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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown: Favorable Solution?

After my partner told me that there could be a government shutdown midnight last night, which is Oct.1, 2013,  i asked him what a government shutdown mean? He said he heard about a Government shutdown that happened in 1995 but did not really notice obvious economic or political changes at that time.

We are so preoccupied trying to survive in this world, that we do not notice what's going on around us. We are so used to seeing homeless people on the streets that we are only aware of something when it directly threatens our financial or physical survival.

We do not notice that the lives of the homeless are threatened daily on the streets by the weather, hunger, violence, abuse etc This daily grind to survive makes us apathetic to the suffering of others. We just drive cars going to Washington, wearing nice suits without taking a look at the homeless human sleeping on the streets with cardboard boxes to protect them from the cold. We agree or disagree with our fellow politicians without seeing that whatever decision we make will affect other's lives for 'better or worse'. We just do not care enough for Life because we are so used living Life caring only about ourselves, our family and our own groups or parties.

So, i watched CNN news to find out more about the Government shutdown and found the following explanation.

CNN) -- For the reigning super power and the largest economy in the world, it's an egg-on-your-face moment.
For the first time in 17 years, the U.S. government shut down as its democratically-elected politicians could not come to an agreement over a spending bill. This stalemate closed non-essential services, sending 800,000 federal workers home without pay as lawmakers bickered about who was to blame. The shutdown could cost the economy about $1 billion a week.
The clash between Republicans and Democrats rages over the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the signature health care law of U.S. President Barack Obama.

 Is this a disagreement between 2 political parties over Obama Care?

Blaming each other?

Next time we elect a government official we have to be sure that these people will be able to decide from the basis of what will benefit all - the citizens, and not decide according to what is best for ones interest - political, financial etc.

Can you imagine if in your own family for example, when your parents cannot agree with one another with regards to the monthly budget because your father wants to buy a healthcare insurance but your mother does not agree with him and she says the price of this insurance coverage is so much, and as a result of this, the living room is locked down? Fortunately it will not be the kitchen nor the toilet, otherwise it would be a problem, because if you cannot use the toilet when you wake up in the morning in your own house, that will be a problem.

The fact is that all these politicians have money and will not lose their job.

The question is:
In this 'tug-of-war' happening within the Government shutdown, some are winning and some are losing. The ego wins. The ones with money win. The politicians have money and will retain their jobs. They win. 

But in essence, we all lose because  there are people who will be out of jobs, the poor will still be poor and government agencies will have less employees to process documents we need. Depending on the length of this 'impasse' if this will go on for weeks or months, this will impact the economy and can affect trading with other countries etc.

I am questioning the starting point of these political decisions made by the politicians involved in this Government shutdown.

First of all, there are the poor sleeping on the sidewalk while the politicians and the elite sleep in warm beds going to the White house and Congress driving cars and the people who voted for them are now looking at them and wondering why they are just concerned about their own political party politics when in their campaign speeches they promised us they will uphold what is best for us, the citizens?

But, in as much as there are people who says the shutdown will be devastating to the economy, i was surprised that this investment banker said 'it is a healthy thing':

In this blog, i will go over the interview done by Bloomberg TV's "Market Maker's" to Ken Moelis, Founder and CEO of Moelis & Co, former UBS Investment Bank President.

The newscaster asked him this Question :
If you are down there, not that you will get paid by now, what will you be telling this guys to do? How will you bring them to the table to finally agree on something?

This is what he said:

'Well look, let's be clear, when corporations negotiate its often a win-win situation, you try to put them together, 2 entities trying to accomplish the same thing - profits for the shareholders, its a whole different thing.'

He continued on to say...

'I see this as an unbelievably healthy thing, because there's no other country in the world that has this level of debate over serious topics. We're talking about 1/6th of our economy on the future of health care, probably the single most important decision everyone of us will make from here for the rest of our lives and in no other time in the world will we have this level of debate over principle, philosophy.....'

'I think there is a fundamental philosophical differences, this is not a minor difference..how the health care system is run. This is what governments do, and by the way i walked here it's a beautiful day, there's no tanks in the streets, everybody seems to be moving, nobody called, if this is a parliamentary government we probably have called a vote of no confidence and had a new election, this is actually why the United States is the best place to invest in the world because we can continually debate the future of our government and our policies and we can do it the way we're doing it right now.'

'I believe the only way to fix these things is to bring Free market principles into these things right now.'

'Go to a hospital someday and when they ask you for a test ask what the price is. It will be 3 days before they can tell you the price.and price is an important function, so who do i side with? I'll side with anything that pushes these decisions down to the individual so that they can decide how they would individually spend their money in the marketplace to get the solution they want.'

' I think the economy is growing less than we like i mean, some 2 percent in GDP but i see the innovation and the corporations that we deal with are on their front foot. They are trying to figure out how to bring down cost, how to consolidate, how to bring synergy that's why the m and m market - it is what i wouldn't call booming but it is vibrant again '

'I do think that if GDP will go up 3-4 % we'll have you know you get back to booming but well you get back to more robust, i wont say blooming but i think you have a pretty healthy business environment. People are trying to use creativity, innovation to overcome what is a low growth environment. '


I am questioning the investment banker's perspective in the interview above this blog.

He's an investment guy so he has experienced being in a negotiation, but we have to investigate what he said and ask ourselves,

Is this best for all or just best for the few - the elite?

Who is winning when corporations negotiate'? 

The 2 corporations win.

But where does the money go?

To both corporations.

Both these 2 corporations win, because winning means how much money you have in this world system. the share holders win.

From the amount of money you have will be measured your survival in this world.

What this really mean is that the elite wins.

The water and the oil corporation executives has to ask themselves, if we are profiting from the resources given by the earth, we have to give the poor a share to all these profits, because the resources of the earth was given to all of us here. But would they? no.

Who loses?

The poor who continues to be poor. In essence we all lose because we affect each other because we are part of the whole that is Life,where when one lose,We All Lose.

Investigate the real solution that is best for all because essentially, it is also what is best for the individual:
Basic/Living Income Guaranteed

Equal Life Foundation Bill of Rights:

Bill of Right No. 1
1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.
1. Ang Equal Economic Right na nagtatalaga na ang lahat ng pampinansiyal na pangangailangan ng lahat ay ma-a-access at magagamit upang matiyak na ang pangunahing pangangailangan ng lahat upang magkaruon ng malusog na katawan at kuntentong buhay ay pwedeng ma-realize at pwedeng masaksihan ang kaganapan nito sa mundo. 

Bill of Right No. 2
2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

2. Ang Equal Health Right na nagbibigay ng lahat na kailangan para makabuo tayo ng malakas na katawang pisikal , para maitaguyod ang lakas at kalusugan nito pati na ang linaw ng isip, balanseng emosyon at matatag na katawang pisikal.



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