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Friday, May 27, 2016

Redefining the word BELIEF 1

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I believed in so many things in my life just because i was scared to be alone and not supported by a group (which is part of my support system). I believed in so many things that they believed. My fear is that without a group, I will not have monetary support, popularity, benefits, and identity.  I also believed that if I said 'no, i do not want to believe in what you believe', I will be ostracized from the group.

I also did not want to believe in anything that the group did not want to believe - again, for the same reasons as above - loss of popularity, benefits, support, and identity. 

This can even be the group forming a new belief about rejecting the words of its own leader that passed away which I resisted having seen that as treason.

I believe that the smiles of my co-members that made me smile when i was down will turn into frowns and life will be gloomy and sad. This fear exists deep within us. This is the limitation we imposed on ourselves within a group. We can easily justify this in the group.

When i became an adult, I learned to question some beliefs but not all because of the same reasoning. When i thought I learned how to question my group's beliefs, I was still a coward because of the same reason - fear of losing the group i belong to.

So, i will in this blog and the blogs to come, forgive myself for the beliefs I had, look at the definition of the word 'belief', and it's phonetics. Then, i will redefine the word 'Belief'.


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