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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, June 6, 2016

LYRICS FOOD Bridging Heaven onn Earth: BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


Look at the body
and see how it functions
It is a large factory that 
process nutrition

Can you see what will happen
if the body becomes moody? 

dumping some nutrients 
more than what is needed by the body
then restricting some 
that is needed by our organs

the body will be dead by now 
unable to create

eat the portion 
that is needed
eat everything in moderation
journal if you need to
and get the feedback 
that you need

for the body is a factory
that behaves for a purpose
it does not get moody

It keeps functioning
all throughout our life

without awareness 
we eat for entertainment 

when the body gets sick
because of our fuzzy logic 
we blame the body

we get possessed
by the diet that we think is healthy
unable to push through
we give up and binge 
then blame the fatty tissue

we desire not to eat 
eating 1 Tablespoon a week
we become breatharians 
to survive even if there's no food

we each have 
a unique DNA makeup
no one diet fits all
so we have to customize our food

a craving is a craving
it is not what the body wants
it is us in our mind 
desiring to eat 
when we are bored, 
confused, overwhelmed, 
excited or in love

do not judge how another eat
for you do not know
their food journey

eating is about who we are 
the body, mind & being trinity

Let there be money for all
to get the food we all need

Support Bridging Heaven on Earth
and get guaranteed survival for all


I am Bridging Heaven on Earth
Are you BHOE? 

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