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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Food: What is The REAL Problem?

This is a cake i tested in my kitchen that is low in sugar.

I planned to eat this with meat so I made it less sweet. It ended up having a taste I am not familiar with. The coconut flour I used also contributed to that. 

I was trying to make a cake that included meat. I was going to do that so i can make a cake that has more nutrition in it. Pork and beef has vitamin B12.

I put coconut flour plus eggs in this cake. I forgot what other ingredients I put in this cake.

I ended up not liking the taste of this cake because it has less sugar so it was bland and the texture was not what i expected.  I used another kind of flour - coconut flour, instead of wheat flour. I also wanted to make it gluten-free.

I ended up putting it in the refrigerator for a while and then threw most part of it away.

The reason I am sharing this cake is to point out how much food is wasted in the kitchen in the name of'right taste', 'right texture' and the 'right presentation'. I made this a year ago or so.

Waste starts in the kitchen.

 When we cook for a familiar or exotic taste thinking about what food should taste like or look like or smell like, we waste a lot of food stuff because it should be made according to some 'food rules' which we call culinary do's and don'ts.

A recipe has to be made this way or that way otherwise you did not do it the right way.

I am questioning recipe creation, and our need to eat for taste.


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