Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Pumpkin



FOOD Iis a substance that provides nutrition for the body.

I will expand it further and say - Food is a substance that nourish the body . It comes from the earth. It is here to support the body's survival.

The pumpkin gives us nutrition yet we do not use it for nutrition. 

We use it to make our tastebuds happy. 

We are so unhappy, we need to use the produce of the earth to be happy rather than be grateful to them for providing our body with nutrition. Isn't that something?

That is self-interest. That is not something we do for what is mutually beneficial for humans, plants and the earth.

We are not interested in nutrition. 

We are interested in entertainment.

Even if we are interested in nutrition, it is because of a hidden agenda. 

We want to be slim and healthy so we can have more admiration from others and if we are endorsing a 'health product', we can attract more money.

During Halloween, we use the pumpkin to celebrate our tastebuds. 

We even encourage kids to get sweets for sweets sake. 

Sweet tasting food are here for us to swallow the food so our body gets nutrition. 

This is not to be abused because the kids will become adults and they will start having sweet cravings from memories of having associated sweets with Halloween and other events with family and friends.

Me as an adult who loved chocolates when I was young.

Then they will blame the chocolates for being overweight. 

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That is not the cacao plant's fault. 

This is a matter of looking at our vocabulary and looking at what food is. 

We also associated pumpkins with folklore and Cinderella. It's meaning has been twisted.

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Is the pumpkin here for that purpose?

What about the poor who can make use of the pumpkin we carve to survive?

The pumpkin is being traded in futures trading. We also make money from the pumpkin through buying and selling like stocks trading.

So it all boils down to money. 

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We also have to look at our words and clear our definitions of emotional and feeling associations from memories - which are pictures that are labeled with words. My website is a cool place to start.

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