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Sunday, May 29, 2016

7 Days Without Group Support Investigation: Day 3 No Likes For SF

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The third day of not having group support is about looking at my blogs. I looked at all my blogs after the incident. What i found out was very interesting.

The same blogs where i write about Self-forgiveness that my friends of 9 years used to like, is now unliked. They stopped liking it. This is fuzzy logic.  For this exercise, I would put this equation here. This is the equation where number 1 is equated with 2 values that are different for loyalty's sake. Then i will question my definition of loyalty.

1 = 1
1 = 0

Within these values we compute this way:

1(1 value) + 1(0 value) = 1

When you do something within fuzzy logic (by the way, this is the same fuzzy logic that we used to denounce as a group). we are clearly face to face with the mind. 

I used to do this before. I do not look at the commonsense of what i was doing. I am driven by what the group said we should do. I do not question the commonsense of it. I just do something and decide from the basis of, 'this is my group, i have to be loyal to it no matter what, and i am going to do things they do even without commonsense'. This is the same as saying, 'I am loyal to the members of this group and i am standing by this no matter what 'The One' and the members decide. I am loyal to the group' and whatever i do that is not based on commonsense is justified.

This is possession.

I suggest that we do away with the group's automatic ratings. This incident i mentioned proves how automaticity can bleed through our decisions where commonsense is 'not common anymore'. Let's relook at rating in a new unit of time and start doing it from the starting point of commonsense.

What do i feel now that i do not have a group supporting me?

My standing remains the same. I question myself and all - as myself. 

It feels as if I am alone but I am clearly the same me as the body with trillions of cells. I have different experiences within and without a group - yes, which is not really true/real because my body did not change. I still have the same trillions of cells i used to have. 

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