Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Redefining Eating Intro

Practical Life On Earth And Bridging Heaven On Earth

Where i grew up,  when we visited the house of a relative or friend, they normally serve us something - biscuits, noodles, fruit salad, soda, rice cakes etc. - whatever they have in their kitchen.

I liked food that's native to where I was born and food that tastes good - with exotic flavor combinations. When  eating these kinds of foods with  my friends and relatives, plus an abundance of laughter and stories about others, I felt happy.

If I was not offered food and there was no laughter and stories around the table where food is served, I felt the day was ordinary.

When we visited people who were poor and they did not offer us anything, not only do we make fun of the situation or pity those people but they themselves apologize for not having any food in their house and not serving us anything when we visit.

It is interesting to note that the town where i grew up in survives or gets its sole income from  people cooking food to sell in the market. It is a very small fishing village in the Philippines.

So in this blog, I will look at the word 'eating',  its dictionary meaning, phonetics and I will also forgive myself for causing stress within my body for the rise and fall of feelings and emotions around the subject of 'eating'. Then, I will redefine the word to live it.

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