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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Rap

The new year is coming up
do not look and see the past
but create the moment here and now
for the past 
is done  

Make the past and future
equally relevant
create tomorrow here and now
for the future of mankind

Let it be known
and realize you are creating 
the future here and now

Watch what you say 
when you speak
they are symbols 
as letters 
they become words
sentences become paragraphs
sounding off the truth

See ourselves
see the world
create the change in our words
align with your deeds
and your thoughts
you are ready to celebrate
happy new year to you all

The year is not new 
but change in you
makes the old new
so celebrate 
the change 
that will happen 
in the world too

Celebrate the change
not the luck
nor happiness 
nor money lo

Expose the self
enjoy your expression
embrace in unison
the alignment of the mind, body 
& being 
all working in unison 
for what is best for all

world change then will have to come
from giving everyone 
a living income
plus work they need
to get it done

so we can celebrate 
the new year that is to come
by change that matter
within and without 

we can see the dawn
self expression is the call
it cannot be suppressed
for change is a guarantee
when there is living income you see

see the liberation
i am in ce-lebration

romance is not a necessity
as long as you embrace 
the cells within your body
say hello to the organs

hello liver
hello heart
i am grateful you are here

celebrate the phenomenon
sing the song
even you are out of tune
or out of pitch 
even if the tone is high or low 

damn we do not have to 
obey the rules

express yourself
sing in unison
sound off and yell 
and express yourself
speak and sing
see the melody
that exist in silence 
of our oneness and equality

the ears cannot hear for it is busy
in the mind we exist
in an alternate reality
figuring out the right pitch
the right tone
the right note
for it is a musical pattern 
done for the popularity award baby

so one can earn money
in exchange for the singing personality

Happy New Year
Unt-rap the Trap


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