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Thursday, June 2, 2016

7 Days Without Group Support Day 5: There Is Huge Consequence

Day 5 is me looking at how i am in my group as well as other members .

When we belong to a group, we enjoy ourself with the rest of the members. 
We become oblivious to most of the changes going on in the group. 

We really have no time to look because we are enjoying ourselves.

Even the chats are relaxed, occasionally funny and entertaining. We post pictures and videos back and forth to each other, we greet each other on each other's birthdays etc.

If someone says something about a subject, we find ways to say something that will complement what was said. We carry on this way and then one day, we 'grow so much closer' together that it becomes an ingrained habit that we cannot do without.

The logic was not so important to me nor to the group. 

We can even say meaningless sounds like 'cooo cooo' with smiling faces and we sort of understood that this is a joke. It does not have to be logical. The whole thing is about entertainment and camaraderie. 

What is acceptable is jokes and laughter. Then, a little bit of responsibility. 

But as long as we were accepted in that group, we feel there was always this group that will back us up no matter what.

Let's go back to the incident that happened in the group where i belonged:

When i try to question 'The One' there was group confrontation. One member came to question me. Then another one. Then another one and so on and so forth, then the communication was cut the moment a member questioned my not being an example to the others in the group..

 In that e-mail conversation of about 98-100, one after another started questioning me about the creation of a 'business entity' that I created for what i saw was what is best for all. The best for all point was simple, - let us give all, money to get the basic necessities everyone need - the same things we all blogged about as a group.

Suddenly this became the point of discussion and questioning. 


Normally,  groups question a member for slander, accusing other members, or shouting to another. But, this is not about that. This is about creating a business entity that I am going to give ownership to the group later when it is already functioning well. 

In a real world scenario this is cool. Unless, there is a real motive to get the money for myself which is not possible as there is no money being taken yet. I was financing the website etc. Do not forget that the intention is to give this group ownership when this starts functioning for real.

The point that was questioned was the money part and the fact that i was doing it alone, not with the group. 

This was a testing period for me of how this will playout. A business that will test out project and ask everyone to be  involved will be unwise in the physical existence.  First of all businesses have a structure. The functioning of a business is like the functioning of the body. If all the organs will do what the heart does, what would happen? The body will be in danger - chaos. As physical investigation proves, Chaos ensued in the group.

The group in theory agrees that business has structure - yet the application of this is different So to mix 2 models (1 inter-dimensional and 1 physical) of running a business entity will lead to chaos until the business has a 2 fold structure in place catering for both.

 It is leading the path to confusion. 

When i was asking anyone if anyone would like to volunteer to run it, no one put their hand up. The excuse is this is a consequence outflow of what i did alone. In a physical inspection, what i can see here is a group taking over something they do not know the mechanics of.  I gave the example of all the organs taking over the heart's function which illustrates this point.

The part that does not make sense is this pattern:

>I saw in my process that the key to everyone's process is Bridging Heaven on Earth
>i created a business entity alone to test out the possibility in the real world
>I am testing it and doing a survey alone 
>'The One' came in reading my mind and what she sees that i am doing from the interdimensional gift
and questioned me so suggested the group should be part of it
>the e-mail chat started and i am being questioned by members 
>when i started questioning The One''s standing, some members 
>the group decided to remove me from the viber groups i belong that is where members chat

Will anyone do this in a business scenario? 


This is when i saw the limits of reading through the interdimensional realms things that are physical. For this, commonsense dictates you have to walk this effectively with different groups so then you can suggest a way that will be best for all.

Here, one can see, this can lead to 
1.not being able to push through the project which affects everyone on earth
2. the group can be in confusion
3. Members taking sides
4. Etc.

= Not best for everyone

 The things that i saw when i was testing this creation of mine is, it will be very difficult to break through the system. Why would i involve the group? What i was doing was testing this out myself. But instead of asking me my plans, the way i will be doing it, 'etc., The One' told everyone what i was doing - it is really diminishing the members of the group by having someone that was presumed to know better than oneself - having the 'complete' seeing power and the rest of the members with no seeing power - forgetting that 'The One' has not finished ones process yet and that seeing everything that members walked in the physical is not something a commonsensical person would reason.

What is going on?

 The group did not even know how i am going to do this nor was i asked my plans. It was presumed that 'The One' knew everything about those and so instead of asking me, I was told about what 'The One' is seeing I will do. 

I was at that point going with the flow, but pushed this to the worse case scenario so we will all learn.

when you are given this much power by the group, within an assumption that you have gifts to see 'more' than all the members, we know sound logic is gone. Fuzzy logic took over.

Here's the commonsense that was missed, 'seeing my mind, and the other member's mind, you can see your mind too. Having that power will get you - as 'The One' finish ones self-process commonsensically.

The problem is 'The One' has not finished ones self-process. What happened to the gifts? Self-process is physical. 

We have this tendency to protect one another from an enemy that does not exist. The enjoyment and happiness of the group was lost at that moment and someone was seen as the cause of that 'disruption'. 

In groups, questioning 'The One' can be the function of the members - as a healthy group ,as well as the questioning of a member who goes out of line or is there for selfish reasons. But when I was asked to give the reign of the created entity to the group, as i planned to do anyway, and the people who will benefit the project are the participants in the pilot project, no one volunteered. This is understandable. Who would?

When people in the group know how to launch a project this big, they just launch it. They didn't know what this is about. To give it to the group that early is not using commonsense. 

How would you take over a project that someone is doing in this physical existence? You first get briefed by the one who started it. Then you walk it with this person as an apprentice. Commonsense. So, not following the physical steps involved will lead to what we have right now.

Lesson: Do not decide or step into a job/project you have not walked physically in its full extent - suggest something to that effect and pretend that because you have the gift of seeing some, you can see all physical playouts.

It is lost in favor of presumption of the 'seeing power' of 'The One' and not considering the physical walking process. 

In theory it is assumed this is being done by the group, but as the above pattern show, it is Not a real physical seeing stand. 

What happened in the group is NOT disruption by one member - although it may seem like it. 


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