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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing: Coca Cola, Jennifer Aniston, Poverty, Advertising and Money Part 2

Who decides what to write?

The writer decides.

We write about our perception of things and how we experience our environment. When we write, we use symbols or letters that become words that become sentences that become paragraphs.

What is a symbol?

According to the Word web:
A symbol is an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance

I will expand this definition by saying,

The symbols we use as words, is that which we choose to represent ourselves as who we are and the value we give ourselves, others, and this world - where the value is equal to Life which we express when we write, speak or perform actions.

When we inflate the value of what we perceive through our use of words because we will get money and profit, or when we deflate another word's value to make that word we want to inflate 'seem more', as we try to to boost the value of a product for money and profit, in advertising for example, we abuse words.
Here,  we are using words within self-interest. The consequence of this is that people who read this advertisement we wrote will believe that the reality presented in the ad is so real.  People will have an idea that coke is 'more than' what it really is, and will not investigate what's in it. It gets inflated within their mind through their interpretation of words and we accept it. 

This is how we get brainwashed to write for money and use writing within self-interest, abusing words, people, things, food etc.

Let's look at this ad:

Its the real thing Drink Coca Cola

Here, the words real thing is underlined and it's pointing to coke as the brand - as the real thing.
What is not mentioned here is the amount of refined sugar present in this drink plus the amount of water taken from the earth. Water comes from the earth and is a resource given to all equally by the earth.

What we do not know is that the net income of Coca Cola is in Billions and the words in this ad were used to get that money and profit.

When we do this, we lose sight of what reality is and we forget to stop abuse. Instead of using writing to end abuse we use writing to recreate abuse which leads to consumerism.

Instead of looking at creating dividends enough to pay a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed for the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the uneducated so they can have  a dignified life, we give it to some corporations only for them to profit.

What happens to the share of the poor from what was given to all of us equally by the earth like water etc.?

Let's look at another ad,

Here, we use the words:

'The weight is over'
'Finally smoother, softer, satiny style in half the time'
'You are the living proof'
to advertise hair care products.

Hair products  are given  'more' value in this ad due to the value we give to actresses like Jennifer, the value we give to 'smooth, softer, shiny hair' and the words used. What is not mentioned in the advertisement is how this product will affect the environment and what it means to really take care of our hair. 

We do not look at the profit the company made and the people who made the products. 

Are the workers being paid enough to live a dignified life equal to the amount of labor put in?

We believe that this world is picture perfect when we see the lifestyle of actresses and actors from Hollywood, the rich and the famous, We aspire to be rich forgetting the poor is suffering.

What is the true starting point when writing?

As we are all birthed here in this world, the value of everything that is here is equal to Life, so when we write, we align our expression to the primary principle of life, which is what is best for all. Our starting point then has to also align to that, so we write from the same starting point, which is 'what is best for all' or 'what will benefit all', not just what will benefit ourselves and the group we belong. 

The fact is that we only have one group and that group is Team Life.

In writing, we use words to express ourselves and our experience of ourselves as a physical being, interacting with other physical beings in this world and the physical environment.

What we write about shows a lot about who we have become. When we inflate reality, we know that this is fueled by a deflated self-image of inferiority which is brought about by our 'positive or negative experience' of ourselves when we interact with our environment. The world system of money being based from fear of survival, we see ourselves as inferior, We try to transcend this fear by inflating our view of ourselves and others.

Our 'without' - as this world system is a mirror of 'our within' as the mind.

This is a holographic universe.

We can see clearly who we have become when we write words as we take time to write, as we take time to choose words we use, as we look at ourselves and how we create this world.

The cool thing about writing is that we can correct ourselves when we write.

When we see ourselves interpreting reality, we can correct our writing and direct ourselves to write what we see is happening around us and expose the abuse of life. This way, we use writing to open our eyes and our reader's eyes to real events based on facts to stop abuse of life.

What happens when we interpret what we see?

As an example, if we see an apple in the supermarket and we are poor without any money to buy this fruit and we are so hungry, the apple becomes very important to have, yet when we have plenty of money to buy food and when we have so many apples stored in the fridge, we rarely pay attention to the apple in the supermarket.

So, we can see in this example that our interpretation of what we see is based from the availability of money in our pockets.Our experience of the apple changes when the amount of money in our pocket changes.

If we are poor and we are writing about the apple, we will tend to write about it this way:

'The apple i saw in the supermarket reminds me of America. I only saw apples in American movies movies which entertained me so much so i was excited to see apples in Philippine supermarkets. After so many years eating dried fish and rice, like any middle class family in the Philippines, finally we have apples on the dinner table during Christmas. With eyes wide in excitement i competed with my brother and sister to get the first bite of the red juicy delicious apple. Finally, after my dad got home from his job abroad, we got to taste an apple. It was worth every bite. You get reminded that Life is indeed worth living after having a bite of the apple.'

Within this piece of written material, we can see that the writer evolved the apple into something 'more than' a fruit that assists the body to get nutrition that it needs to survive to something 'more' where it defined Life within the experience of the apple that is based on the amount of  money one earns.

This is what i call 'inflated writing'.

The writer also 'deflated the value of dried rice and fish' in the written material to make the apple 'seem more', when in reality both the dried fish, the apple and the rice has equal value = Life.

Humans = Animals = Plants = Dust of the earth = Water = Words =Money = All = Value = LIFE


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