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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BIRTHING: Music Lyrics


I am birthing myself here

I am hu-man
made of the same
flesh and bone

I am birthing myself here
my feet on the planet
walking on the same grass
that is underneath your feet

I am birthing myself 
as a part of the whole
as life on earth

everywhere i can see
the quality of life that is necessary
to birth life on earth

Look beyond
the color
of the skin

bones, muscles
veins, and arteries
cells that work
for the body to function

I am hu-man
made of the same
flesh and bone
equal to the body

I am birthing myself 
as part of the whole 
as life on earth

Born with a unique

seemingly different
in shape and form

breathing the same air
breathed by all
our cells communicating
in unison

life is here
listen to the roar 
of the ocean
the beating of the heart

the same breath
permeating the substance
where the rhythm of all
becomes the stance

singing the same origin
we all came from-

The body is an organism
let it sing
and create art

for in the heart of water
all our words resonate
synchronized orchestra
that has the same message

I am birthing myself 
as a part of the whole
as life on earth

the same substance
communicating the birthing
of life on earth

as the body sing and dance
it celebrates
the birthing of life on earth

Sunday, June 12, 2016

LYRICS ART Bridging Heaven On Earth BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


Art is redefined 
as a physical expression
that life is here

Not as an illusion
of the world around us
having shapes and colors
that we see as either 
ugly or beautiful

creating from within the mind’s eyes
the artist see a world 
that becomes adorned with 
images and pictures 

a flower can be seen as 
that same flower
or an abstract creation from
our mind’s eye

the hand that is painting
rarely matters
we lost our focus
as there are many 
entertaining distractions

it is about who we are 
as the heart of matter
that same substance that is
equal to the flower

a decision
directed by the artist
as a physical entity

art is redefined as a physical expression
that life is here in physical reality

not to cover up
the ugliness 
that separation from Life created 

but to create art from the heart of matter

there has to be money for all
to purchase the equipment
necessary to create
and express oneself 
in this physical world

art is redefined as a physical expression
that life is here in physical reality

the artist cannot
create when the stomach is empty
hands shaking 
because of a weak body

It is a physical expression
that needs the basics
as in food and a home

for the artist is 
a being, mind, 
and body trinity

that needs to birth oneself 
here in physical reality
to create art that is born
from the heart of matter

not considering the body
and not giving all 
life’s basic necessities

filled with problems 
art becomes a scape
from our responsibility

giving all 
the basic necessities
to create a world that is 'beauty'
as it has images and pictures
that speak of what is best for all

art is redefined as a physical expression
that life is here in physical reality


I am Bridging Heaven on Earth

Are you BHOE?

Friday, June 10, 2016

MUSIC LAW Bridging Heaven On Earth BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music

LYRICS LAW Bridging Heaven On Earth BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth 

The law 
that we know is based on morality
the law of life is based on 
the principle
of what is best for all

We can direct our action

so we can have the best life possible
we stand as the law that guides us through

The law is not here to punish
nor stop the ones who say 'no'
to create
and stop our expression

To live in seclusion
in a cell somewhere
in prison
or save the land
from repossession

It is here to guide us
so we all can have
a dignified life for all

let's remind the lawyers
of the role they play 
in this equality equation 

Playing with morality 
and the sense of right and wrong
done in the courtroom

The human unable
to guide oneself
existing with fuzzy logic

The law comes in
so we can be guided
of a guaranteed life for all

It is our responsibility
to direct our actions
so we can live in harmony
and live a life of dignity

We look at the problem
and provide a solution
that will equate to
what is best for all

When we see our life
is unstable
and the basic necessity
is not guaranteed for all

We stand as the law 
that guides us through

We write the words
we speak to communicate
we sing the tune
that will send a clear message

So we can make it
possible for all

To survive and get what we need
to make the best life
possible on earth

Competing in the courtroom
is not the best direction
getting the basic necessities daily
is the law that lawyers
has to pursue

Let's guide ourselves instead
using words in clarity
speaking to communicate

Let's question the legislation 
that does not give our equal share

Grounded on common sense
we become responsible beings
we stand as the law that guides us through
using the equality equation


I am bridging heaven on earth

Thursday, June 9, 2016



I have a mentor
who died years ago
he did not mentor me in person
yet his words speak
of what is best for all

that best for all
has no conditions

there is no interpretation
and re-modification

he stood as it 
and when i examine
my walking of the physical world

I can cross-reference
the reality of it all

It is those words 
that we stand for

sharing the moment 
that is here in eternity

It is relevant today as it is years ago
coupled with commonsense
it stands the test of what i walked

he even said not to trust his own group

I have learned
not to selectively
judge what he said for self-interest

I have learned not to 
use redefinition of words
to justify my character
honoring life in separation 

I have learned not to lull the listeners
with a lullaby from the 
world of the unknown

I have learned not to
make it look like
my words are his words
as i am now in control

I have learned that
the gifts i got
are not mine 


That is best for all


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MUSIC: MONEY BHOE Bridging Heaven On Earth

LYRICS: MONEY (BHOE) Bridging Heaven On Earth

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


We have resources coming from the earth
for all of us equally

We need a means of exchange 
so we used the plants 
like cotton and silk
and made some money of it

We mined some metals from the earth
and made some coins 

products and services 
as a survival mechanism for all

But when others started getting more
and others received less
than the share we were given
the scales started to shift

 We have to become responsible
and restore the scale
where everyone has equal share
of the bounty the earth has given

We are not here to win or loose
for our life is not a balancing act 
we are here to live a stable life

The value of money
is equal to life
It has the same value that
we give ourselves as life

The problem is when
there's money fluctuations
our mood fluctuates with it
the body gets stressed

