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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

UNT-RAP-ZZIN Meeeoow Said The Cat! Stop and Breathe

Unwrap the Trap

Meeoow Said the Cat  stop and Breathe

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The Cat Said Meow Stop and Breathe

My tummy hurts 
when you react to me

given a positive comment
I am attracted to you
and you to me

this is the law of attraction baby
It is used in advertising 
and money making 
to get you to buy anything

to get this out of the way
we need to have an income monthly
that will guarantee 
the body's survival baby

that is why i advise the living income guarantee
having money
to buy basic necessity
we are not prone
to be taken advantaged baby

like clones
we reason
based on our mind’s

meow said the cat 

I believe there is redemption
when i am in reaction

that is my belief 
that is not founded in reality
that is the lie that is the be
that i believe is me

It is personality baby
not the real me

having the real key 
to see beyond the veil 
in every personality
is the key

That is what we need baby

meow said the cat

cannot you hear the scream
that it generates 
when you do not
in unity?

that is composed of 
you and me baby 
plus the plants and the animals
with the non-living things 
around us

they are part of the all
that is you and me 
here in reality

we have a body that is resourced 
by the mind 
the stomach munch
our emotions baby

so I forgive myself
for accepting and allowing
myself to react 
to the emotions 
and feelings 
that is generated by the mind

my stomach will be affected
by my participation
for the being that is me
is trapped in the me as the mind
that resides in the body baby

watch out for the personality
that reacts to negativity
it is not the 
who i really am baby

meeoow listen to the cat
they are also in process baby

I am learning from the cat
to slow down and breath
when confronted with 
 criticism and negativity baby

I stop
I breathe
then correct myself 

Meow said the cat

I commit to change  
to someone able
Io slow myself down 

I Stabilize myself 
I breathe

Meeoow listen to the cat

this is cool baby
I have a tool
i can use 
not just get into a reaction 
that is not directed by the person

I laid down and rest
then took some vital readings
I woke up and saw the body healing

it is a perfect machine
so stop when you see
the mind taking energy 
from the body

like a socket plugged on the wall
with electricity running
to a computer

stop and bring yourself
back here 
in reality 
compose yourself 
Slow down and breathe

Meow listen to the cat
meow meow meow

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