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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Animal Meat, Vegetable Meat: Health Care and Social Impact


Animal meat and vegetable meat are the 2 kinds of meat we consume as food to nourish the body. Both of them has nutrition.

Why do we prefer vegetable meat over animal meat or vice versa?

Our preference is based on taste which is a matter of deciding which food I can swallow/eat or not, that will give the body nutrition that it needs to function optimally.

One cannot be better than the other in terms of nutrition. Both have nutrition that assist the body that humans can use depending on what his/her body needs and our body has DNA unique to each individual. Our choice should be based on what nutrition our body requires to function optimally and not based on our beliefs.

There are many ways we justify our preference for vegetable meat, but here's the 3 that stands out:
1. Statistics
It supports our belief.
2. Scientific Data
They are mostly financed by corporations selling products that will benefit financially from it.
3. Personal experiences
They are belief-based.

What do we believe?

We believe that animal meat will give us heart disease. We fear being sick so we avoid animal meat which we believe makes us sick. This cannot be true to all individuals because each of us has a unique DNA makeup.

We also fear that we will not have proper care if we get sick. So, this social problem of not having Health care for all available when one needs it has to be addressed.

Our body needs nutrition, so food that has the nutrition our body requires, be it animal, plant, fruit or nut meat has to be available. We have to transform our food choice from being belief -based to being nutrition based.

Here is an example of nutrition coming from plants and animals sources:


 Nutrition: Pork

Nutrition: Beef

Nutrition: Turkey

Nutrition: Spinach

Nutrition: Apple

Nutrition: Pecans

To buy food that our body needs to get the nutrition that it requires, we need money, so this has to be available when we need it for the above mentioned reasons. I suggest we consider an eco-system of money that aligns to the eco-system of the earth - equally giving to all - where everyone receives equal amount of money every month to get the basic necessities to survive optimally.

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