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Friday, June 10, 2016

LYRICS LAW Bridging Heaven On Earth BHOE

Bridging Heaven On Earth 

The law 
that we know is based on morality
the law of life is based on 
the principle
of what is best for all

We can direct our action

so we can have the best life possible
we stand as the law that guides us through

The law is not here to punish
nor stop the ones who say 'no'
to create
and stop our expression

To live in seclusion
in a cell somewhere
in prison
or save the land
from repossession

It is here to guide us
so we all can have
a dignified life for all

let's remind the lawyers
of the role they play 
in this equality equation 

Playing with morality 
and the sense of right and wrong
done in the courtroom

The human unable
to guide oneself
existing with fuzzy logic

The law comes in
so we can be guided
of a guaranteed life for all

It is our responsibility
to direct our actions
so we can live in harmony
and live a life of dignity

We look at the problem
and provide a solution
that will equate to
what is best for all

When we see our life
is unstable
and the basic necessity
is not guaranteed for all

We stand as the law 
that guides us through

We write the words
we speak to communicate
we sing the tune
that will send a clear message

So we can make it
possible for all

To survive and get what we need
to make the best life
possible on earth

Competing in the courtroom
is not the best direction
getting the basic necessities daily
is the law that lawyers
has to pursue

Let's guide ourselves instead
using words in clarity
speaking to communicate

Let's question the legislation 
that does not give our equal share

Grounded on common sense
we become responsible beings
we stand as the law that guides us through
using the equality equation


I am bridging heaven on earth

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