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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

LYRICS: MONEY (BHOE) Bridging Heaven On Earth

Bridging Heaven On Earth Music


We have resources coming from the earth
for all of us equally

We need a means of exchange 
so we used the plants 
like cotton and silk
and made some money of it

We mined some metals from the earth
and made some coins 

products and services 
as a survival mechanism for all

But when others started getting more
and others received less
than the share we were given
the scales started to shift

 We have to become responsible
and restore the scale
where everyone has equal share
of the bounty the earth has given

We are not here to win or loose
for our life is not a balancing act 
we are here to live a stable life

The value of money
is equal to life
It has the same value that
we give ourselves as life

The problem is when
there's money fluctuations
our mood fluctuates with it
the body gets stressed

An unstable economy
equals an unstable me

Let's assist the body 
and stabilize the mind 
by breathing through 

Releasing fuzzy logic
objectively we see reality

A stable economy 
supports a stable life

Look at the scale 
that is unbalanced
and put our equal share 

Recalculate the values 
to the stable position

The pilot projects in our program
are here so we can revisit
and see what we have missed

So we can put the scale back 
to its stable position 

We have to use mathematics
and not fuzzy logic
for in this physical existence

1 apple is NOT 2
nor is it 0
1 apple is counted as 1
that is the reality of it all

I am presenting 
a mathematical solution
not a fuzzy value

So we can live life and enjoy 
each other's expression


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