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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Creation of The Miley Cyrus Brand: Fit Physique and Money: Branding

'because you're worth it'

What Is Living Income Guaranteed?

Miley Cyrus Series

'When we work out we don't just do a couple of moves,' says pilates instructor Mari Winsor.
'It's at least a half an hour of working out.
'You have to learn how to not just tighten up your tummy but actually pull your tummy in to your lower back as much as you can. Just doing 40 crunches a day isn't gonna do it for you,' she says.
The Los Angeles-based fitness guru revealed Miley has recently installed a studio in her own home so she can sculpt her body every day, and is especially pleased with the result Mari's workout regime has had on her lithe limbs.
She told People magazine: 'I gave her those legs. She's always going to have those long gorgeous legs. We just toned and firmed in all the right places.
'She wants to be healthy, she wants to have good abs. It always makes her feel better and clearer when she works out.'
Greg Small, spokesperson for Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), says you need to do more than sit-ups to achieve a fit physique.

 What's with having a fit physique, Money?

Imagine earning money for being fit, where you'd be working out for 30 minutes daily or weekly.

The body of Miley Cyrus is just like anyone's body. It is not special because it is fit. It is seen as special because we have given it a value that make it  seem as if it is 'more than' other's, but i can assure you it isn't. Don't be deceived by the media. They are making profit from every news bit about Miley Cyrus because she is popular. This means there are a lot of people that's going to read your newspaper or watch your TV show if you feature Miley's abs.

What is a Brand?
According to the Word web, a Brand is:
A name given to a product or service

I will expand this by saying,

It is a name given to a product or service whose value is equal to life.

The Miley Cyrus brand is a brand that many people like. The way she presents herself is part of branding. 

What is Branding?
The Word web says,
Branding is  giving a product or service a particular image or brand identification

I will expand this and say,
Branding is giving a product or a service a particular image or brand identification that is equal to who one is - as life.

The media profit from this brand that is the totality of what Miley represent within our mind:

It is the brand of Miley's shoes and what we associated it with
It is the brand of Miley's clothes and what we associated it with
It is the brand of Miley's actions such as twerking and what we associate it with
It is Miley's abs workout and what we associated it with, like an idea of how to get fit, attractive etc.

But Miley as who Miley really is - is Not that.
She is the breath of life within that body.

When people watch her show or read the magazines or newspapers that feature her, the elite and the owners of the corporations that own the media gets money and profit from advertisers.

See those ads or pop-ups that come up when you read the pages of sites you visit? That is where the money is being made, and notice the brand named products being sold, like DKNY underwear, Bettsyville earings, Armani clothes, bags etc.

So, within this, the body is being used to get money and profit for a few, for the elite. This is how we abuse the body. Miley is just a name. it is her abs that people look at, the clothes, the shoes, the total presentation. We then assign a value to those, which makes them seem 'more than'  the value of other things or other people in this world.

No one is above another. We all come from dust and to dust we will return.

We are all birthed here. This is our point of equality.

The clothes come from plants, the raw materials used to make the exercise equipments come from the earth. The water and electricity used by Miley in her everyday life comes from the earth. yet it is Not being talked about here.

We remain blind to what is REAL, all because we see through our minds eyes of DESIRE- desiring flat abs to be Fit and 'Hell-THY' (healthy). We do not see what is going on in physical reality - we are creating 'HELL'.
While money is being made by the media, the poor remains poor. 

We have to look at the equation of Life and align our creation of ourselves to that which gives Life to all that is here. We have to decide from this starting point of what is best for all.

The corporations who make money out of natural resources like the water, oil etc. given by the earth to all of us equally, has to share their profits to the poor. This is a commonsensical thing to do. We can look at or investigate how we can create dividends enough to give a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed  to the poor, the uneducated, the unemployed, the elderly etc.. This creates a win-win situation because  there will be more money in the economy. People can buy products that the corporations produce and the corporations can increase the minimum wage of its employees. This will create a balanced ecosystem of money which is the first step to a solution in a failing economy. Charity is not a solution.

What is being given by Charity is not even enough for all the poor people on earth to survive in dignity and many organizations had been giving to the poor for many many years. The question we have to ask ourselves is, why is poverty still here? 

We are recreating it within our mind over and over again as as we desire fit abs to look like the stars who like to get fit and in this case abs like Miley's which we associate with 'looking good' and 'attractiveness'.

What we create in 'our within', we mirror in 'our without'

Our fear of being fat or pot bellied fuels our desire for a fit abs. This is the polarity equation we create within our mind.

The media is making profit from our desire by impulsing our fears through advertising messages.

Who else will create this world but all of us who are here?

Who else is creating the Miley brand but us, within our mind?
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