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Saturday, May 28, 2016

'7 Days Alone Without Group Support Day 2: Asking To Be Removed

Customized Art for All (limit = 30 a day)

Today, I asked to be removed from viber groups where the admins chose NOT to remove me. I saw this as a way to really have a look at what is going on within me when i am not supported by a group plus what reactions that come when asking to be removed from the group i really enjoyed being a part of and also look at what would come up if I am in that group and receive a request like mine. 

Another thing that i noticed is that my friends of 9 years in this same group, who used to read my blogs and like them, stopped liking them. This reminded me of the same pattern i had with groups. If the group says this or that person is an enemy of the group, everyone of us immediately close our door to that person. I did that in the family setting before where the enemy of my mom and dad became my enemy. I even do this with men who approach me in Fb and say 'I Love You' to me. I delete them immediately. 

 To see this happen in this group where 9 years of physical walking did happen - which makes me question how we see things - or do we really? Are we reacting rather than looking without judgment? 

I am quantifying my process in this situation that opened up - which I can see affected everyone's process. This tells me decisions has to be clear of bias to be assisting plus not compromising ones commonsense no matter who one is looking at. Once this goes, bias can potentially kick in based on our associations.

What I can see in the moment is that we are stepping into creating Heaven On Earth. This is not about this or that group or this or that person. This is about embracing all groups and being able to be transparent to all groups about what it means for a group to realistically apply the 'best for all' point in a group setting that every group on earth can cross-reference to stand as an example.

Our problem-solution method is practical so if we use this as guideline without bias, then we will arrive at a point that is 'best for all' - not in the dimensions only, but on earth as well - where all can cross-reference. This is the practical side of bridging Heaven on Earth. 

The 'questioning bias'  which questions some but not all - has to change as this leaves no room for correction for 'The One' as well as the members.

Also, If someone questions Heirarchy from a point of self-process - that person is not the enemy of the group. That person is the group's biggest ally. This person is putting himself/herself out there to assist oneself (I am working on my 'belief' point when this happened)  - as well as the members including 'The One'  - within ones self process - all at once, quantifying the process of everyone which includes oneself. 

What we tend to do is give solutions without considering the person's process that is being walked within an idea/belief that we know the totality of that person's physical process - usually from a point of not being able to help ourselves fully in finishing our individual process.

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