugee

I am a human
just like everybody

I am not here to beg for pity or money
for you not to feel guilty
for creating the guns
and the war 
that gives you more money

give me back my home
that was taken forcibly

We are citizens of the earth

divide the land equally
create a home for everybody 
where we are given the body
or where we choose to live in dignity

free of chaos and poverty
because of inequality
free from guns and abuse
We do not want charity
all we want is dignity

to live as your equal 
for the earth is our home

take your share
but leave others 
what is rightfully theirs 

I am not a refugee

It was you who took my home
and now you want to help me
pretending to give me back my dignity
by giving me work 
in exchange for money

I do not need your pity
all i need is dignity as a human
that lives on earth
where all are given land equally

the land where we grow food
and fetch water 
to quench our thirst 
when we sweat our brow

It is for all
we are the collective owners
so it is rightfully mine
as much as it is yours too

distribute rightfully so

let common sense
based on 
oneness and equality
be the law

the primary principle 
of what is best for all
lived so it will be so

self-interest will not carry us through

what is here as the breath
is the law
breathing each others breath
speaks equally so 

ease the pain 
of you and me
forced to migrate
looking for a dignified life 
to ensue

we might smile
in front of you
as an ideal refugee 
or a successful migrant 
who earns lots of money
but that smile means
NO, thank you
I am claiming what is rightfully so

I am not an immigrant refugee
who works for money
to give me dignity

I am a citizen of the earth

The earth is my refuge
I deserve an equal share
for what it has given all 

by June Roca

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