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Saturday, November 14, 2015

SUGAR, The T-ERROR of 'I" as S-elf T-errorism and Paris

The terrorist attack in Paris recently made everyone ask, 'Who did it'? 

It must be the Terrorist

Let us help our allies fight the culprit

So, we are really pointing our fingers on someone else other than ourselves

We do this in our personal lives as well as in politics

We create social consequence in whatever we do in our personal life.

Nothing will change if we do not change

That is a fact of life

For this world to change, it is essential that we change the way we see things. 

Change is not from negative to a positive judgment

It is not from war to peace as we have defined these words inside our mind in a limited way, as in:

Peace = no terror attack
War = terror attacks

(just an example)

Change is about decisions based from 'self-interest' to 'what is best for all'.


It is the T-error to take responsibility for all that pushes us to point our finger on another
creating social T-error  which springs back and create other T-error-ist attacks creating a social       Dis-Ease.

Let's look at Sugar

We pointed our finger on sugar and blamed it as the culprit

But what about if I tell you that this morning I tested taking 1 T of sprite and my blood sugar went down?

So, will we still blame sugar?

The fact is that when I took 1 T sprite the blood sugar reading went down. It is not the substance per se but the amount of it we take.

Who should we blame then?

We are the ones deciding on how much sugar we should take

So it is  the amount of sugar we take that matter

It is the portion of soda we take that matter

It is us that will have to take responsibility on how much sugar we take.

It is about looking at the portion of sugar we take
and the definitions of the words we say, like 'sugar'

Happiness = tasty desserts with sugar
Sadness = tasteless desserts without sugar

Sugar = Poison
No Sugar = No Taste

We then fear having food with a lot of sugar and  having food without sugar.

Either way, we create our own fear.

Sugar is a compound present in vegetables and fruits we take and other food items that promises a 'sweet  happy experience'

We choose to eat big portions of food that contains sugar advertised in the media.

It is not sugar that is to blame

It is us accepting and allowing ourselves to eat big portions of sugar rich food to entertain our tastebuds without considering the amount of it we take that we saw in our investigation (my personal journal)

So let us not blame the terrorists

Let us not blame the French people

Let us not blame sugar.

Let us look at how we created T-ERROR in our lives and stop
So that world T-ERROR ISM will stop.

It is an ERROR to hurt HUMANS that is part of this one life in the name of T-ERROR -ism, be it the 'culprit or the victim'





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