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Friday, October 25, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Media'

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The Word 'Media'

The Mind meaning of the word :
1. Sounding The Word Within my Mind:

ME as the mass communication industry D-oing things from the starting point of self- I-nterest as A-ll becomes compromised

I am correcting myself within my use of this word and redefining the word, as i have used this word within my own interpretation of the word 'media' within my mind, where i was directed by my feelings and emotions - so that i used it in a biased way disregarding the real meaning of the word - the real essence of the word -used to express who we are in this physical existence.

2. Sounding the Word as equal to my expression:
ME as the mass communication industry D -oing what i do from the starting point of I  as -A-ll


Dictionary meaning, as commonly used:

(the media) the mass communication industry, esp. newspaper, television and radio; journalists and other related professionals collectively
- Word Web

This is a limited definition so i am going to redefine this by adding some perspective on the function of the media in this world:

The mass communication industry - the newspaper, television and radio, journalists and other related professionals collectively working for what is best for all.

How can we use the media for what is best for all?

The media uses words to communicate what is happening around us through written and spoken words.

Money is being made from inflating reality or interpreting reality when we write or speak about what we observe and money is being made from this.

We can see that the media capitalizes on conflict and friction between groups - comparing one to another and determining who wins and who loses.

In the entertainment industry, the media gives us an inflated view of ourselves within what is beautiful and ugly which forms the basis of our beliefs which we live based on what is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong according to how it is presented on tv and in the movies rather than the fact that we al came from the dust of the earth - pointing to the oneness and equality of Life..

The driving force in the media is money and profit -inflating reality in favor of its owners within self-interest rather than using the media to write about and speak about what is really going on in our environment- exposing the ills/evils in society and finding a solution that will be best for all.

One of the role media can play is assisting in creating a world where all can live a dignified life - including giving the poor a Basic/Living Income so we can create a balance in the ecosystem of money and restore economic balance in society.

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