An unstable economy
equals an unstable me

Let's assist the body 
and stabilize the mind 
by breathing through 

Releasing fuzzy logic
objectively we see reality

A stable economy 
supports a stable life

Look at the scale 
that is unbalanced
and put our equal share 

Recalculate the values 
to the stable position

The pilot projects in our program
are here so we can revisit
and see what we have missed

So we can put the scale back 
to its stable position 

We have to use mathematics
and not fuzzy logic
for in this physical existence

1 apple is NOT 2
nor is it 0
1 apple is counted as 1
that is the reality of it all

I am presenting 
a mathematical solution
not a fuzzy value

So we can live life and enjoy 
each other's expression


Monday, June 6, 2016

LYRICS FOOD Bridging Heaven onn Earth: BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


Look at the body
and see how it functions
It is a large factory that 
process nutrition

Can you see what will happen
if the body becomes moody? 

dumping some nutrients 
more than what is needed by the body
then restricting some 
that is needed by our organs

the body will be dead by now 
unable to create

eat the portion 
that is needed
eat everything in moderation
journal if you need to
and get the feedback 
that you need

for the body is a factory
that behaves for a purpose
it does not get moody

It keeps functioning
all throughout our life

without awareness 
we eat for entertainment 

when the body gets sick
because of our fuzzy logic 
we blame the body

we get possessed
by the diet that we think is healthy
unable to push through
we give up and binge 
then blame the fatty tissue

we desire not to eat 
eating 1 Tablespoon a week
we become breatharians 
to survive even if there's no food

we each have 
a unique DNA makeup
no one diet fits all
so we have to customize our food

a craving is a craving
it is not what the body wants
it is us in our mind 
desiring to eat 
when we are bored, 
confused, overwhelmed, 
excited or in love

do not judge how another eat
for you do not know
their food journey

eating is about who we are 
the body, mind & being trinity

Let there be money for all
to get the food we all need

Support Bridging Heaven on Earth
and get guaranteed survival for all


I am Bridging Heaven on Earth
Are you BHOE? 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

LYRICS: EDUCATION Bridging Heaven On Earth: (BHOE) Talk Rap

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


School as we know it 
is where we learn 
and get educated

Our purpose is to pass 
and have the certificate
to prove to the world 
we did our best 

Getting ready to work 
for money 
and a life of dignity

coping to survive
that is why we educate ourselves
in this world set up 

from the platform of unequal value
where some win and some loose 
the winner gets the money 
and believes that's life's value

survival is the name of the game
education being the guarantee
one can survive in dignity

so now we can earn money
in exchange for the work 
we do for a company

this is our definition of dignity
dignity based on getting educated
to be ready to work
in exchange for money 
to get the basic necessities 

we forgot we are here on earth 
to be aware of who we are 
not as cogs in the machine
but creators creating
the best life possible on earth

we are our best teachers 
so we question the need to be taught
by someone else who were taught
by someone else 

to get money
in exchange
for information 
passed through generations

for teaching us what we 
fail to teach ourselves
making us the victims 
because we are not responsible 

as we are coping to survive
we rarely have time to cook
what more to teach ourselves

to change ourselves 
and be the best teacher
for the individual that is us 
in human form

being birthed here 
we have to give ourselves 
a guarantee 
that we all will survive

Let's claim our birthright
guaranteed survival is for all
It is a guarantee that 
should be here for all

nurturing ourselves
to be the best we can be
where we teach ourselves 
how to create 
and express ourselves

Let education be 
not for the worldshoolers
as the ones who can afford only
but for all equally

redefining education
is not about the best teaching method
that only some can have
and the teachers paid to have a house of their own

It is about redefining the way we live
so all can have money
and live in dignity

students and teachers both equally
seeing eye to eye
with a healthy body

creating, expressing 
& enjoying who we are as life

I am Bridging Heaven On Earth
Are you BHOE?


Bridging Heaven On Earth


Bridging Heaven On Earth


LYRICS Bridging Heaven On Earth: (BHOE) Fashion

Bridging Heaven On Earth


Fashion is in our mind
taken by the lens of the eye
when we watch tv
or a hollywood movie

whatever we see
becomes a memory

we copy others
we forget we can create
fashion that speaks
of who we are
as life

a physical being,
body, and mind trinity
that is here to birth
life on earth

we can create
the best fashion
for we all are creators

be grateful to the plants
and animals too
for they are assisting us here
for what is best for all

fabric from where we make clothes 
that keep us warm
when there's snow

wearing clothes
to expose the body
when there's heat

choose the clothes
for practical reasons
that is real fashion

wanting to look good
getting the money
and then buying
signature items for show

we impose on the body
as the mind we
choose clothes

to look good and dandy
as the ego
we strut with high heels
even if our ankles say no

we put on body paints
for money
in events
even if the skin can't breathe

we can't go out without make-up
covering the face
that we judged not so perfect

for beauty
we sacrifice
the natural expression of the body

Bridging heaven on earth
we can design a pajama
or a slack that has a lot of room
that we can wear to work

and shoes 
where the feet is comfortable

let's work with our body
and call it real fashion
after all we use it
as the breath
we express
ourselves in this world

we move our hands
we move our feet
the body expresses itself

let us give all money
or digital currency
to buy clothes
that keep us warm
when the weather is cold

let us not use it
to mask our displeasure
of who we have become

that is coping in a world
of survival mode

let us birth real fashion
let us create new styles
that benefit the body

dress to make a statement
let the fabric 
be acknowledged for its expression

we had been abusing the body
so let us give back
and give it freedom of expression

The fabric comes from the earth
let us not forget
to be grateful for that

for we are birthing heaven on earth
I greet you BHOE!
I am Bridging Heaven on Earth,

Are you BHOE?

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