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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Living My Utmost Potential: From Suppression to Expression

Starting to Open New Doors In Music 

I am opening myself to music and what it stands for in terms of its role in this world.

I can see that 'nice' sounds become part of our mainstream accepted 'music culture' but I am questioning that.

We cannot judge notes, music as one better than another.

I am here to correct myself within this and in effect create a ripple effect where we create a change in the music industry.

As per what i can see everyone can sing or rap.

I limited myself and stopped myself from singing because of our own self-judgments and judgments by others which was supported by the media.

Music advertisements and talk shows

When i was in high school, when romantic music was being played I would immediately go to an alternate reality - in my mind - to, just in that moment, imagine 'my crush' or the person i was attracted to.

But is music just that?


It is here as part of reality so why not enjoy it here in reality? Why do we have to enjoy it in an alternate reality - the mind?

It is a part of the all - that is Life. Let us enjoy all of it here in reality - as it is.

Let us embrace it as one of us - as an equal - without judging some parts of it as 'not right', 'not good', 'out of tune' 'badly made' etc,

Let music include all sounds in existence.

Let this open the door for you and me (all)  rapping/singing and enjoying music.

At about 5:29 of the video you will hear me saying to the audience ' this is going to be a hip-hop kind of thing'. This is me still connecting some beats to a certain music genre' and seeing some 'beats' as 'good' and some 'bad'

I am forgiving myself for seeing music as a form of mind entertainment that has rules that cannot be transgressed (otherwise it stops being a form of entertainment) and suppressing myself to sing which stopped me from seeing music as what it really is and expressing myself here.

I am also forgiving myself for judging some beats as 'good and some 'bad' and judging my voice as 'less' and other voices as 'more'

Within this, judging myself  as 'not worthy to sing' that stopped me from singing or rapping

Rather than having an MU (Mis Understood) and be SIC-k of singing or not singing

Let music/musicians be the Me and U as Self as the I C (C - see-ing what eally is and singing to give a message that is best or mutually beneficial for all - as the answer to the equality call -using sound/silence as a medium.

Support for Individual Change & World Change

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