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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Business & My Story


What happens when one takes responsibility for ones survival & decide to bridge a haven on earth for all - as living ones words?

The challenge is almost insurmountable, but not completely.

In this blog, I am talking about what happened to me in my journey - specifically attempting to establish a business, after it seemed like 'I lost everything'.

How did I see businessmen and women doing business?

I saw businessmen as people busy making money - busy minds in a hurry to make lots of money for the survival of the individual and ones family. I saw businessmen & women dressed in suits going in and out of the office and meeting other people for the purpose of selling other people products and/or services & working extended hours to make profit for oneself to survive in a world where business is about competition and winning.

I resisted making a business, learning about it, doing the problem solving plus the fact that I did not have 'capital' to start with.

When I was living with my husband, I had financial support for paying rent, food expenses, website bills etc. Creating a business was enjoyable for me. I had a businessman client who ordered 'raw foods' from me weekly. I had lots of time to investigate the 'healthy eating' world. I held 'healthy eating' cooking classes - raw vegan food, cooked vegan food, vegetarian food, paleo etc. and created a website, an e-book etc., all through trial and error.

That all went away and soon after we separated - the reason cited being my 'speeding faster in my journey' but for me it was about the stress of survival.

Soon I was introduced to the world of work. I became an employee of a non-profit organization, an employee of a dentist and a caregiver. I also did Health Coaching.

What wowed me before was seeing the rich having their own private chefs creating delicious meals for them or see them traveling & vacationing in very expensive resorts, eating in famous restaurants that serve expensive food, run by chefs who are famous. This was featured in the media. The media represented what I defined as 'reality' at the time - but this is not how i see reality as what I see in the world now as i write this blog. What I see now is the need for us to change the way we see food and the way this will happen is for me to change the way I see food.

The pictures of rich people having massage in spas wowed me in the past. The massage part was me saying yes to having money for massage as a businesswoman but I resist the 'long working hours' involved. I did not want that part.  

I had an option to be a monk - someone who survived on donations and conduct business on the side as part of a religious group but I see that now as denial of what is here. I realized that is not the way for me to change myself and contribute to world change effectively.

In creating a business, I need to take responsibility for all functions related to making a business work and make it earn money based on the change in how I see food and that means changing everything that I ever thought real. In other words, I am going to admit that everything I did before was wrong so I need to redesign new recipes.

What will happen to my old recipes?
They will be there as a reminder of the process I walked to get to this point - redesigning sentient vegetarian recipes, redesigning cooked vegan recipes, redesigning raw vegan recipes, redesigning paleo recipes etc.,

This is doable but requires a lot of patience. This plus the fact that i will simultaneously change the way I advertise, market, sell etc. is the biggest challenge in front of me. The part that I wrestled with the most is the part where I am here as the correction point - and without a group to lean on, I can commit mistakes and lose all the money I have (not have). But these are just considerations. The fact being - I am here as the breath, able to assist myself.  

So, I reminded myself that and reminded myself to stand as a part of the whole - releasing the judgments, in the way I think through self-forgiveness plus sing my word software. 

These tools assisted me all the way.

To face the current business scene is a challenge. About 75% of me says no. But this is a path I can take to change myself in the way I see food. This is the path to supporting myself to survive. This is the path to redefining business and this is the path to contribute to world change. I did not know what it means to direct the whole business world towards Bridging a Haven on Earth. That is something new to me.

But that is where I can open doors to my optimum potential, change myself within my beliefs in 'healthy eating' and potentially change the way the world see 'healthy eating'.

So that is what i walked since 2007 to the present.

Through the tools that i now use, i am able to face the BUSINESS arena.  We are looking specifically at the 'healthy eating' business world. 

It is being used for enriching the individual and amassing billions of dollars for the individual only - with no regard for what is best, where all will benefit.

What is being seen as giving back to the community is giving a 'small part of what we have' - as alms to the poor that we will benefit from through tax ride offs, rather than giving to all equally. 

I told myself I am facing the challenge. My knees became weak for working 2 jobs from 9am until 10 pm at night to support myself when I was separated from my husband. The non-profit that I worked for is paying us - the employees, according to how much profit they have weekly - which is basically what we put in, in terms of doing what they tell us to do as per what is best for the organization - but not best for everyone. I realized that the body needs to be supported when it needs support so this is not a sustainable way of earning income. There has to be an extra source of living income that is always there so we can support the body whenever it needs support.

Another thing that happened was, one, my being a member of the group i was leaning to for support ended and two, I had to stop working 2 jobs in the non-profit I used to work for, which was supporting my survival.

I looked at the equation again

no group 
no husband
no money
no health

= I will not survive
=I will not change myself
=I will not express to my optimum potential

 I realized this equation is flawed

I realized my value does not change by being a member of  a group, by not having money, by not having a partner that works to support me, by not having health.

I am here as breath

So I stand as that and live as your equal.


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