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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

LYRICS BOUNTY: Bridging Heaven on Earth: Bounty BHOE

Together we can bridge 
Heaven on earth
We can carry
The load 
However heavy
We can create a bridge 
Through words

Building structures 
Made from the earth

Homes that shield all from the weather
Electricity that gives light to all
Water to bathe ourselves
Let's make it available for all

For all are
Valuable as life

The value of a human 
Is equal to the value 
Of life
It is our birthright
Let's provide all 
The basics to survive

The microorganism population
That brings us yogurt
Plus the insects in the farm
Are included in our plan

Elephants, dogs 
Trees and cats
Humans for a start

For we are who we are
We cannot deny the fact
We are all here
So do that which is best 

In our words 
It shows
Who we are
And our value

Living the word
Through action
That is best for all

Shout out to the leaves
And trees that give us paper
Shout out to the animals and plants
That gives us assistance

The earth providing
The minerals that nourish
The  body to function

Everything is here 
Given by the earth
What is stopping us 
From creating a world
That is best for all?

Rice and salt
Is what the poor 
Filipino eat
While living in cardboard boxes

Clay cookies are made
By the poor in Africa
While we eat chocolate chips 
In America

Eating is nourishment
So let's provide all the money
To get the food
The body needs 

Not for entertainment
But an intimate connection
With the earth 

Do not forget 
Money is from the earth
Do not be greedy 
And take more of it

Get your equal share
Give back to the rest 
For the earth gave us equally

So do what is necessary
And give all the money
So we can live in harmony
This is the secret to 
Lessening criminality

Do not force the poor 
To do what they 
Do not want to do

Give them their share
Give them a life of dignity
So we can coexist 
And live peacefully

The elite has to look at what they need to do
Help bridge heaven on earth
So all can enjoy life in dignity too
'Not some but all' 
Is our motto

Build a house for the homeless
Give water to the thirsty
Use mathematics
Give all equally

We all inherit the earth
So give all its bounty 



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