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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Immigration: Pinay Traumatized In 'Horror' Trip To The US?

Immigration to the US is a problem Filipinos face when they decide to leave the Philippines for the so-called 'better life' in america.

In this blog i will look at a news article about a Filipina migrating to the US to attend her daughter's marriage.

There are many parts within this story but one that stands out is that, what the officer said and what the lady said contradicts each other.

'He claimed that he talked to her aunt, who allegedly told him that Grande will take care of her as a caregiver'

'She said the immigration officer's allegations are not true because her aunt didn't even know she was arriving in the US' 

A Filipina Facebook friend ask us to comment on this, so here's my perspective:

Note: have a look at the link if you need to read the news article

We have to investigate who is not telling the truth here.

If her aunt is telling the truth and she is coming to the US to be a caregiver with a US visitor visa, without a working visa, the officer will do what needs to be done according to the law.

But if she is telling the truth, that she just wants to attend her daughter's marriage, then what she can do is , she can file a lawsuit against the officers.

Looking at Immigration from the perspective of currency value, let's ask ourselves these questions:

Why we are migrating? 

Is there a hidden agenda of self-interest within our mind to earn 'under-the-table money' within being employed as a care-giver or in any job when we get to the US?

If the answer to this question is, 'Yes', realize that this is fueled by Fear of surviving within having to deal with a currency that has 'lower value' than the dollar. 

The peso having a 'lower value', we fear surviving in the Philipines believing that this is too little to survive on, so in our desire to go to the US and earn in Dollars which has 'more value,' we end up getting into all sorts of problem with Immigration including deportation.

We even end up marrying someone for immigration purposes and we accept and allow this to happen.

We have to look at how we can make living in the Philippines financially rewarding like maybe doubling the minimum wage and look at how everyone who needs one like the poor - how they can have a Basic or Living Income Guaranteed from birth to death

 At the same time we have exchange rates, where certain countries have a high value currency and others a low value currency, which is then used to transfer resources between countries done under the disguise of corporations – which are owned by politicians – creating monopolies that cause extensive poverty. The fact is that this transfer of resources in theory should benefit all the citizens of a country.
Part 1 - Part 17 Bill of Rights No. 1- 16


All Equal Rights of Life are founded upon the principle that all Living Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life, such assurances to be fulfilled by having the necessities of life such as proper nourishment, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge and education, training for fulfilling capacities to support and sustain their lives and their families, to be integrated within their social, economic, familial, community, cultural, national and global relationships so that all may, equal as one, stand together to make manifest this basis of Equal Life for All as the most fundamental Equal Right. 

Ang Lahat na Equal Right sa Buhay ay nagmula sa prinsipyo na lahat ng Buhay na Nilalang ay mayruong karapatan na hindi pwedeng ilipat kaninuman, sa sariling determinasyon at sa pangunahing katiyakan sa pagkakaruon ng minimum na kalidad ng buhay, at itong katiyakan na ito ay tutuparin sa pagkakaruon  ng mga pangangailangan sa buhay katulad ng sapat na pagkain, damit, bahay, at karapatang kumuha ng kaalaman at edukasyon, ang pagsasanay para magkaruon ng kakayahan sa pagsuporta at pagsustena ng kanilang buhay at ng buhay ng kanilang pamilya para maisama sa loob ng panlipunan, pang-ekonomiya, pang-pamilya, pang-komunidad, pang-kultura, pambansa at pang-mundong  relasyon para ang lahat ay maaaring, pantay-pantay at magkaisang, magkasamang tumatayo para gumawa at maipakita ang batayan ng Pantay-pantay na Buhay para sa Lahat bilang pinaka pangunahing Equal Right

- See more at: http://junejourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/08/equal-life-foundation-part-16-bill-of.html#sthash.Eam1TsVb.pcHM4Ulu.dpuf

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