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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, April 8, 2019

Sentient Vegetarian My Story

What was I eating  in a sentient vegetarian diet (for 29 years)?

I was eating vegetables except onions, garlic and mushrooms. This I did based on the guru's philosophy below:

Positive Energy Foods 
Beneficial to both the body and mind
fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, milk products, nuts, herbs & mild spices

Neutral Energy Foods
Beneficial to the body but may or may not be beneficial to the mind
coffee, tea, chocolate, carbonated drinks & strong spices

Negative Energy Foods
Makes the mind dull and drowsy
meat, fish, eggs, onions, mushrooms, garlic & rotten or spoiled foods

I believed that the guru knows what is good for my body - which was not really based on commonsense. I can get to know my body & its relationship to the food i eat, but i gave up on myself during that time. I did not know that there will be a consequence for this & that I will come back to this one day and correct this mistake (this is the reason for making this blog).

At that time, I saw the guru as an incarnated god on earth, who knows more than me. I did not see him as an equal based on who we really are, being parts of the whole - that is life. Since i saw him as superior than me, i made it my goal to follow what he was saying without questioning his words - where surrendering my commonsense was seen as 'right' even if it was me putting myself down (making myself inferior to him) - which was really not best for me to do. This is in essence abusing myself.

I believed what he said when he said that - if we eat vegetables, fruits, milk products etc. and perform practices which he wanted us to do, the cells of the human body will be able to perceive and experience the oneness in everything which will emanate as an effulgence from the cells creating this aura around our physical body (the body of spiritual aspirants) which was believed to be - how the body of highly evolved people look like.

This was not really based on commonsense since each of us -as all bodies have equal value, as we are parts of the whole - that is life. The uniqueness based on the effulgence of the body based on eating food items that he was endorsing (not tested) contradict the principle of oneness and equality. This is not based on commonsense.

There was also a belief that those who wanted to succeed in meditation and yoga will get great benefits from eating vegetables, fruits, grains, milk etc. & avoiding meat, fish, eggs etc. Eating vegetables, fruits, grains etc. was believed to be important to those who wish to perform yoga postures daily.

Food is physical. Meditation is based on sense withdrawal from the physical to a space in the mind creating an alternate reality while yoga postures stretch the limbs. This was my belief and i realized now that this is not based on commonsense. 

In 2007, I stopped doing yoga and meditation and stopped having a guru. This said, i stopped following the sentient vegetarian way of eating on that same year. This helped me in releasing the beliefs and in giving back to myself that which i took away from myself -paving the way to open the door to my utmost potential.

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