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Monday, May 30, 2016

7 Days Without Group Support Investigation: Day 4 Dimensions

The 4th day focuses on my relationship with my beliefs about the dimensions. 
There was a slight withdrawal symptom of needing dimensional support which i usually get when i was part of this 'elite group' i was a part of who had so many interviews about life. 

I was mesmerized by this. 
The amount of information coming out to support me in my process was humongous. 

Let me explain, the humongous part is how i see information that i do not have that others have - to fill the lack, as a filler - so the judgment - that it is humongous. 

What i failed to see was i judged it as humongous because I felt a humongous lack of information about the dimensions - where did i come from? etc. which is what belief is there for - to fill in the lack of information about ourselves, this world and the details of the history of ourselves - and this is what the information about the dimensions came from - NOT from my own seeing. 

What really happened here, is that i perceived myself lacking these information so i have seen them as superior to me, although i justified that as - me just enjoying it in a pure way, without beliefs, ideas or justifications - but what i did not see is that, this still constitute my belief system. 

I am experiencing the withdrawal-like symptom that comes only when we are deprived of something we usually have. It was even mentioned in some interviews that this is for now 'a belief'. 

What i thought I will have to do (which is where my fuzzy logic kicked in was - to wait until i make it (those information given me) my own, or understand it one day when i finish my self-process.

Wouldn't that be a projection of an idea in the future?
Wouldn't that be hoping?
Wouldn't that be animating a belief in the physical?

Yes it would be.

Where did my commonsense go - the 1+ 1 = 2 commonsense?

This is one of the many things my mentor taught me, let's call him B - and one of the many things that works in my life. 

When sound logic is gone, and it is substituted by fuzzy logic, everything becomes comfortable, enjoyable, and entertaining. 

Who would question anyone or anything? No one.

I choose to, though. 

This is what i do in my self-process, this is what i will do in a group setting - not for the sole purpose of creating a disturbance but when a string of occurrences (not 1 but more) do not follow sound logic or commonsense (which eventually cause a disturbance in the group programming that helps everyone).

Clearly, unaware of being unaware has been a stumbling block in the path.

What Stands Out?

One thing i enjoy is that,  yesterday, i wrote the lyrics of the Heaven On Earth Song which is my CREATION. 
Check it out at this link:

Bridging Heaven On Earth

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