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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Megan Young, Winner of The Miss World Beauty Pageant and Poverty

While the 'pork barrel scam' and corruption is going on in the PhilippinesMegan Young, the Philippine candidate, won the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Bali, Indonesia. 

When i was in high school, my mom put my name in a beauty contest. This competition taught me how to compete to win in life where i was not aware that when i win, others lose.
I learned what popularity is about and learned how to inflate my view of myself and others.  

In this blog, I will look at the Miss World beauty contest and provide a glimpse of how we can use competition in a way that all can win. 

Let's first look at the Megan Young's Miss World BBC Interview:


BBC Question:
In the Philippines in particular, there are big issues facing a woman there, everything from extreme poverty to lack of access to contraception, to the Filipino woman who work overseas ...Do you feel that there are particular things that you can do in the Philippines to help?

'.that foundation of getting where you want to be and i think I'd rather start small and helping encourage people and putting that hope that there's a tomorrow that they don't have to suffer that they don't have to think negatively, its always that positive outlook that gets people to evolve..'

This positive outlook, is like a veil to cover-up the suffering in this world. Having lived in the Philippines for a long time, seeing the poor Not having any means to survive nor any means to get medical attention, i reacted to being poor and became fearful of being poor. 

In my adult life, when i was doing yoga and meditation, i helped an organization to distribute food and medical aid for the poor believing that i was truly helping and believing that it will give the poor a positive outlook to for that moment be happy because i knew they were suffering. 

I did not realize back then it was my fear of being poor that is fueling this desire and within that, my guilt of being part of those that can afford food in a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is big. 

I will direct this fear in my coming blogs and will rewrite myself by forgiving and correcting myself as i take responsibility for what i created in 'my within' - as the mind and in 'my without' -as this world system.

I looked at this Youtube video, where she is shown distributing food to the poor people in the Philippines
Interestingly enough, i was able to bring the memory back here , of when i distributed food to the poor in the Philippines, having been part of a non-government organization that gave food and medical aid to the poor when i was doing Yoga and Meditation years ago.
Will i end poverty by giving food and medical aid to the poor?
I did not have the answer then, because i wanted to believe and deceive myself that it can be done, but as i open my eyes to the realities of life looking at what i accepted and allowed, i saw that it is impossible to stop poverty by distributing food or giving medical aid to the poor. 

What i realized is that my motivation in helping the poor is not to really help them and assist them as humans equal to other humans like myself, but to transcend that guilt and transcend the fear of being poor. My motive was based on self-interest. I was focused on getting what I wanted, which at that time was to give help to the poor because the 'master/guru' said so. In return i was promised liberation which in Christian terms mean 'salvation'. It was not real help, because i was doing what i was doing to get 'salvation' which i later questioned, forgave myself for and corrected.

Stopping poverty is about assisting in creating a way for them to have a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death. This way they will never be poor again.

Eric Douglas Morley (26 September 1918 – 9 November 2000) was the founder of the Miss World pageant and Come Dancing TV programme. His widow, Julia Morley, is now head of the pageant.

Morley started his career in the entertainment business in 1945 when he resigned his commission to managing a travelling show in Scotland, and then, in 1946, joined the Mecca organisation as a publicity manager.[citation needed] 

In 1952, he was Mecca's general manager of dancing, and was made a director in 1953. With Mecca, Morley helped to populise bingo which was played at Mecca venues throughout the United Kingdom. He changed the company from a small catering and dancing firm into a leading entertainment and catering company in the UK. It employed 15,000 people and covered dance halls, catering, bingo, gambling, ice-skating rinks, bowling alleys, discos and several restaurants.
He left an estate valued at £2.6 million

Money and the Miss World Pageant:
The competition raised more than £30 million for charity. In 1983 he floated Miss World Group on the Unlisted Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange, keeping a 51 per cent stake. To counter feminist critics of the show, he tried to reduce the emphasis on the bathing-costume round and emphasise the girls' other attributes by drawing attention to their "poise, personality, talent, figure, facial beauty, deportment, ability to be interviewed and so forth".[citation needed] 

The amount of money collected by charity organizations over the years are plenty yet poverty is still here. 
The Miss World beauty pageant had been giving to charity for more than 50 years. Different foundations and organizations are donating money to to the poor yet poverty is still here.

We have to realize that when something does not work, we have to change our operating basis.

We have to consider the fact that a little help is not enough. 

The earth gave all of us resources equally to  survive. We have to investigate how we can create dividends enough to give the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the uneducated, a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death. We have to balance our ecosystem of money. This way we all win.

Behind the scenes, the media is making money from these contests, as it is televised in many countries. The contest attracts billions of viewers. The media gets money from advertisers or sponsors of these pageants.

Although the terrestrial TV channels no longer broadcast the show in Britain, it remained popular worldwide, and in 1997 was capable of attracting a TV audience of 2.5 billion across 155 countries.

The way we see these contestants is inflated and so many people watch the televised competition. These personalities become our children's role models so our children desires to get the crown too one day, 'hoping' they will be Miss Wold too and that they will get the crown too, which symbolizes money and popularity. There's also the prize money at stake.

When our eyes are focused in getting that, we lose touch with what is here - the physical reality - the poverty that's been here for a long time and we do not want to take self-responsibility as we have money, food on our table, television screens and the internet to entertain us. Our eyes can see the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, not reality.

We don't even have time to ask ourselves, 'why is poverty still here when everyone seems to be giving help to the poor - are we recreating poverty?

We are recreating this when we accept and allow ourselves to desire money, popularity and beauty within our mind. When we watch and desire to buy what actors and actresses buy, like designer's clothes, imported bags and shoes etc. We are creating moving pictures in our minds when we watch tv shows, surf the internet etc. reacting to these pictures and modifying our behavior to behave like them, not realizing this is fueled by  fear -fear of being ugly, fear of being alone and fear of being poor within fear of survival. 

Our desires are being impulsed daily by the media advertising, as we see actors and actresses that present themselves with 'fashionable' clothes, shoes, handbags, make-up etc,. all for one purpose - money and profit for businesses and corporations producing them.

We see the news about suffering poor people and in between advertisements on TV that sells us products advertised by people we like so we do what they do and we buy what they buy while we forget the suffering of the poor.

For everything we do there is consequence. I suggest to look at the Basic/Living Income Guarantee.

Fear of survival Flowchart:

In advertising the real picture is photoshopped to make it more aligned with the mind, the mind becomes controlled by these images, goes into association and a relationship of comparison and then judges reality according to these pictures. This mechanism creates desires which produce the same kind of supply and demand where the human who is controlled by these images and propaganda will do whatever they can to buy a product that is being inflated in its image. 

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