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Friday, December 4, 2015

UNT-RAP-ZZIN The 'Real People Power Revolution'

Untrap the Trap
 'People Power Revolution'

I grew up in a country where there was 'People Power Revolution'. I am saying, this is the 'Real People Power Revolution'.


I cooked some food 
They said ‘delicious'

When you live in Manila
you can have a feast
the maids cook the food
for you
you 'feel like a king'
and you say 

Bu bubu bu hayyy
Masarap ang buhay sa Manila
(It is fun to live in Manila)

then you go to the country
the farmer is having a meal 
rice plus salt baby


oh oh oh

this is the real scene 
we all do not want to see
inequality baby

the opposite of the rich is poor
this life is about opposites
love becomes hate
hate becomes love

but is life just about that?

real change it is not 
from negative to positive
it is about changing 
limitation to expansion baby

it is about adopting a principle
from self-interest
to what is best for all

yes I am talking to you man

what is best for all is 
essentially what is best for you and me
it is best for me 
and it is best for you baby

my mother and father are working in America
do you not see
overseas workers
travel to make money
we pass ports 
believing there is money
away from our family

there's money
in passports 
money from travel 
making money
of your trip to other countries 
because they know you will have to travel 
to get a job baby

application equals money
immigration papers 
require a lot of money baby

moving to work 
to get money
we believe that is life baby

we are diminishing when there is no money
and we feel as if we are growing 
when working overseas baby

It isn’t best for all 
it is only best for me
because i will have more money
never money equal for all baby

we limit what we see
we accept limitation
we forget who we really are in reality

we believe some have less value baby
specially if they work in the Philippines 
and receive less money
We all have equal value baby
but it is difficult to see
because this is an unequal value system baby

That is why we change
the way we see things
we need to change 
we need to expand ourselves
within and without 
and reach
our utmost potential baby

we have to have equal shares you see
in the amount of money
we receive monthly

if there is a discrepancy
we cry out loud
give me Living Income Guarantee

We do not want to leave Manila 
to get more money
this is our birthright you see
to get equal living income guarantee

the earth gives us all
why do we need to go
to another country
we do not have a living income guarantee you see

there is not enough for you and me
yet we pretend this is the way it should be
we diminish ourselves 
when we accept less
than our intrinsic value equal to life baby

we party 
so we cannot see
the inequality
so the next day
we feel good
to go and work for money baby

there is nothing wrong 
you can do that
while you are transitioning to a living income guarantee
but if you think that is your only worth
you are diminishing yourself

I have to tell you this baby
so you can see
with eyes closed
you numb
yourself with pain killers baby

Papa papa party
Papa papa party

if you take some get your share
then give the rest to all
it was meant to be you see

cry out loud 
when you see politicians
busy to get your vote
tell them the truth
Shout out loud with me

we need a guarantee 
A Living income guarantee

It is our birthright you see
to be living here
you and me
we deserve some dignity

to have a roof over our head baby
to have food on our table baby
to have education for our children baby
to have water and electricity

they all came from the earth baby
it was given so we will all survive

do not let them tell  you otherwise

open your hands
and get your share
do not keep quiet
and be content 

your worth is equal to life baby

EEE equality 

Peoples power is not what you saw per se
this is the real people power 
that you dreamt to see

keep shouting
it is here

living income guarantee

It was tested in other countries
so we should all get ready
to receive a living income guarantee

shout with me 
living income guarantee

until your voice fills 
the plate of your family

keep shouting baby
repeat after me
living income guarantee

Do Not settle for anything less
set yourself free
for real baby

Question the inequality
we deserve equal share 
for the earth gave us all 
a guarantee 
survival from birth to death baby

resources are plenty
there is enough money
for all to survive baby

This is not for the few
this is for all 
that is here on earth baby

Question the inequality

untrap the trap

Eeee quality baby

Do not allow and accept inequality baby
It is our birthright you see

Eeee quality

Release the money
that comes from plants 
coins mined from the earth
prepared in the mint
they are meant to reach all of us baby

We have to give all the dignity
to survive as humanity
equal and one baby

Untrap the Trap

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