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Sunday, June 5, 2016

LYRICS: EDUCATION Bridging Heaven On Earth: (BHOE) Talk Rap

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


School as we know it 
is where we learn 
and get educated

Our purpose is to pass 
and have the certificate
to prove to the world 
we did our best 

Getting ready to work 
for money 
and a life of dignity

coping to survive
that is why we educate ourselves
in this world set up 

from the platform of unequal value
where some win and some loose 
the winner gets the money 
and believes that's life's value

survival is the name of the game
education being the guarantee
one can survive in dignity

so now we can earn money
in exchange for the work 
we do for a company

this is our definition of dignity
dignity based on getting educated
to be ready to work
in exchange for money 
to get the basic necessities 

we forgot we are here on earth 
to be aware of who we are 
not as cogs in the machine
but creators creating
the best life possible on earth

we are our best teachers 
so we question the need to be taught
by someone else who were taught
by someone else 

to get money
in exchange
for information 
passed through generations

for teaching us what we 
fail to teach ourselves
making us the victims 
because we are not responsible 

as we are coping to survive
we rarely have time to cook
what more to teach ourselves

to change ourselves 
and be the best teacher
for the individual that is us 
in human form

being birthed here 
we have to give ourselves 
a guarantee 
that we all will survive

Let's claim our birthright
guaranteed survival is for all
It is a guarantee that 
should be here for all

nurturing ourselves
to be the best we can be
where we teach ourselves 
how to create 
and express ourselves

Let education be 
not for the worldshoolers
as the ones who can afford only
but for all equally

redefining education
is not about the best teaching method
that only some can have
and the teachers paid to have a house of their own

It is about redefining the way we live
so all can have money
and live in dignity

students and teachers both equally
seeing eye to eye
with a healthy body

creating, expressing 
& enjoying who we are as life

I am Bridging Heaven On Earth
Are you BHOE?

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