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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Friday, June 3, 2016

7 Days Without Group Support: Day 6 Belief About What Is Best For All vs Investigations

Day 6 is about my partner telling me to listen to the interview about what is 'best for all'.

I am in a process of investigating 'not getting support from the group for 7 days' so, i looked at this point instead of hearing the interview. Instead of creating a belief, I decided to look at this myself.

Best for all in a physical sense is simple - money to buy the basic necessities everyone needs to survive. 

Without That basic requirement, we are in a 'coping to survive' mode.

Talking about creating?

This is the first step.

The members of this group i was talking about in my blogs have been blogging about this for years and i was blogging about this too. I sticked to it. I do not know if they did.

I see it consistently.

This point is where we are now.

Hence, The Bridging Heaven on Earth Program

I have videos investigating the truth of this money point in my personal life which i decided to walk so I can be clear on this - here are some of the videos of mine:

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