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Monday, October 28, 2013

Half Serving of Rice In Restaurants: Preventing Rice Wastage?

Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has filed Senate Bill 1863, or the "Anti-Rice Wastage Act of 2013," seeking to impose fines on establishments that refuse to serve half-cup rice orders.
The goal is to lessen rice wastage, the grain being the Filipino's staple food, Marcos noted in a statement Sunday.
“This measure will considerably reduce rice wastage on these establishments by letting... customers... order just the right amount of rice that they can consume," the senator said.
Citing numbers from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Marcos said each Filipino wastes three teaspoons of rice every day, equivalent to some P23 million or P8.28 billion a year.
Under the Senate bill, establishments refusing to serve half-cup rice orders will be slapped with a fine of P20,000 for the first offense, P50,000 for the second offense and P100,000 for the third offense.


How many elite politicians attend parties every week, every month etc.?

How much food is wasted in those events and how much food is being used to satisfy our tongue without considering the body of the poor that is not being supported to survive optimally because of lack of money?

I will first question why  we as the elite have parties that involve a lot of food to feed our stomachs even if this is not needed by our body. We use food to have fun and party. We feed our desire to splurge, party and serve many tasty meals during parties and events while the poor does not have anything to eat.

We have the money to buy food and money to pay people to cook many different 'tasty food' dishes because we have maids in our employ.

We use food to please our elite guests - so we can get support for our next election run, without even considering the nutrition our body needs.

We forgot what eating all about - we eat food to support the body to survive.

This brings us to our next question:

Do we ever question, where the poor is getting money to buy food to support their body to survive optimally?

The elite in the Philippines dine in restaurants when the poor cannot even eat 3x a day.

Do we really care or we just want to impose our elite ideas on the laws of the land so we can be popular - without considering the pressing problems of poverty and malnutrition because we have plenty of food on our Own table that we can afford the luxury of not eating a full cup of rice - for health and fitness purposes?

Is this a way for us to divert people's attention from providing a solution to Poverty?

While the elite wastes food, the poor needs money to be able to buy food to support their body to survive.

Why is there a problem?

This equates to one thing - SELF-INTEREST.

What about standing for that which will benefit all?

Why don't we give the poor a Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death so we all can live a dignified life?

Putting my shoes in all the senators' shoes, what i will do is investigate how we can give the poor a Living Income Guaranteed  - so they can buy the food to support their body to get the nutrition it needs to survive optimally and sponsor a bill that will make this a reality.

We should not forget the fact that food is given by nature to all of us equally - not just to a few.


An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

 Ang Equal Health Right na nagbibigay ng lahat na kailangan para makabuo tayo ng malakas na katawang pisikal , para maitaguyod ang lakas at kalusugan nito pati na ang linaw ng isip, balanseng emosyon at matatag na katawang pisikal.


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